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    “His words are like poison ivy.”-Terry Mac
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    Playing guitar, Muay Thai, Fishing, Hiking, outdoor things
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    Travel through space

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  1. Smitten I see. I’m sure you’ll find a way to fudge it up.
  2. Champaign isn’t blue
  3. He should have it colored in with spots so we all know it’s a giraffe.
  4. That would show my steadfast commitment to the great pork roll.
  5. Thanks for asking. It’s gotten a bit better but she’s still a rollercoaster day to day.
  6. Did you ever get compensation from the power co or anything for the surges that fried your house?
  7. It’s a moose like Bullwinkle
  8. My wife could use a muzzle
  9. I hope she blew you like those three inches were the best three inches of her life.
  10. Unfortunately so is his music
  11. Does she have large hands?
  12. She’s taught him to not look at other wimmen, and have friends that don’t point them out. He’s winning.
  13. This thread is terrible.
  14. He’s got it all figured out. He doesn’t look at women. He doesn’t even know she’s got his nuts in her pocket.
  15. Sounds like a headache.