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  1. Bump Battle 5000 $65 shipped Battle 4000 $40 shipped Calcutta 400 $140 shipped Cardiff 300a $65 shipped
  2. No problem. Everything is back up for sale.
  3. Done deal. Battle 5000, 4000, and Cadiff sold to NYChaz. PM inbound. Thanks!
  4. OK. Great! Gimme your Paypal address & I'll send it asap.

  5. How about $155 shipped for both battles and the Cardiff?
  6. Gimme a good price on the Cardiff & I'll take that with the 2 Battles!!!

  7. Paypal sent. Thanks FB and SOL!
  8. don't know if 1st reply went through




    your address?

    will try to ship tomorrow.....if not monday

  9. I'll take it for $125 shipped and can Paypal asap. Shoot me a PM with your info and I'll get on it. Thanks!
  10. What model number? Will you ship? Very interested, thanks.
  11. Didn't fish much this fall due to one reason or another. Had one good night up here at home in VA, mid October, with four fish. Got down to Avon for a couple days at the end of October, but it was slow. Managed to get a good one off the pier on my second cast, and that was it. Spring will be here before we know it! 47" 46" 49"x30" ...fat. 44" 46" FL -48" TL
  12. I can do $175 for both Shimanos.
  13. How about $65 with the line? I don't have any use for the braid. Thanks
  14. Penn Battle 5000 spooled with 30# 832, box and paperwork, like new condition, never seen water. $75 shipped Paypal Penn Battle 4000, box and paperwork, smooth but a little tight when reeling. Has a little rash on the bottom, see pics. $45 shipped Paypal Shimano Calcutta 400 spooled with 50# 832, some rash but overall very good condition, older wooden powerhandle. $150 shipped Paypal Shimano Cardiff 300a spooled with 14# Sufix Tritanium. A couple rash spots, but also very good condition. $75 shipped Paypal The ONLY trades I'll accept are SILVER Daiwa Saltist 20s or Penn Fathom 12s. Thanks!