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    Will travel For fish ( normally Atlantic and Cape May counties) but interested in PA freshwater (home waters). Would like to meet fishing partners
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    all kinds of fishing.
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    Admin aide for the State of PA

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  1. I still fish. Just wish their were more species at the shore. I don’t know just complaining.
  2. Cause I don’t have a sensitive rod and don’t do high lows and would rather not have to buy gulp and bait.
  3. I can’t stand fluke season.
  4. Throwing on an angle is also a good thing. Read that somewhere and on my last take it was angle. I guess you cover more space that way. And something possibly about the way fish come in on angles. Btw I don’t go out of my way to do it but it seems to hold true.
  5. Yeah ! John skinner has mentioned that he likes having the distance and drag to maneuver larger bass around boulders and stuff. He uses those reels when he knows larger fish around I presume. In your case if you want to catch a large fish around structure that is the size reel you will want. Also, the rod is what is used to fight the fish. Both reels you’ve mentioned have metal bodies so that will reduce the chance of the reel flexing on you. (I believe this helps with preventing bent shaft) Skinner uses a pen spinfisher 8500 in an inlet video and also a pen 706z that’s lasted years for him. Good luck with your choice.
  6. The gears in the diawa bg are larger. Alan hawk gave rave reviews. (Reel expert), the diawa has a manual bail and will hold a lot of line. The diawa bg handle has no back play on my 3000 and I believe it’s 1 piece aluminum. I think diawa may have a slight edge.
  7. I had a penn 6000 and it launched but weight saving is great for plugging. Try out the 5000.
  8. Good to know for next time sir. I didn’t think it through but I appreciate your thoughtful and informative advice. I will be using your services in the future.
  9. I don’t feel that comfortable working on a shimano. I’ve opened pens but never a shimmy. Maybe the warranty will be my saving grace. Unlikely though. I could literally feel the sand inside upon turning the reel. Should have washed and lubed myself. Live and leanr. Tight lines.
  10. Thank you very much! I’m hoping for the best.
  11. Thanks glws. Probably a really good shark reel for us shore fisherman. I will pass for now and regret later I’m sure.
  12. Just stinks that I have to wait for an authorized shimano warranty repair place to get the parts. I ordered a part from shimano and it took awhile to get.
  13. Sorry I chimed in. Just thought it was funny how you’re friends here mentioned you. I take it you’re vertically challenged? I was short most of my life and probably have multiple complexes. 5’7 ona good day for me.
  14. Nice to have a lifeguards perspective on fishing. You had a nice vantage to see a lot.