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  1. I dont really use a lot of line for bass fishing in freshwater. IMO the 2500 would be plenty, especially so if using braid. the 4000 overkill, but its still really light so as long as the balance is fine, no harm.
  2. The Parents of the Millenials broke their kids. Talk to a guidance counselor/teacher about the rate of students who have near-debilitating anxiety. Ask about the change in just the past 5 years. Orders of magnitude increase.
  3. She was 17 at the time of the alleged incident. Other accuser was 24 I believe. other was?
  4. Gonna go out on a limb and guess that FEW does.
  5. Simmons response is that it was consensual and that violence to women flies in the face of what he stands for. He said she said. I'll add that it was 26 years ago. IMO she can go pound sand.
  6. Delicious irony
  7. If me and 8 other posters agree that you are a diddler, does it make it so? This guilty by allegation nonsense is just that. Moore may be, or may not, but because people who dont know him say it sure doesnt make it so.
  8. If the age of consent was 14 then she wasnt underage was she?
  9. Substantial. That's my wager. As is the write in vote for anyone but Moore or the Dem, as was endorsed by the sitting senator of AL. Trump effect was probably a wash. Minority vote came out to say no to someone they didnt want- a percieved pedophile. The whole thing really ended up as it should. The poeple of AL, or all walks, ended up making the call.
  10. ^ Cant disagree with this sentiment.
  11. Wow. So, uh, welcome to 2009
  12. That heartless heathen.