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  1. You guys are screwed up, fat girls in two piecers are disgusting - I think they work for quality control in the garment industry - pressure testing the stitching...
  2. I'm too cheap. I buy "noname" plugs and lures from the internet.
  3. I'm a two handed addict for trout and salmon - heavily into it. I've yet to use it saltwater though? I think mostly because I hate pulling the head all the way in d/t the bump at the junction between the running line and head. I fish a lot at night in Long Island Sound and many times the fish hit real close. That being said, I just find SH rods better suited for my fishing. I do have a bud that like TH overhead casting from the beach at CC but I've yet to try.
  4. BFD, It might be due to the retro lavendar naugahyde background... I love it though... A few times I dyed stuff and sent pics to friends but I had to take the pics in natural sunlight to get the color to resemble what I saw in real life. Chartreuse seems to be a hard color to get well represented in pictures.
  5. Those Cabelas brand fly rods are a real secret. While I don't have the fiberglass, I have most of the LSi's which I bought on sale at $99. Can't go wrong and they cast wonderfully. I bet their glass rods are indestructable.
  6. Sierra recently had the older Simms Nippers for around $9. For that little I purchased a few pairs. Definitely and upgrade compared to numerous "el cheapo" models that I'd groove the edge because they were so soft. Maybe they still have them?
  7. Uh Oh, I think I better put my rubber boots on. Maybe things are different when you stand upside down... L @ U
  8. There's a lot of bologna out there guys. Most of the people I see claiming such skill are lawn casting or BS artists. Lawn casting is much easier. When wading and with a wet or air resistant fly, wind, etc., I don't see this as a reality... a pipe dream. If you are up high on a boat or platform you'll get added distance. In SW I like the Rio Outbound Short in Int. I use a stripping basket. I get the head out (you can feel the transition) and one of two back casts with a single haul and let'er rip. It goes as far as it does and I fish it! :-)
  9. Don't kid yourselves, remember what the Ground Hog said... ;-)
  10. I see all the points above. As in the case of waders, if a premium price is charged, they should have a 5 year warranty or they wouldn't get my coinage In reality, waders expensive or cheap, seem to last me the same amount of time. I opt for the cheap ones...
  11. Android App called "Hi Tide." On computer a program called WTide which has the solunar bologna included. I like to see the wave form of the tide. It helps me gauge how hard the current will be running.
  12. Mr. Horsley, You are a very talented photographer.
  13. My son really loves his VR. He likes the skirted spool.
  14. Winter fishing in the west and northeast are two VERY DIFFERENT THINGS mind you.