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  1. I’ve got a Century 1145 I willing to part with, hasent seen much use the last couple years. Asking $250
  2. Will you take $15 for the white/green eye?
  3. 8’ Tica TC2. Launches an sp.
  4. Closing this. Just bought one from Bill (CCW) hit him up on FB or check out his store tomorrow.
  5. Looking to buy in green color, jointed, but open to others.
  6. I use a ductless mini split. Heats 24x32x10 garage to 60 degrees with 10 degree outdoor temp. No flame in garage area. I’m in the HVAC business so I got a used outdoor from a customers house and bought an indoor unit. Gives me AC in summer as well. You can pick up cheaper systems for short money.
  7. 1- Freshwater PA striper 2- Large redfish 3- Musky I could knock 1 & 3 out in one trip. That would be awesome. Even though the NJ fall wasn’t that great, I would say all in all 2017 was a great year for me.
  8. Daytime too.
  9. $65 shipped PP for remaining needles.
  10. I can do that.
  11. No thanks, I’m gonna leave a 125 for now.