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    Long time surfcaster and plugbuilder.Ive been a plug builder for over 8 years I go by Surf Warrior Customs.
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  1. Mackrels left,blue scaled back silver body,olive back silver body,and black back silver body.They are 6" 1 1/4 oz.Will take better pics maybe out of package
  2. Deal pm coming
  3. All 3 might be Habs
  4. Black back silver body 6" 1 1/4 oz floating
  5. He has been logging in multiple times a day it says it on his profile
  6. I have pmed you twice asking if these and the other lot have been shipped yet ,you read both messages and haven't responded it's been over a week.Dont get why you can't respond with a simple yes or no
  7. Yankee i belive
  8. The tail wraps do look RM but that's it I would say def not
  9. Witnessed an actual Sea Robin Blitz last week on sandeels....I was out pod hoping on my boat I couldn't believe how stupid it looked
  10. Bump 10$ each shipped must buy atleast 3 ...or you can buy 1 or 2 just add 5$ for shipping.Free shipping on 3 or more
  11. No I say that all the time....Sometimes I buy plugs just to test them and look at the design to get a better understanding and idea of the way something works or why certain builders get more money then others (Which I still don't fully get in some cases)I like to know who built stuff I wish they signed things like everyone does today but that was rare in that era .There Sig's we're certain aspects of every plug like certain eyes,grommets etc.
  12. Ditching my stash of Yo Zuris and Sp Minnows and Manns Stretch.The Sp Minnows are all Floaters..Must buy atleast 3 asking 35$ for 3 of any brand ,Pay Pal only...Or you can buy all of them for 210$ shipped. The Sp minnow colors are Purple Back Silver,Bone and Blue Mackrel.The Yo zuri colors arent labeled on the package.Theres Hydro Minnows,Crystal Minnows and a Hydro Pencil any color or size questions feel free to ask thanks sol.
  13. One of the good bites i got into back in June...had over 20 fish from 12-17lbs
  14. Theres nothing wrong with some naked guy walking around the beaches in the middle of the night?Other then the fact that its illegal and creepy ....Theres alot of kids on that beach who knows this guys history
  15. Was fishing live eels and this pig Sea Bass decided to pay me a visit 6lbs.Swallowed a pretty big eel to