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  1. I prefer no drag slippage so I fish a locked down drag. I back off the drag once the fish is hooked.
  2. Look up a 2 hook slider rig. Some use it for whole squid. Because it slides, the squid wont ball up and will present naturally. The rigs you have pictured will have to be carefully hooked into the baits so the bait doesn’t spin or ball up. A spinning bait in current is a disaster.
  3. Had an interesting conversation with an connected insider. Apparently, the recent vintage gulp has a different formulation than does the newer gulp (translation, the new gulp is weaker and they knew it). So, while this isn’t news, the insider info is that due to complaints and increasing competition, gulp will be returning to the older, more durable form. Don’t know when but we deserve this. It it serves as a reminder that our voices do matter, so continue to keep the manufacturers on their toes by providing useful and constructive feedback.
  4. The answer depends on what kind of rig you are using. For tap dancer, chicken rigs or hi/lo rigs, dropper loops or surgeon knots are fine. If you are dragging meat on a spoon rig or two hook slider rig, it’s better to have a 3-way or T-swivel to diminish line twist. A swivel at the connection between rig and braid is optional.
  5. There is a FB marketer that sells these rigs. Plenty of pics over there of fluke caught on their rigs.
  6. That’s helpful, thanks!
  7. For the sinker, how long do you drop it and what lb mono do you use (I assume it’s weaker than the rest of the rig)? Do you bother with the snag free sinkers?
  8. With regards to the OP’s question, does anyone have experience with either the XH or XXH trevala for this application?
  9. Amazon purchases have already been taxed except for third party sellers which are not a huge part of their business
  10. This
  11. Revo 11 and black wheeled cart sold. Thanks Tim and SOL!
  12. $1300 2013 revo 11 V2 mirage drive turbo fins installed regular fins and masts Basic fishfinder (Eagle cuda) wired in Battery and charger Dry box for battery installed hobie paddle hobie water bottle Seat with air adjust Hobie gear bucket Separate from the kayak: Uniden submersible VHF radio with charger $60 LL bean adult medium PFD $20 Dry box $10 Wheeleez cart good for sand $140 regular cart for pavement $25 Visibility pole $20