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  1. oh boy, its already a sh#tshow, i cant even imagine the BS with boat fishing in it.
  2. put locks in the canal so no fish can get through.
  3. yea it gnaws at me. ive got some other reports of a hot bite, finally managed to get out there and missed the bite. but i've seen pictures and heard stories, it just cuts deeper and deeper. put 10 hours yesterday without a single hit. but luckily the bite was off yesterday, from what i heard no one got fish. ive thought about this before, when its a slow season it effects my daily life. it becomes personal. stripers and largemouth are what i fish for most of the time, both of them have been very slow. when i do go fishin, i dont have much confidence in the day and always 2nd guessing my self. its not good man anyone have golf clubs they want to sell
  4. cant forget the torch
  5. thanks man. im down with largemouth for a while been tough this year. im going to target new species. carp,bowfin and pike, as well as stripers.
  6. oh yea great conditions but is it worth dealing with the BS. like i said before id love to get those quality fish down there but not a fan of the BS cant have your cake and eat it to
  7. hahaha tar and feather.
  8. ive done this before, on the app called fish brain you can post pictures to a certain location on a map. i post my NY salmon and trout in salt marshes and small creeks that legit have nothing worth targeting.posting a king salmon in a place say bluefish river in duxbury bay, people got all excited. ive caught bonitos down the cape and posted it in sciutate people got all excited.
  9. you are absolutely right, i need a break, i have left some freshwater groups and its so much better, not reading stupid drama. i miss the good old days when i truly enjoyed just being out fishing, now its like well this guy is catching big fish here and this guy is doing that and why are use using that blah blah blah, think its time to step away and go back to the way it was.
  10. sure is, guys are ****ting on other bait makers because its a "copy" of the their favorite really? who cares if they are similar. its going to be packed from all the social media. my facebook news feed was full of the canal pictures. i was jealous cuz id love to catch one of those but the **** show thats down there ehhh
  11. haha ya i dont got the years like some of you guys. i can only imagine what you guys think about the canal now. ive never seen so much BS involved with a fishing area. the only drama that can compete with this is the facebook world of freshwater. dont get me started on that BS.
  12. so i havent caught a keeper yet this year. been slow up in my area. seeing all these canal post got me wondering if its worth it. is it worth putting up with the BS of the canal to get the first keeper of the year. my buddy hooked up to a nice fish the other day. some idiot crossed his line and broke the fish off. with all the poaching, the crowds, crossed lines. hell some buddies of mine were fishing last week or so. had their bikes lined up. they were talking, taking a break all at one bike. some guy came up started looking through one of their plug bags. set up right next to them and crossed lines. the canal is a great fishery big fish but what the hell is going on with the ****ery that happens down there. does big fish out weigh all the BS? or vice versa
  13. i LOVE the doyns 806 i fish alot of big baits for largemouth with it, parabolic. 8 ounce is a big bait you would need another set up for it. you could also check out some muskie setups for them. For a reel, i use abu garcia ambassadour or diawa luna. both great reels. the ambassadour i use is a striper special
  14. yea cuz the friggin winter didnt stop till may.
  15. spawn usually happens in may, maybe a little later this year. but they are wrapped up in june. we are out of post spawn now into summer mode. night time early morning and dusk are the best times for them, unless its a cloudy day.