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    Travel through space

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  1. Like your taint
  2. We should tag you like a shark so everybody can trace your movements. You’ll be an internet sensation. Well call it track a redneck.
  3. Well then that would certainly be a first would be going against the entire nature of the southern man.
  4. It’s gonna be over 70 one day this week. F that
  5. It’s the EARTH! Man the EARTH is a GIANT SPACE SHIP!
  6. Is that where you’ve been dumping the bodies?
  7. Makes sense, when you’re chumming for lobsta
  8. Never. It’s dead. Just like every little baby fish he caught and released.
  9. Please tell us if she’s a porker.
  10. I was gonna say like what, get in shape? But I thought that was mean
  11. Like what?
  12. How did you like your new vessel?
  13. That’s a nice story.
  14. No it doesn’t seem so.
  15. Salvation Army?