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  1. Whose better then boB? no one!
  2. You guys sure talk about food a lot.
  3. Naples is in Itlee. I just split an order of McNuggets with a lady that is 97 years old. Lol she never had one. She kept the last 2 for tomorrow. I’m going to mid this person a lot.
  4. Bummer
  5. Take a poke at Pete. You will get over the urge to punch someone quick I think. K and I are hanging in. Tough times and physical stuff takes its toll but we are still in love.
  6. HOW MANY TIMES ARE WE GOING TO HAVE TO SEE THIS ****ING PICTURE???? Just kidding, Jon. How are you?
  7. NYA

    Thanks for the hijacjack
  8. Go with the metal roof, go way farther then Schenectady. And dress warm. I hate the cold but have a dear friend in Maine that I have visited every month of the year. I would rather deal with copperheads and gators.
  9. Antler holes dammit.
  10. NYA

    You talking to me?
  11. NYA

    He’s got more fluid than Jeff Beck
  12. NYA

    Its a sweater, dude.
  13. NYA

    So do you. lol
  14. NYA

    Sparkles, check it out.
  15. NYA

    Look up the archives. It says free for now. LOL