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  1. I thought it was southern for Girlfriend. Or tatooted ho.
  2. None to my knowledge. Big brown is under a foot wingspan and the hoary is a hair over a foot. 3' bat could be a function of hallucnatory mushrooms or a nearby seagull flying near a kid with a handful of peanutbutter who needs glasses.
  3. Thats the right move then, right? Musky are amazing formidable predators, and like you said the trout are just candy. Waste of $ time and resources to stock trout in a musky lake IMO. I am sure musky will eat sunnies and bass just the same, right? Are there carp/suckers in monksville? I was there a few times and remember watching them pour the concrete for it, but I dont know much about it otherwise. I hooked and lost a musky while bass fishing there a few years ago. It was surreal. 50' below the boat ramp, right by the parking lot, a surface rapala. I was stunned. Anyway...
  4. I use a ML 7' Avid for weightless presentations. Like it a lot. I wouldnt describe the tip as soft at all, and I had a CNR on for a bit, during which it demonstrated a remarkable backbone, considering the mismatch. Woops. Saw you are looking for casting not spinning.
  5. A 3' bat in NJ. Thats pretty nifty.
  6. This works without peanut butter. What does the PB add to the equation?
  7. I assume these threads are started by people who have already removed standing water, emptied buckets, removed old cars and spare tires and washing machines from the front yard, cleaned the gutters, and encouraged bats or swallows.
  8. The only thing i have found that works well is to rub a mixture of fresh lemon juice chai tea bags on your skin. It wears off after a few dunkings though.
  9. This just became a phenomenal thread.
  10. Nothing.
  11. +100 I enjoy fishing, and the day, and the water, and the scenery, and ... I do not enjoy fishing like that.
  12. ^ ^ Take the above with a grain of salt or a grain of beach replenished sand... and its worth of $.02 or less...
  13. They've been predicting abnormally high # of tropic storms and hurricanes for so long, that broken clock is bound to be right a few times sooner or later. OP- i agree there is a lot of bait/activity in the the front and back. More so than I am used to seeing, though admittedly my trips to the salt are infrequent enough so as to be anecdotal. I'll give you this- My boys are predicting a VERY dry winter this year. I am predicting a hurricane or big storm hits the East coast in the fall (law of averages, its gotta happen sat some point). So, you are going to get washed out in late sept early oct, and then have a KILLER early-mid december in the surf.
  14. One in the past 3,000 years, the other within the past 300 days.