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  1. i know the roe is a delicacy.
  2. i see turkeys everywhere. some big toms to.
  3. saw some ospreys flying around with herring down in wareham
  4. i got out there for my first time as well. used to fishing the canal with 5 ounce jigs and heavy current. that inlet is different. we got into a blitz of lady fish. i didnt land any, we didnt have a bridge net. it was a bait game when we went the first week of april. next year ill be prepared
  5. Florida was a fun trip. Fishing was a lot tougher then what people said it would be! Had a lot of confidence but I was humbled real quick! It took us 25 hours to get there! Got lost picking up my buddies Girlfriend in Ny. We went freshwater the first 2 days in Miami! I caught a pleco ( the sucker fish that clean fish Tanks) a spotted tilapia, a blue tilapia and a gar. Had a few hits more hits. Didn’t have any luck with peacocks or snake heads! My buddy and his girl wanted some alone time so i went fishing for a few hours. I came back at 1230 ish, they locked the door so my key wouldnt work. Both of them are deaf so knocking isnt an option. Hotel security, who could let me in, was no where to be found. So I went fishing! Caught my first snook! I was so happy’ if I didn’t get locked out I wouldn’t have caught the fish! Fished till 330 am, my buddy woke up and saw my text. so i did manage to get in and sleep for a few hours. The next 2 days we wen on a charter for sailfish, mahi and sharks! The first day was slllllooooowwwwww! Had one hit from what we think was a king fish. We only caught one false albacore. That’s bait for them down here. We didnt even see a shark, NO SHARKS IN FLORIDA? WTF!!!!! something was off. we had a big dead albie out there soaking for HOURS, not even a hit. The captain felt bad for us so he said we could come the next day and try again just tip the mate! The next day was a lot better! We caught a grouper. I caught my first snapper, we also caught a remora (the fish that live with sharks), and 6 birds. We saw a few sailfish and had one come up on the bait. That night we fished until 330 am! I caught an ocean catfish with a huge spine at the first spot. The next spot we saw a ton of snook up under the docks! We caught a look down. Such a weird fish. We didn’t hook an snook! The last 2 Days were for inshore fishin! My friends wanted to sleeping I said hell no, I’m in Florida I’m fishin! So I went out exploring! I had a few hits wind was blowing hard!!! No fish. Went back to hotel then headed to an inlet. Saw some big fish being caught’ huge 20lbs red! I missed bunch of lady fish cuz we were up on a pier with no bridge net! My buddy did get one lady fish! The next day we went back inshore fishin! First spot we saw a lot of bait, needlefish, Sheepshead, and a ton of mullet! The last spot we were greeted with fish feeding on bait. I caught a small snook and caught my first sea trout. Had a lot of hits and spooked some nice fish! Later that night we went back to inlet, saw lady fish busting but couldn’t get one! My buddy and his girl hooked a few small snook but couldn’t get one, they landed one lady fish. The wildlife was incredible. It’s like Jurassic Park! We saw sea turtles! Giant iguanas, snakes, huge birds, dolphins and manatees! On the charter I stuck a remora to my leg! Met some awesome people! The guys on the charter were awesome. Met a cool English dude on the charter. I even hand fed some tarpon! Fishing may have been slow but at least I know what to use and where to go! Next time I’m going to fish the salt a lot more then i did! Especially the inshore fish. I’m glad we went freshwater but I wish we didn’t fish that 2nd day. I went I down there for inshore fishing Thank you for all who gave me info about fishing this area! This place is a whole different world! I can’t wait to go back
  6. skunked saturday, we fished the morning till about 11, 2 spots. had store bought and pond shiners. fished metals and live target perch swimbait. went carp fishing, skunked, then finished the day at old faithful for a hailmary to get fish. we had a few shiners left, i missed a pickerel , my buddy got a pickerel. i missed a fish on a jig. one fish between the 2 of us for 12 hours of fishing WHEN WILL SPRING GET HERE!!!!!!
  7. not sure with the canal but in marshfield waters they are literally everywhere, seen them in the harbor to
  8. i cant wait, i need to get out pike fishing soon
  9. they are in crazy big numbers go to any inshore 30 ish feet deep rocky area in cape cod bay you'll fill up a sibiki
  10. haha, they are a cool fish but nope
  11. there isnt a limit in MA
  12. ive used them for bait. done ok with them. i do like eating them tho. great sandwich filets
  13. checked down wareham yesterday didnt see any
  14. i havent caught a blue in years, we bumped into em last year at the canal once or twice but didnt get any. my buddy caught a big blue up in marshfield area on a fall blitz last september but thats it. havent got on a good blue bite in years.
  15. ive been power pro original for awhile. ive also used 838 but for freshwater and inshore fish. curious about the other braids