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  1. Thanks for the info handi2, turns out it is threaded, and is a left hand thread, just need to find some parts now
  2. Sand pumping x 2
  3. Wreck pond has a whole new flume in place alongside the original pipe, for a couple years now. A group is netting fish inland from there and have found herring and mullet, and even baby fluke in there.
  4. Hi all, My buddy and I both have VS200's of approximately the same age, mine has a slightly loose rotor and his is way too tight, the bearing on his hardly turns and you can feel a distinct click every 90 degrees of rotation. (Part # 5J on this drawing). VS200 drawing My question is, can the pinion gear be removed from the shaft to allow replacement of the bearing (and seal while we're at it)? Any special tools required to remove the pinion? We had the assembly out tonight and wound up just reinstalling it once we knew what was making his so tight. I'm a 30+ year truck mechanic with a big box full of tools, and I know how to use most of them , so I'm reasonably able to fix stuff. The reel is pretty simple, but like all things, some knowledge goes a long way.....the brass tube that the gear is on looks a little delicate. If I have to replace the entire assembly, that's easy enough, but I'll bet it's pricey. If anyone here has done this before, I'd love to hear how it's done
  5. That pipe project, and the dirty water it is creating, along with the stiff S wind, has put the total kibosh on a nearby inlet that had seen some albie action, but the last time I was down there for an incoming tide, the nasty poop water was heading up the beach and turning directly west into the inlet, just a conveyor belt of s*$t water.
  6. Yeah, the part about warming the wood is really key, etex is fairly thick when mixed, but apply it to a warm wooden plug body and the stuff thins right out and soaks right in, to the point that it's almost impossible to get the end grains to quit sucking the stuff up......which is another issue, epoxy is heavy, apply too much and the action on your plug dies. Know when to say when, we want a well sealed wood plug, not a solid block of wood/epoxy matrix.
  7. Saw a great sunrise the other day while fishing
  8. Not the Albie I was looking for, but closer.....
  9. Yeah, that was me, nice to meet a fellow SOL'er even if I didn't know it at the time! I ran south from there to have a look around, lots of guys out but I didn't see anymore fish.....
  10. One little fish in the wash this morning, water looked beautiful, bucktail heaven, but this little guy ate a rubber eel.
  11. Way to go Bob! First keepa report I've seen, you deserve one. For myself, got out this morning, nice conditions, just a little low with the west wind over my shoulder, had a few mullet squirting out from time to time, but could not get a tap. Nice morning though. Caught up with 3 other guys who all fished the same area I was in , 2 caught, 2 didn't, all small fish, it's just a crapshoot.
  12. What you just made is the only reason I wish I had a table saw, I have no other need for one otherwise, but making the cuts on a darter seems like the way to go. I get OK results on my bandsaw, or the radial arm, but I have problems with repeatability with the radial arm, can't get it set up right to give me consistent cuts. So it's the bandsaw for now, and a little sanding on the cut when it's done. Nice job.
  13. Yeah, hate to admit it, but with another good sized storm heading our way, if it doesn't happen soon, it might not be happening at all. Oh well, that's fishing. New moon might have enough bait moving to make a difference, if we can get the bait and the fish together at the same time somewhere. I was lucky enough to join in that fun, the first day that we found them there it was drizzly/snotty, but the weather went away before the water had a chance to get dirty, and the fish continued to cooperate for another couple of weeks. Good Times.The local spots that I expect to find them have been fish free, so far.
  14. I don't think albies like dirty water, might be a few more days before the water/wind/bait aligns to allow us a shot at the funny fish.
  15. Another small fish, but first of the Fall for me, and I bet I wasn't far from where TK got his fish....it's not wood but I did make the Bucktail and the rubber trailer