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  1. If the U.S. government built a brand new Federal Mint on the beach in Manasquan, and began printing fresh new hundred dollar bills, and after the ink was dry, used a conveyor to just dump them into the ocean, it would probably be cheaper and more effective than what they're doing now. Like bido said, after a while they would just wind up off the tip of Sandy Hook, where they could be dredged up again. A great big circular loop of money, that accomplishes nothing lasting, except for the irreparable harm to the shoreline environment .As a contrast, if you go to Spring Lake and look under the boardwalk, all the concrete that holds the boardwalk up has the letters WPA, and a date, molded into them, I think it's 1930 something. There was a need, people were out of work, and the government spent some money and did something about it. Those things are coming up on a hundred years old, and look to be there quite a while longer. Money well spent. There can be government projects that improve things, but beach replenishment isn't one of them. One last thought, our beaches had literally millions of years to develop, and anyone that believes that they'll be OK in 6 months-2 years is wildly optimistic. Only thing that's going to repair our beaches is time, and being left alone.
  2. I'm not a fly guy, but I know a couple of good ones, and they tend to target the sides of the rockpiles on the beach exclusively, and do pretty well at it. Shark River inlet later in the fall for Albies on the fly.
  3. The Army Corp of You F&*%ing A#&oles!! Was walking along a beach last night stepping mid-calf deep with every step, reeeaaaaallllly pissed me off. The fishing is a pale imitation of what it once was. To keep the post legal, I did go skunk free thanks to one midsized bluefish.
  4. Man I would love to find a 20#, that's a good looking glider. I've been playing with a glider, does yours swim at all or, or is it all angler input? Mine only has a slight weave when retrieved, but the pause and twitch looks really good. Only bluefish so far with it.
  5. FunkyB is on a tear, look at the maw on that thing.
  6. Oh, you're toast now, better just go ahead and find a good divorce attorney.
  7. Is there anything better than seeing someone catch fish on something you made? Maybe catching yourself, but it's close.
  8. Hatchet, or axe as required .No dust, or particles.
  9. Looks like something was scratching up that Blue!
  10. Basically the exact same report MC55 wrote, early morning bunker, mostly boofish with a sprinkling of bass. So far I have bass of 26", 27", and this morning a fat fat 27-1/2", still looking for that first keeper of the Spring (or a 20, a 25, or 30). But it was good to see some life out there, it's been dull where I've normally been fishing
  11. Had a good morning, compared to what I've been having, found some bunker and had my way with the blues for a while, snuck one fat 27-1/2" bass in there......still looking for the elusive keeper.
  12. Roughly 6", about 5/8 of an ounce, cast maybe 30 yds.
  13. They look pretty fishy to me.
  14. Jigman, That's a good looking handcarve, with a whole lot of points hanging from it. 9 points of death. Mitchell, I've never caught a drum period, fair or foul hooked, that must have been a beast to get in sideways.
  15. Depends on retrieve speed, they'll stay on top till you speed it up, then they'll go down 6-12". Sexier wiggle on top.