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  1. why is night time better for holdovers? is it because the water has warmed up all day, so the water is at its warmest at night? is the bait more active at night?
  2. i had luck fishing shallow for brookies and bows. small shiners and jigs.
  3. Never knew that the salt marshes have springs in them!
  4. im going to this year mostly for freshwater and bass fishing
  5. i was open water fishing the past 2 weeks! hope to continue that! got a handfull of pickerel and a perch last weekend, think they are getting ready to spawn
  6. damn it i want 58 degress and tropical down pours! at least no more frigid arctic air. ill take 30s over single digits teens and 20s
  7. tried for holdovers a few times over the years never managed to get one. some day i will
  8. i seen a picture of a guy a few weeks ago with a very nice schoolie, mid 20s maybe pushing 28, i know where it was caught, fished it from shore but tough access and very shallow! i know where ill be next nice day.
  9. man id kill to catch a weakfish, that would be so friggin cool!
  10. they are called hair jigs, light jigs less then 1 ounce. work really well in the cold water for bass. ive caught some nice lake trout on them as well
  11. plymouth water front is a great place for dinning. fishing is SLLLOOWWW right now, ponds arent safe for ice fishing, very very few are open. MGC in hanover is awesome place! mike is a great guy.
  12. i brought a deaf buddy down to the canal with a group of guys i was fishing with, we had a spot to ourselves. he didnt really understand the whole deal when fishing this place, i think this may have been his first satlwater fishing trip. ( hes a freshwater guy). so i hook into a good fish. he hooks into a smaller fish. im playing mine out, walking down the riprap. he crosses my line, im trying to get his attention, trying to tell him to stay back so i can go under him, panicking cuz i got a good fish. he gets his fish to the rocks then sees im hooked. his fish is a 30 inch fish. i get mine to the rocks he flips out. this is the biggest fish hes ever seen. so my other buddy im with fishes the canal often, he knows the drill. my deaf buddy isnt paying attention to us when we try and tell him keep calm, we got this, he jumps in the water, misses the fish a few times. the final time he bear hugs the fish, tries running up the rocks with it, falls hard on the rocks. i thought he broke something. he was hurting fish weighed in at 30lbs even.
  13. i got a whiting last june off barnstable harbor fishing for mackerel 50 feet or so deep
  14. gulf of mexico. WTF thats insane but so cool! long way from the great white north
  15. went out yesterday in plymouth for trout, one flag one bass. lot of people out heard things were slow.