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  1. no browns?? why?? i caught one down in plymouth last week at midnight on a small topwater wake bait
  2. oh yea? you are right about that tho. but always rat lakers on metals
  3. yea i can get fallfish, perch, pond shiners! thinking of trying fall fish the weekend after thanksgiving!
  4. just keep it low close to the water. what about the RC boats, attach a clip to it and let i got out with the line use a break away clip
  6. yea im convinced that the 18lber on a kastmaster and the 24 in the basin were just freak accidents! i got zero hope for anything big on a metal close to sure. either live bait or swimbaits for them big fish out there. yea the average laker in there wont put up a fight on a larger gear but i want the 10lb plus fish in there! would just like to increase my odds of something bigger instead of the same old rat 20 inch laker. theres so much water and so much fish that havent been fished!
  7. i saw a video of the chu with a drone, it filmed gate 8 and 35 and the non fishing zone
  8. wondering how to get out big dead or live bait out far for the monster lurking out there. was thinking of taking a surf rod or a saltwater rod to get out far with bait. am i crazy?? also what about using a drone there to bring your bait out far. go out 200 yards with a big golden shiner drop it straight down to the bottom!!!!
  9. nice!!!! keep chucking
  10. thanks guys! those were from last year! is started fishing the big baits last year and the size went way up
  11. if you want a true giant! fish a trout stocked pond deep water, its tough fishing cuz your literally fishing for one bite, i fish the shallower ponds with herring and golden shiners, i get big fish but not the true giants, 8 plus. i dont have confidence in fishing deep! i SUCK at it! something i need to work on. hopefully next year ill hit those deep trout ponds and learn how to fish them correctly!
  12. thank you! that was only a few pictures! i have many more! it caught myPB 7.8 lbs! 9 inch x2 slammer cranked along a drop off near a lily pad flat. ever since i started throwing big baits! the numbers of big fish went through the roof!! i will always have a big bait tied on, i do fish other lures tho, like regular bass gear.
  13. i love yellows! i catch them closer to the bottom, when ice fishing i use a technique called perch pounding! i drop the jig down and pound the bottom to kick up sediment and bugs! they are attracted to it. worms, small minnows, small panfish lures! caught a bunch of yellows over the weekend,. saturday fishing for bass i got them on small hair jigs and blade baits. yesterday i used a small hook and worm, trying to catch small perch for bait for lake trout and smallmouth. perch school up! so when you find one you'll find more!