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  1. System 3 makes several products, I assumed you're using the Clear Coat? You need to flip them pretty quickly at first because the epoxy is so thin, every few minutes. Then depending on temperature you slow down over time until it's set up. I usually epoxy a plug and hang it. Then do another and flip the first. Do a third plug and flip the first two etc. I was lucky to be able to watch and learn from somebody who has been building for a long time. He flips by hand and gets amazing results. That being said a spinner is frickin great and I use one some times. I just didn't want you to go through the trouble of building one to find that it didn't solve your problem. System 3 probably has the biggest learning curve but also gives the best finish.
  2. What was the temperature? System 3 is more sensitive to temp and possibly humidity more than other brands. I won't use it under 70 degrees and really prefer more like 80-85. A spinner is nice for convenience but you can absolutely get good results flipping by hand.
  3. Awesome! Sounds like you're having fun and enjoying the process. Thanks for the info, maybe I'll have to give it a go.
  4. The regular S2 is already a pretty damn thin blank. I butt section is built up quite a bit but only for a foot or so. I suppose if the graphene doesn't have the butt reinforced like the original maybe that could be sort of true...just for the butt. I've never seen a graphene but I'm going to say that's a pretty ridiculous claim.
  5. Those look very nice! How is the action on them? I have some alumilite white sitting around and I'd love to give it a try if they are working well for you. I've played around with the alumilite white a decent amount but never for gliders. Jig Man already mentioned it but I've also found it to be true in my application. The white even with micro balloons is still pretty dense and using a lighter material with more lead weight usually gives better action (jointed swimbaits in my case). I started using the 610 alumifoam and found it to be similar in boyancy to ayc.
  6. Well it seems to have worked! I'll drop off a box of lures, can you please work your magic on them?
  7. The fling plugs have some serious mojo!
  8. Damn work. I was hoping to see you there. Sounds like you need a new light weight rod. I'll wrap you up one of those black holes for like $150-160. Then I could justify getting one for myself.
  9. That was an awesome time! It was great to see everybody again and meet the new people. Thanks for putting in some serious work Guy!
  10. I'll bring some doughnuts for the early people. If the fishing is good they might be a little late.
  11. I'm not sure if we have to wait for the gate to open at a certain time. Anybody know?
  12. I'm sure some people use it for quick repairs but I don't ever see it talked about seriously. UV cure epoxy could have the guide back on and ready to fish in 10-15 min. I'm generally talking about those times where somebody needs it done asap but I have a guide I did 6 months ago and it's holding up fine. Most of them yellow worse than a 2 part epoxy but but aside from that it's easy to get a quality bubble free finish.
  13. 2 weeks out. Where is the excitement? Being on the west coast it's much harder to try out different surf rods. For anybody thinking about a new rod or reel this is your best chance to try out a bunch of gear. I'll bring Lamiglas gsb's in 10',9' and 8'6". An 11' odm genesis and a century stealth s2 for anybody who would like to try one. Probably some other crap too.
  14. I threw this quite a bit today and it's my go to in general.
  15. There are some factory rods (not surf) that are being built with them now. I've got the 30's on 2 surf rods, they work great. I would say on par with a well set up concept layout. Only word of caution is to the guys using a saragosa. Mine "wobbles" like hell on the microwave guide rods.