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  1. Good honest Republican till the day he passed. https://goo.gl/images/3iQipj
  2. If one is required by law to become certified or need permission in order to exercise a fundamental right (which is bestowed onto men by a creator and not a government) at what point does it cease becoming a right?
  3. I feel like there's a thread somewhere about this topic.
  4. Small data set, maybe only 10-12, but a bunch of the girls and one boy I knew who went into or studied psych have beaucoup daddy issues. You may be onto something.
  5. Yep. I showed a subset of our population that DOES and WILL have a greater risk of not being completely in control of their thoughts/actions/moods. If I shouldnt own a gun, I shouldnt be driving a bus either.
  6. What he said ^ No he really doesnt. But why not? Where one draws the line is always the issue. The prgressive libs in the PG (except for maybe 2, who tend to be more centrist anyway) avoided this like the plague, because they are just smart enough to see my intent, and seconds later noticed that they would be hard pressed to disagree if they were to be consistent in their cries. Almost as a rule they loath going on recrd without having some talking points first. Its all good. It ran its course. ...right?
  7. Is that what you are proposing? I hadnt inferred that from your posts. What would you like? Training and a license for posession? I dont want to put words in your mouth. You put them there for me.
  8. You can do this. I have faith in you.
  9. I guess I was expanding it beyond just gun violence and more into saving people from all sorts of bad decisions that can make them dead. Kooks and nuts. Not sane. I found that to be rather vague, so I focused it in on exact tangibles- ifyou are on meds for your mind, you arent OK enough to have the same stuff that the other kids do. My way is clearer, delineated, and helps others beyond just gun violence. I really dont know how you are defining KOOK or nut either. Everyone gets a med diagnoses?
  10. Crazy? nutbag? who, exactly, and how? If you are going to "do" something, you really have to be clear. Its your chance here. What yo udid is say "hope congress does what I want without me articulating what I want". Be clear and specific. LIkeI was in the OP.
  11. I dont know what that is and didnt see the thread. Will check it out. Waiting for Gami to elaborate what "keep guns out of nuts" means in practice. He didnt like the OP, but I specifically targeted what he is insinuateing. Just need some gami clarification on what literally needs to be done. not just another "dont let bad people get guns" comment.
  12. HOw does this differ from the OP exactly. OR, better yet, exactly what do you mean?
  13. What is your sane suggestion? 4 posts onne page and I didnt see a) why my OP was wrong and B) what your solution is or C) why your idea will save more kids than mine.
  14. I offered one in the OP. I have been waiting for someone to explain why thats not a good idea, and more importantly why my premise was wrong. Instead I got insults and shots from all sides.