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  1. I fished it for a season or so off the kayak. Always rinsed and just recently tore it down and lubed it. It’s good to go
  2. Yeah. It’s sold
  3. I'm in north jersey.
  4. It would be fine for that. I've caught albies on it. I personally would prefer the spheros for that. It's a bit lighter and manages lighter line better IMO.
  5. 7500 ssm with 50 braid battle 2 4000 with 30 braid spheros 3000 FA with 20 super slick 60 each shipped or $140 for all 3
  6. I will split the shipping with you, just let me know, thanks.
  7. Last try on this. Offering $100 shipped for one of the mojos
  8. Offer $100 shipped to 07980 (NJ) for one of the Mojos
  9. bump - is this still available?
  10. Offer - $150 shipped immediate paypal
  11. From their facebook today:
  12. Looks like there is a low profile all metal international coming out soon. Anyone have any details on this?
  13. This is one of the most epic posts that I've seen in my (relatively short) SOL career. Good on ya BrianBM, absolutely hilarious