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  1. What is it with these little fish and the snow? They really seem to like the stuff, I've had several good outings on days like tomorrow is supposed to be. Working till 12, looking to fish the drop unless the weather is just too stupid. Would be fine if some herring came out to play too.
  2. Its kinda funny to hear about you guys catching on the rubber sandeels, I throw them almost every time I'm out, but this year the little fish just don't seem interested....I had to raid my fluke stash to find a bucktail small enough to get them interested. Found 7 fish Sunday morning, after a couple weeks of skunk, some on a teaser and most on a 3/8 oz Spro bucktail, if you added them all up they might have made a keeper. Did break out the smaller rod, but the 10'6" was in the car, just in case 30 pounders started blowing up on bunker in the wash. It could happen. Maybe not before I die, but it could happen.
  3. A few years ago I bought a pound of #00 buckshot from M&D's, approx. a 5/16" diameter lead ball, they work great for smaller lures. Still have some.
  4. The Gobbler is gone, but the Curse of the Gobbler, the Curse remains.....4 days of not one F%^%$#@g fish, and work tomorrow. Prepare for it to be epic, anyone who can get out there.
  5. Saw the bait last weekend, hoping for albies to come.chew on it
  6. Yeah, I fish MoCo and have only seen isolated keeper sized action, mostly still schoolies.
  7. He's got a 23# as well, point is that at least some of the fish have made it to LBI, without letting me catch them first....bastids.
  8. Brain fart on my part, he's a boat guy but caught the 27 from the sand.
  9. If we only knew......I expected more bait to come out during Sept, it didn't, but the last time I was down at the Manasquan Inlet there was a conveyor belt of bait swimming out along the sides.
  10. It's started my friends, a guy I know is leading the LBI Surf Fishing Classic with a 27 # striper, on bunker.....if they are down there already, they probably swam past us to get there.
  11. Fishy I painted a white base coat sprayed gold down the sides use the stencil to spray the yellow and then covered the top with yellow and added all the little bits and bobs.
  12. Quick batch to replenish some weapons, I lost the only yellow one I had left, and my buddy started catching keepers with the one I gave him . We liked the way the yellow ones swam, so a couple black ones for the night time. The white minnows I had laying around, so they got finished.
  13. Thanks for the info handi2, turns out it is threaded, and is a left hand thread, just need to find some parts now
  14. Sand pumping x 2