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  1. You are confusing several very different things.
  2. Back of the class. That's not 3 words or less. If you keep this up, you are going to be sent to Private School!
  3. Tough to argue vs this. Or you could ask the landowners next door if you could leave the osprey alone and instead fish form their bulkhead.
  4. Not in theory. In reality. That said, it's really a judgement call. IMO, if you arent fishing it daily and its a weekly thing, fish on. If its daily, you are a nuisance to the birds, and you may want to consider that.
  5. I said that. That was almost what I had said when the PARCC thing started in our district. Almost verbatim. "This is about failing kids, to fail school, to generate a crisis, to drive sales" . I still agree. That said, have you ever seen the PARCC reviews? Or the Tests (they are online if you know how to look). I am not saying every kid should be getting Advanced Proficient, because some of the questions are challenging. But for NONE to achieve minimally proficient is mind boggling. Despite what you posted above, which I agree with, this still remains a community tragedy.
  6. Ah, crap. No it doesnt. "A recent economic study highlighted the shocking fact that essentially nobody in the United States will be poor if he or she merely works full-time at the minimum wage, even if that person has children. " (Simply cut any portion of the the above and add FEDERALIST for the article.) Responses in 3 words or fewer: Here's mine: Personal Responsibility.
  7. bump I dont know the case. Do we give him the benefit of the doubt? He is a vet and a cop. Seal, can we get a ruling on this?
  8. I watched 15-20 seconds and had enough.
  9. I think its safe to say that the past 2 years really arent going the way that some would have liked.
  10. Did DoOver get booted out of the cesspool for being a dooshnozzel? Like, that accomplished? I'll back you on that.
  11. No argument form me. I still assert that Bloomy is a figurehead of teh Dem party, despite having been an R or an Ind. He makes the top 25 list for "voices of the Dem party"
  12. ^ I work in Progressive-Land in the heart of Progressive-Ville. They are NOT talking about this. Actually, I take that back. There is a lot of apprehensive confusion. They are, honestly, conflicted as a group. A lot of "yeah but's" and blaming the scouts for not being more proactive.