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  1. I have the xsc 10K on 10’6” tiralejo, and have splashed it a few times with no issues. I do rise it down after every outing and sent it in to Shimano for cleaning and greasing after 1st season just for preventive maintenance. I guess I’ve had 3 or so years and really like it. Like the distance I get out of it.
  2. Looking for leader wallet, Surfcaster or Gear up. But show me what you have, other will be considered.
  3. How bout 5 white & 5 Black back w/glitter
  4. There are no issues with the rod. Yes I do fish in NJ.
  5. I can try to take some pix tomorrow.
  6. I have a SS 1145, haven’t used rod for two years now. Before that it was in rotation for three years. Rod in good shape, normal wear, no deep scratches. All guides in good shape. I had it posted a few months back. Was asking $250
  7. Not sure what’s left. I’d take 5 chartreuse, 3 white, 2 green/flake
  8. AI today, same......skate fest.
  9. I have the ODM 3.5, it is definitely not fabric’y. I haven’t used it too many times but when I did I liked it better than my old bag. I upgraded from an Aquaskinz Elite Hunter which I would say is more like sail cloth. I do like how the ODM carries compared to the AS.
  10. Manufactured in Pine Grove,Pa. A friend of mine knows some of the guys there and I got to handle one he had made. Nice reel, very smooth and feels like a quality build. And the prices are not off the charts. A google search brings them right up. I personally asked some questions about pricing and availability through their website and received a quick response within a few days.
  11. I have a Sustain 5000 FG w/ 30lb braid. Box and paperwork included. $250 shipped CONT US. PayPal
  12. I can do that. Can’t meet today but tomorrow will work