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  1. Out front this morning on incoming. Got into the schoolies pulled 23 of em out on blue shad. Fun morning, was hoping for something bigger but I’ll take what was given. Wish I brought a lighter rod.
  2. I’m in.
  3. I would meet you in the middle at $160 shipped
  4. $260 cash pick up in Pa. I’m near exit 298 PA turnpike. 4:30-6 works best
  5. Wouldn’t have problem shipping reel but not shipping the rod. Not sure where the trialesquire is from.
  6. Sorry, I have a Tekota 500 lc.
  7. Ok PM me your number and I’ll text you in morning and we will set something up.
  8. No don’t want to split. Buy it and sell the reel.
  9. I’m out near reading. I plan on being in nj by 6/6:30am. I’d be going by kop around 5 ish
  10. Opened this back up, $170 shipped PP. CONTUS
  11. Yes I’m in Pa.
  12. Both have been fished but in great shape. Very light set up. Used 1145 for a couple years then sat out last two seasons due to using a different combo. The reel has braid on it not sure what lb, I think it’s 30 lb. $525 PP or cash meet up. Pa/Nj. Not going to ship.
  13. That’s the plan.