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  1. Maybe a glass fell into it.
  2. Romex is rated for use in free air, not in pipe.
  3. Philly is awesome. I haven't been murdered yet.
  4. Doug who are you crushing on? Frank?
  5. boB it's now your turn to help your mom. That was something it took me a while to realize was a gift in disquise. You'll see it. You a a good solid dude.
  6. Belmo, can you get back to it?
  7. He's got my sympathy. Loo o effing lol.
  8. By fruit do you mean Belmo? I managed a Farmer's Market. Every single fruit fly epidemic was the result of a tenant not emptying the mop bucket over the weekend. The main offenders wore straw hats and talked funny.
  9. Eddy are you kidding?
  11. I reached my goals and look great, Oh yeah for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!