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  1. When I was a kid I was fishing freshwater with a worm on a hook, caught a perch and as I reeled it up a 5 lb largemouth grabbed it. I opened the bail and watched line peel off. I finally just pulled and there was a lot of weight on the line. As I reeled in with my pole doubled over I could see the perch coming at me.. I was confused for a second until I saw a huge ball of seaweed with a large fish in it. The hook had gone thru the perch’s gills and into the bass’s mouth. That was fun...
  2. I heard that 3 different fishermen have contracted west Nile from mosquitoes while fishing at the canal..authorities say it’s the worst summer for the disease in recent history. ......Start spreading the news.. (just kidding, but maybe it will work)...
  3. I was on a boat in buzzards bay the other day and saw 4 floaters go by in 15 minutes....kinda sad..
  4. Of course I would need to figure out where to dig em......never enough clams casino to go around.. I only had thick cut bacon, so it didn’t crisp up as much as I would like..
  5. Got boarded today in Buzzards Bay. Man do they look young these days.. everything was up to snuff and they could tell we were on the up and up, they were pleasant. 5 minutes and they gave me a piece of paper and said it’s good for a year, show it if they want to board me again.
  6. 1st you should post his name, so no one else gets ripped off. 2nd you should stand in front of his shop ( on public land) on Saturday with your 5 year old with big signs saying he took your boat. Let his customers know what he did to you..
  7. Caught a sea robin.. looked up a catch and cook on utube.. really good!
  8. Anyone see rhubarb for sale at any farmstands? I officially have a hankering for it after reading this thread..haven’t had any in a very long time.
  9. The white round antenna for my garmin 298 gps/fishfinder got bumped. And is not working. Might have ripped the wires inside it. Anyone take one apart? Not sure if they are worth fixing or if I need to but a new one.. thanks in advance for any tips..
  10. Sold, Thanks SOL
  11. Yes, 13.50 shipping flat rate medium box
  12. Sure, no problem... thanks
  13. I have 2 lead ingots for sale each is approximately 14.5 lbs. Meet around Wareham/Buzzards Bay Area. 20.00. Thanks, Brian
  14. Been crushing them.. lots of big males. Tried a new cooking method, cleaned them before cooking and grilled them with butter, garlic, old bay and lemon. Excellent!
  15. Bone badonkadonk jumpin minnow sp minnows at dark