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  1. Mulberry leaves
  2. I gave all my used batteries away. Free of charge.
  3. I taught for a few years at a local community college. It was technical stuff not academic. The first night every semester had me freaked. Once I got to know my students it became way fun. I miss it.
  4. I'm not angry. At least not the majority of the time. Just frustrated. I am still waiting for my check, Wayne.
  5. Turn around and walk away.
  6. Are you filling in fore Belmo? Did he take the day off?
  7. Thanks Mike.
  8. OK. I new he had something to do with it.
  9. His tats.
  10. Lol. I love you Pete.
  11. You need at least 600 to blow dog turds. I really dont know. I lost my dog and the leaf blower in the divorce. I have cats now and I generally know where all the **** is. I hope the ex is finding it the hard way.
  12. Try to catch bees with diet soda.
  13. You’d be wrong
  14. Larry McMurtry co authored it I believe.
  15. It's green on top. Wait, that's sod. Nevermind.