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    Will travel For fish ( normally Atlantic and Cape May counties) but interested in PA freshwater (home waters). Would like to meet fishing partners
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    all kinds of fishing.
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    Admin aide for the State of PA

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  1. 5000 on a 9 ft launches wish I would have picked up a 5000 when I first caught my 9’. 8’ and 4000 is probably good.
  2. Hit Atlantic co. Beach out front seeking the bite yesterday. No real structure fished just sandy bottom. Couldn’t get em’
  3. 8lb blue looks enormous to me. Biggest was probably 12. Last year I had 2 blues at once that was ****ed up. Bent my hook. Probably took 5 mins on the sand. Both fish lived..... most likely. I agree with the guy with the friend who hooks his dogs nose.
  4. Inc case you care, I found the factory Mojo 11’ to weigh 13oz. per TD website.
  5. Twitching the so minnow worked for me a couple weeks back.
  6. Skunk for me out front in Atlantic County. Wind picked up. No lettuce, nothing seen. Threw a needle for a bit and then Metal, bt, and finally Gibbs Popper. Didn’t even try an sp. the wind and tide were ripping as the night went on. Water seemed great, but can wade past my calves as I was alone and what not.
  7. Great fish Funky Bunker and good to know someone caught a couple big ones.
  8. Report back regarding th uglystik and 3/8 is not really detectable.
  9. I just don’t recall how it handles the low end. If I go fishing tonight I can report back. I have a 3/8 kastmaster. If that helps.
  10. Ugly stick is a mix of graphite and glass.
  11. I used to think only Penns drag needed multiple turns to adjust, but I've felt other brands do the same. Forget which ones, but probably at the reel shop.
  12. Use a 50$ uglystik Shakespeare with a 3000 reel. Tosses 1/2-23/8 rates 12-30 lb test. BWS 1101 7’0 Medium action.
  13. Best of luck on catching stripers. some lures cast farther, some go deeper, and then there’s profile and color. Still learning myself. One tip, keep your hooks sharpy sharp, something I have forgot to do recently, but I believe helps us focused on what we’re trying to do, catch fish. Tight lines.