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  1. How long do you keep the onions on for. They look good, I never did that.
  2. Hey Bob, I thought you were on the mend. Sorry to hear this. Get better kid.
  3. Cheech let me know if you want to meet up one day. if your ever on the other side.
  4. Never liked him. It needed to be said, welcome back to the clown show.
  5. That’s home too me. Can’t see the vid. Don’t tell my wife
  6. I think I would have sh-t my pants.
  7. Thought it was just my computer.
  8. I fish your same waters and live in your town. There were some small blues in the back yesterday as well as snappers.
  9. I like me a big P---Y
  10. Listen to Denny, he knows things.
  11. Thats awesome, wish I went with you. Did you see Winch?
  12. 1. Tube and Worm 2. SP Minnow This year
  13. Good job on you Mike keep at it, you need to win the small battles every day to get to your goals.
  14. You might want to add, will you be swimming with it, open beaches, rocks, what rods will you be using because if you're fishing Montauk you might lets say (if you are bait fishing) be using an 11 foot beefy rod, but that won't work for the Kayak. Need more info. to help.
  15. Its his management team insisting on it. I think the before and after picks both have the same clause.