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  1. Play it Sam. If you can play it for her, you can play it for me.
  2. Little is an anarchist at heart. Be tough for him to burn down his White Mountain cave. Back to the subject. From what I can see on line. It's just a tag placed on what look to be a well fitted polo or golf shirt. I wouldn't look good in one, don't spend any time in the gym. From the looks of Pruitt, maybe he was buying them for all those security people he needs.
  3. I'm sure there are, Harf. I'm a believer in climate change. Beyond the natural balancing act. I'm not going to run around in circles, yelling the earth is warming, the earth is warming. Yep, there goes another unhinged liberal, besides it's too strenuous and doesn't accomplish anything. And as I said earlier by the time any changes become visible to the point they impact our lives. We'll all be to dead the care. Not from climate change but old age. We live in the here and now, not the future.
  4. I tend to side with bbfish and Brian, as proposed in "the post of the year", it is a conspiracy theory. Nothing wrong with that. Both sides have them. Whether it be, they want to take our guns away or climate change is a hoax to Trump wants to be president for life, like his buddies in North Korea and Russia, or climate change is real. Like religions, created by humans, they help us ground ourselves in reality as we perceive it and gives us something to fiddle with and look forward to. The greening of the Sahara is interesting. Because at the end of the last ice age when the glaciers were melting and receding the Sahara was a lush Savanna, great habitat for humans. 5 to 6 thousand years ago that changed, and the reasons are still up for debate. There's a straw for the climate changers to grasp at. The glaciers and Arctic ice packs are melting and the Sahara is greening. Going to take a long time to prove, one way or the other. If it is greening, one thing it will impact is our weather here, on the East and Gulf coasts. One of the major caps on the development of nasty hurricanes in the Atlantic is the amount of dust and dry warm air that blows into the Atlantic basin from the Sahara. That goes away who knows. I won't be around. Neither will most, if any, of you.
  5. I couldn't find any tying instructions in my Google search. A couple of hints in some posts from 2009 on some other boards. The head is coated with Shoe Goo, and in one post, the poster said he'd watched the originator, use wood dowels with slots in the bottom that fit on the hook shank to form the body shape. The artificial hair was tied on the front of the dowel, pulled back and secured at the bend of the hook. Didn't say how it was secured. The head area coated with the Shoe Goo. When the Shoe Goo dried, the hair was unsecured and the dowel removed. Sounds like a lot of work for one fly. It really does look like Bob Pop's Siliclone. Only difference I can see is it would be lighter, with a hollow body and translucent. I could think of a couple of ways to get the shape, use soft foam popper body to help shape the hair, or even a short piece of E-Z Body tubing as a mold. I would imagine silicone or one of the flexible UV resins would work as a coating.
  6. Yenta? Could have been worse. Talk about unhinged. Ya'll are acting like a bunch of liberals. The trigger is just different. All I asked was a question. Hoping maybe to get a rational answer as to why ya'll were upset. Never said anything against high capacity magazines. If you want to own them, no skin off my back.
  7. I thought it was impeaching Trump, Dena. At least no ones come back with, but..but..but the 2nd Amendment. Even if we're playing the "need game" at some point you have to rationalize why you need it, whether it be boat, car, gun or a high capacity magazine. Once upon a time you could have made the argument to protect the basic food, water and shelter. These days not so much. A lot of folks seem to be upset by the 10 round magazine capacity limit. Is it because you've been told "no you can't have one anymore" and are throwing a hissy fit or is there a rational reason beside "want" which has nothing to do with "need" Riverboat33, what pistol did you settle on? I'm in the same situation you are.
  8. Typical, Don't know the answer, ask the questioner to explain it to you. I bet you're expecting a zombie attack. If you're really good you could take out five with a 10 round mag. Double tap. One to the chest and one to the head.
  9. So why do you need a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds? Are you a competition shooter or a member of the spray and pray church?
  10. Tough choice between the first two nominees. I'll split my vote, half for each. Giuliani because people have forgotten he was once "America's Mayor" and he wants more than a lonely tombstone to remember him by. Even if he has to shill for Trump. Stormy's lawyer because behind his facade of righteous you know he's only in it for himself and the money. He's a good example of why folks might want "to kill all the lawyers"
  11. As of 2015, California economy was 13.3% of the US economy, followed by Texas with 9.5% and New York with 8.1%. In comparison with the GDPs of other countries in the world, California was 5th and Texas was 10th.
  12. You have to give credit where credit is due. He did something not done before. But if you read the joint statement it's very vague, no time line, no specifics just promises. So we'll just have to wait and see what happens. To be honest I wouldn't buy a used car off of either of them.
  13. The regressives have Twitter, Brian. Plus it's scientific. What use for science do they have. It's all "fake news".
  14. Little, did you ever read the Libertarian 2016 platform? Some interesting ideas in it? Do you support that platform?
  15. Usually he does pull stuff out of ass, but this case he may have actually googled that like I did. There are currently or will be shortly 3,000 US troops in Poland participating in a NATO exercise. It seems that the Polish government would like to see a permanent US base there, even offering to foot the bill for building it. Seems they don't trust the Russians like the Donald does. Considering Trump's love affair with Putin, I doubt he would do anything to torque off his bosom buddy.