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  1. Good to know , Thanks, I'm about to make an order up.
  2. Hey Rev, what lips did you wind up buying? I'm thinking about doing some Danny's next but I've never been happy with the way mine swam, using Danny lips, I think I'll have to give the Pikie lip a try.
  3. Nice subsurface wiggle, I'm sure a hungry bass would take a swipe at it.
  4. All the stuff is inside and the epoxy is holding it all together, time for a final sand, some primer and some paint
  5. No better resource than this forum, search up "handcarve' and there should be plenty of reading available
  6. Yeah, It's showing
  7. I think it was NIB who called them "eye farts".
  8. Sorry to hear about Pete, I only spoke to him a couple of times, but he seemed like a good guy. Anyway. That's a good looking plug, who made it? I have a couple different favorite eyes at the moment, the asymmetrical eyes from Lisa and Ed's, with the oval pupil, look like this: The eye with the post is a 3/8" eye with a black pupil and a clear outside, so you can paint it any color you like....here it is with a little green on it. From Cape Cod Tackle.
  9. Looks more like a 4/0 and a 2/0, but I guess that depends on the size of your hands. Perspective is making that front hook look a LOT larger.
  10. Never met him, but read plenty of his posts over the years, RIP and condolences to his family.
  11. I read a couple of different articles about this, in one of them they reported that he is 75 years old and uses a motorized scooter to get around on land. To the OP, sorry for the hijack!
  12. Anyone see this video yet? Gotta read the story to, to see who was piloting the larger boat. https://nypost.com/2018/01/17/fisherman-sues-after-dramatic-boat-crash-caught-on-video/
  13. Probably not, depends on the level of finish you're looking for
  14. Any brand will work, more important to use the same brand of prime,color,clear to avoid bad interactions. And Devon will work fine.