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  1. Well forget about cape cod these days - lottsa whites so wading and surfing might be a little unnerving...
  2. I was concerned about that, trout poking their noses up to rise and getting a face full of diesel.
  3. If the fly line is not a mono core, you can weld. I do a lot of welding as I'm always tinkering with making different heads for Spey casting. There's plenty of info on it if you check with Dr. Google. I use a heat gun and clear shrink tube but some use a woman's hair straightener. The other way I did it for YEARS was to whip a loop with the fly tying bobbin and coat with good old fashioned Pliobond. I never had one of those fail. Just a word from the wise, sometimes if the butt section of your mono leader is not thick enough it can cut into the fly line loop's coating. Let us know what you decide on.
  4. I'm thankful for the high water too and the rain that will wash off the remaining oil from the plant side vegetation the only bright thing of it is hopefully it'll kill some knotweed while I don't consider the West Branch to my home River there's too many people on it these days I do fish the east branch and big stem is my home Rivers. Forgive the illiteracy, dictated from phone.
  5. Glad you guys were able to go see him that's a very nice thing
  6. Great outcome glad everything went well that wouldn't have happened in a timely manner in small-town nowhere USA
  7. https://response.restoration.noaa.gov/oil-and-chemical-spills/oil-spills/resources/small-diesel-spills.html
  8. strong work and nice pics!
  9. Night fishing is the golden rule; just be respectful of those that sleep!
  10. I really like the Rio Outbound Short series. They shoot like a "mother."
  11. That's good news.
  12. Family has connections, money, or the news needed a story to fluff. It is funny (not in a humerous way) how some go to national attention while others are never mentioned. I hope they find her alive and well.
  13. I just use plain ole paraffin on my ferrules, SH and TH. Been doing much TH fishing for years and have yet to have a failure. Maybe I've just been lucky, knock on wood.
  14. I'm confident it was an overdose. I'm also confident those guys on PinWheel were higher than kites on a number of episodes by their eyes and facies. Though the show is entertaining, they don't seem like model citizens.
  15. And certainly better than a sandwich and soda...