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  1. Kinda like trump, actually exactly like trump
  2. You’re not wrong, hence the comparison. Both sides are blind to it.
  3. LOL the trump groupies throwing temper tantrums over what De Niro said is priceless. Like a bunch of crying liberal SJW’s.
  4. It’s not so much catching a fish on a fly (re. why not use a casting bobbin) as it’s just more enjoyable and challenging. You really have to put in time and gain knowledge to catch fish in tougher conditions in the surf on a fly rod, single or two handed. It’s just an enjoyable challenge (for me). i used to grab the surf rod a bit in tough conditions or if I felt a little lazy but that rod was stolen from my truck a few years ago. Now I only grab a short light spinning rod when I’m chilling with friends drinking beers on a dock or jigging for fluke.
  5. Will be fine if Aired down and stick to harder packed sand as much as possible. Drove on soft sand in s America in a two wheel truck, and even launched small boat from trailer in surf with it, no problem
  6. I’d consider making a false floor, opens at tailgate and a few access points from above; primarily by back seat so you can access parts from inside. You can then build off that to make shelving by side windows. Make sure to add a guard so things don’t slide off.
  7. Are altitude sensors relatively new? There’s a few very good click and clack car talk shows that the ultimate culprit they discovered was the effect altitude on the engine.
  8. I have played with underlining rods and in all honesty it made every rod I tried it with feel like a dog. It was just too light, I like the feel of a heavier line if anything. More feel in the fly line.
  9. I need to do my lisences for this year. I have no issue with the NY registry, it’s free and a good source of info for conservation knowing roughly how many people are fishing. To me it’s a no brainer, especially being free. Obviously not everyone is registered, hence “roughly how many”. the hunting lisence is a pain in the ass when you first get it. NY needs to update its hunter safety courses to be available at all times online. Not enough courses are offered, especially if you need to do it during season like I had to do when I first got it. Essentially the closest ones for weeks were over four hours away and filled up.
  10. Got it. Thanks for clarification guys.
  11. So the federal registry is separate from the marine one?
  12. After a quick search, is it just the marine registry that is required to be present at time of purchase?
  13. I need to get the state 4x4 and recently read you need a federal registry to get it now? Is that new, and if so how do you get it?
  14. Do you need a federal registry card to get the beach permit for demo? Been out of state for a year so that sounds new
  15. LOL I would be embarrassed if I came on here defending trump, or any politician, over this ****. A lot of you have seemed to have mailed your balls to Cheeto.