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  1. Not in the least. Terrorism is in the process of jumping the shark.
  2. Because soccer moms with iphones kill FAR more people every year. And thats a fact.
  3. I know. I was just goofin. We hunt mostly ML for deer and our loads are essentially 44 mag ballistics. A few years ago I calculated my own average and I believe it was in the 70ish yard range. Its probably gone down since then. Outliers were 2 yards and 220 yards.
  4. Release them, and then hunt down and assassinate the families of anyone related to those in leadership who orchestrated it. Avenge him. Avenge him.
  5. 9mm marlin camp carbine?
  6. Gotcha. Oh, and while we are clearing up records, OJ was never convicted of murder, and Al Capone was never convicted of... anything other than tax problems. What was Nixon convicted of? I honestly ( for real) dont recall. Casey Anthony dindonuffin either.
  7. Trump can be a dick. Should we let lies go uncorrected? Let's just make up stuff about the guy we dont like, cuase we dont like him anyway. That's exactly what is happening.
  8. WOW! Huh, that'd be a rarity, right? How unusual for MSNBC (or XYZT for that matter) to editorialize via inclusion or exclusion.
  9. If you have enough time, simply empty your chamber. Good idea to not go out with one in the tube anyway. That'll usually get ya back to homeostatic setpoints.
  10. For me its the mutton chops and what he was probably going to say to or about someone sometime soon.
  11. ""Gonzalez has been in our jail approximately 8 times for minor misdemeanor offenses. " And he is still here, and is now playing puff the dragon. Not sure the OP is far enough off to matter. How many fires is OK, & how many is too many?
  12. You had me for a bit, but that bolded part? I dont think you are right on that one. Bill, a married man, porked a subordinate under a desk with a cigar while in the oval office. Now I dont really care what he did, but IMO (IME? ;-)) . if you are drilling chubby chicks with cubans you qualify for sexual misfit caetgorization. Add to it the rapes of PJ and others and hes a lock for sexual deviant. HIlldog married him and stayed with him, and befriended someone who was married to a world class sexual deviant. Add to this the rumor than she slept with Yoko Ono, easily top 10 creepiest women to walk the earth. just a rumor, you say? OK. But its freaking Yoko Ono, anyone who doesnt vehemently DENY it if it didnt happen is a misfit anyway. Again, I dont really care what people do on their own, I really dont. But When considering it, I think people like the Clintons qualify as deviant/misfits. .02 and all. I may just be boring.
  13. ... and sniper fire ... and youtube videos Dems invented misinformation. For every pizzagate there are 30 examples of MSM engaging in half truths, coverups, propaganda, or misinformation.
  14. Honestly, its because I always wanted one. I have a soft spot for shorter efficient chamberings, which the 250AI may just be the quintessential example of. I mean I could go on about ballistics and stuff, but really when it comes down to it its partly just the cool factor, which the 250ai has in copious amounts. I think that 250 is less widely distributed than 708, and in reality the 243 is a better catridge on paper. The 260 and newer fad 6/5's are every bit as good if not better in terms of high BC for commonly available projectiles of good quality. What they all lack is that the 250ai is cool and hell. Its like a green check filson, a 28g double, or cards in your spokes when you are 5 years old.