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    Travel through space

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  1. This is likely true. I’m sensing some deeply weird and disturbing things.
  2. Ask God.
  3. I bet he’s a life coach and he’s found early success by coming in here and getting our opinions then using what we say as advice. He’s tapped into a goldmine and we’re getting taken for a ride.
  4. Ouch! There’s a reason I’m a surf fisherman lol
  5. + a few.
  6. Cut it kinda thin. Slice it at 12 3 6 and 9 so it doesn’t curl. Cook your eggs over easy, slightly runny. Cook eggs and pork roll simultaneously. Add cheese last to melt. Have hard roll ready.
  7. Jase dragging that crap through the house and acting all tough about it is so silly. He could be bringing all kinds of nasty things into the home. He can’t be that stoopid. Can he?
  8. I’ll keep that in mind. Maybe it’s just I’m reading it wrong.
  9. You should try pork roll. It’s worth it.
  10. My dream is a Grady White. My grandfather had a few of them over the years, and he was kind enough to take me out with him. I miss that old timer.
  11. Yeah. America.
  12. Ok then. Right on brother. I forgot what those days were like.
  13. It’s red white and blue. If a business uses the colors of our flag to say red white and what I’m not walking through the door.