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    Caught my first striper in 1940. On staff at SALT WATER SPORTSMAN magazine 1956 - 1973. Also wrote for SALT WATER FLY FISHING and MARTHA'S VINEYARD MAGAZINE. Author of BRIGHT WATER, SHINING TIDES, - Reflections on a Lifetime of Fishing.
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    salt water sport fishing, XC skiing
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    artist and author. Mostly retired.

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  1. I have been using a BG 3000 for 1 1/2 years and caught a couple of hundred stripers up to 25 pounds with it. No problems. I’ll buy another when/if it wears out.
  2. With a bungee cord I have made stripping baskets out of grocery shopping baskets, bicycle baskets, dishpans, and rattan scrap baskets, all acceptable in a pinch and all better than mesh.
  3. I love that Loomis GL3, but already have too many fly rods. Therefore I'll pass. Have fun with it, Paddie.
  4. 8:40 brought the first hit again a couple of nights ago, and tonight I had a couple of tugs a little earlier, but didn't hook up until ... you guessed it. It is getting a little witchy. My watch works fine, The bass are small.
  5. Never used solunar tables ... prefer magic. More seriously, I think RH37 is right about the bass being keyed to light levels. The sun was down, the light was fading and sunset pink still colored the water. That's magic enough for me.
  6. For the 5th or 6th time in the past two weeks the first striper of the evening hit at precisely 8:40 PM. Not sooner. Not later. Precisely 8:40. Any theories about this apparently magic time?
  7. That's the best. You'll always remember it.
  8. There isn't any grain rating on my 11 wt. "Slime Line". Too old, I imagine, but still casts well.
  9. Tried an old SA WF-11-S "Slimeline" on the Beulah Opal 7/8. Casts the whole line, 100'. Feels like a better match than the 450 gr, Serum. Thanks for advice to try different lines on this rod.
  10. I’m getting my Beulah Opal 7/8 out of storage today! So much good intel on this thread.
  11. The reason for inconsistency is lack of concentration. If/when my mind wanders away from the mechanics of TH casting, the results are pathetic.
  12. Mike, I mostly fish from the shore in relatively calm waters in Vineyard Sound, and do not need heavy tackle. What I want from TH is increased distance without undue wear on my 85-year-old shoulder. My TH cast is erratic, sometimes well over 100', others no more than I get with SH. When the latter occurs it makes me question why I am bothering with TH in the first place. Most of the fish I catch are school stripers well within casting range of SH. TH was an experiment to nurse a bad shoulder, and it worked. But, for now, I no longer need it and am going to put the rod in storage. Thanks for your interest. Tin
  13. Sounds like just what I was looking for.
  14. Is this rod still available?
  15. A couple of years ago I bought a high quality 7/8 switch rod and recommended 450 grain line because I had shoulder issues. The shoulder is no longer a problem, and I'm having doubts about the outfit. It is too heavy to be satisfactory as a one-hander and not powerful enough to justify itself as a two-hander. Anybody share these misgivings?