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  1. Fishhhhh
  2. Well that makes sense when Red takes a shower all the mouse and rat crap is up for grabs!
  3. They’d have plenty to eat.
  4. I’m sure you could get a lawyer to draw up the papers for that amount if she’s sign them without contest.
  5. To Isengard we go!
  6. They also infest pretty easy. Wherever they are breeding is gonna be filled with their droppings which fungus and molds grow in. Not good.
  7. Glad you got out of there. Red, oh Red, can you be my stand in for a face ****ing? Thanks!
  8. Wow. Well there’s no hiding the resemblance
  9. What else haunts you?
  10. Got any pics of the sister?
  11. Get him one month of lessons. If he likes it offer to continue the deal or talk to his parents about them taking over the cost. The guitar is actually complicated and physically challenging. A new player can beat his head against a wall for months on something a good teacher can fix in minutes.
  12. Good point, with the right circumstances. Most bullies are little yapping dogs. They bark loud to intimidate, but when it’s time to do it they crumble.
  13. Like in wolves, the new alpha takes over.
  14. It kinda seems like a fake.
  15. And often the alpha is a dioosh who gets his nose popped and cries.