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  1. You know Rob, I can easily hate you, Just kidding, Looks great, hope they catch for you. Take photos with one hanging off it to make me more jealous.
  2. 6 year olds car. Came in second overall. missed by 4 onethousandth of a second. Yes I built it after my first race last year. I was told that mostly the dads build the cars, my kid (older son) came in third last year. He did most of the work under my guidance. Not the sawing. Had my kids help, but I did the fine tuning.
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  4. Brian was ODM there?
  5. Captain Kayak (Jerry) is the guy to go to if you want to set up your yak for fishing, if you're in Nassau there is a hobie dealership in Island Park that you can demo right behind their place of business.
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  9. She’s. Cutie.
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  11. How Much?
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  13. As always a good job by you Mario, and you got a good crew too. Hope to see you out there someday.
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