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  1. Lol
  2. I just wanna know how old the couch is.
  3. Is it Ambition?
  4. This is true. It’s shady but a common tactic among Italians.
  5. Bottom right corner. Is that a chewed up bible?
  6. That’s the best avitar ever, hahaha it’s great! Few, glad your boy is doing good!
  7. I lold a good one!
  8. How old is the couch?
  9. Nice Red! I love it when stuff turns up like that!
  10. Beekeeping and utilizing honey to ferment into alcohol isn’t exactly a fad. Unless you consider mead making as a tradition that’s thousands of years old a fad.
  11. Butthole allergies are no laughing matter. Red deserves our sympathy. Not such abuse!
  12. I love a good mead. I’m all for it. I’ll buy a bottle off ya when you are done. Customer #1 right here. Belmo Mead.
  13. I guess you guys like silkworms. Who knew.
  14. I guess you guys like silkworms. Who knew.
  15. What are you dying from? Yeast infection?