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  1. Btw, I am honored to be in the presence of this rod. I normally fish 50$ rods.
  2. Custom rod from the mid to late 90’s .
  3. FM: Great advice. Thanks! Caught a few nice fish Last season( which is amazing for me)
  4. Guys, definitely didn’t notice any glue although I really wasn’t looking for any. It looks like a normal 2 piece right now. It’s Pics to come by Monday. To be honest don’t really know what a ferrule is can someone clarify? jeff
  5. I was worried that since it was such a hard time taking off the top and hearing from the owner that it was built to be a 1 piece , that I did something terrible.
  6. Valentine, I don’t believe there was grime. Currently a 2 piece rod. At one point I believe it must have been epoxied or glued. Thanks, jeff
  7. Billy 40, I am not really sure what a fused rod is. I just regurgitated a word that I have noticed here while reading another thread. I was told the rod was a custom built 1 piece that was taken apart mistakenly. Yet the rod is not seemingly unfishable, the ferrule still fits into the handle section. My guess is that fusing allows a two piece rod to become a full time 1 piece.
  8. Thanks surffisher mike. This helps me take preventative actions.
  9. Guys, I made a mistake awhile back and separated a fused custom buil into two parts. The rod is about 20 years old with cork tape. I lined up the two pieces and took a few practices on the driveway. The ferrules seemed to shift some. Is this rod fish able and can it be stored in a garage ( non- temp controlled) ? thanks
  10. Others have given great advice. If plugging, braid is easier to cast and will help you detect bites easier. Try to stay within the reels suggested line limits. I got in over my head with this one. Good luck, jeff
  11. I think most beginners should begin with mono. I am going to try and go back to mono also. Braid is costly Braid is costly. Many experts use mono. Why don’t start out mono. Then go to braid and see what you think. I believe 14 lb mojo would be good for plugs and no more than 20 lb. maybe even go lighter like 12 lb mono if it’s a calm day and fish are around but maybe line shy.
  12. I actually found a good sand bar in S. Jersey in October at the beach between a jetty and pier which held a few schoolies this past season October 2017. will have to check the beach cam to see what it looks like after this NE'er.