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  1. I didn't mention them, but like Steve I always have a few small woolly buggers in my nymph box. I tie them on size 14 and 16 4 XL. Bead size, how does it look in proportion to the rest of the fly. Since I often fish them as a dropper with a larger dry or behind a larger nymph they're not heavy. A white woolly bugger variation called the White River Demon has caught me the most fish. Followed by a down sized Chili Pepper and then Olive. Haven't had much luck with black.
  2. OK. You're going to get a lot of variations on this. I'll give you the patterns I use most often. Some will carry over into fresh water Striped Bass- When I fish the salt in South Jersey. Silverside, Bay Anchovy and Peanut Bunker patterns, Crease Flies, Gurglers, a variation of the Semper Fleye and poppers. Trout- I mainly fish dry flies, the two patterns that have caught me the most trout in PA, NY(Catskills and Adirondacks), VT and Southern Ontario have been the CDC and Elk(tied with deer hair) and a midge pattern that I came up with dubbed the Wissahickon Midge I also use the Usual and a variation of Quigley's Cripple. Subsurface- Mainly Bead Head Soft Hackle PT nymphs, Green Weenie variations, flymphs and soft hackles. Largemouth/Smallmouth Bass- Like fishing for trout, I love top water. These flies have worked in PA, NY, VT and Southern and Northern Ontario. Sub-surface- The Silverside and Bay Anchovy patterns become minnow patterns, the peanut bunker become shad, and with different colors, sunfish, Calcasieu Pig Boats, and after last summer, large mop flies, 2 to 2 1/2 inches long. Top Water- Poppers, Gurglers, Sliders and Crease Flies. I also fish sliders and Crease flies on sink tip and intermediate lines and I'm working on some large floating Mop Flies for this spring and summer
  3. When I hear "slider" I usually think of a Sneaky Pete but I do fish a variation of Page's Slim Jim in fresh water. Most times I'll fish sliders on top. Normally, I'll just strip them at various speeds. Sometimes I'll pause them, if they have a round face, pop them a little. I also fish them off a sink tip on short 5 or 6 foot fluorocarbon leader. Let the line sink, to the bottom if possible, the fly will suspend. When you strip it the fly dives toward the bottom. Pause and it floats back up. I'm not sure how that would work in the salt, but it's been deadly on smallmouth.
  4. Finger nail clippers for me. Cheap easy to replace. Once in a while I'll use the larger toe nail clippers if that's what I happen to pick up.
  5. Thanks for the info MaCe1. White poppers and fluorescent yellow poppers are my best top water producers for bass and pan fish. I was working on a black nose dace pattern using Senyo Laser Dub, still needs a bit of work. Hope to have a couple done for the spring.
  6. onthefly, Lake Nockamixon's is the three guys I fish with worst nightmare. They all fish conventional tackle and can't find the big bass. The occasional large chain pickerel but no bass. Looking forward to getting out with them in the spring. I've messed with deer hair but don't tie a whole lot of it. In fact I'm going to a class next weekend on tying with deer hair taught by Jerry Coviello down in Ocean City on the 17th. I'll see what I can come up with after that. Inthewash0181 I found the article in "On The Water" but it was mainly about fishing the D&R canal. Still trying to find the article on the Princeton area. I think the river mentioned was the Millstone, along with the D&R canal and Lake Carnegie. Looks like I'm buying a Jersey fishing license this year.
  7. Depends how far north. When I think North Jersey, I think of the area I-287 goes through above I-80. Make that trip a couple of times a year on my way to Vermont during the summer. There was an article in either Eastern Fly Fishing or the New Jersey edition of "On the Water" last year about fly fishing in the Princeton area and mentioned a river that had pike in it. I set it aside, just have to remember where I put it.
  8. I'm a dry fly fisherman, as I look down my nose at those who fly fish other ways. I like to go after bass and pike with top water stuff. Poppers, sliders, gurglers, Crease flies. Crease flies and sliders I also fish off of intermediate and sinking lines. Subsurface: bait fish patterns, woolly bugger variations, calcasieu pig boats and based on last summer, large mop flies. I've always fished for bass with a 8 1/2 or 9 foot 6 wgt. Granted most of the places I fish aren't heavily weeded. The only time have a real shot at catching a pike is when I go up to Northern Ontario. The time of year I go and the lake itself, noted for its smallmouth and walleye fishing, so pike are caught but not the main target. I've caught them up to 28 inches on the 6 wgt. For around here SE PA and South Jersey a 6 wgt should handle anything you'll catch.
  9. Both. My most effective streamer is a variation of Bob Pop's Semper Fleye. My buck tail is the length of the tail feathers. I'll use 4 to 6 of those. The body is alternating wraps of long fiber estaz and spey hackle. Then I build a thread head, add eyes then use UV resin to build a bullet shaped head. All white with pearl estaz has been my most effective color. It has more movement, even when it's sinking than just buck tail. For my bait fish patterns I use artificial materials.
  10. I generally use a 9' 6 wgt I built on a Loomis blank. I have two extra spools for my Orvis mid-Arbor IV. One rigged with an intermediate line, the other rigged with a fast sink tip and WFF on the third. All the lines are 6 wgt. I'll change spools depending on the place and situation. I do fish streamers up to 7 inches using either the intermediate or sink-tip lines. The streamers are unweighted. A 6 wgt will certainly handle the majority of bass you will catch in this area. It also allows you to still have fun catching pan fish or trout.
  11. Considering the size of the stream you describe a 6 inch trout would be a trophy. What size fly were you using? I don't usually fish this time of year, too cold. Insects available to fish are limited mainly to midges if you're fishing dry flies. which need tiny hooks, size 20 to size 28 to imitate properly. If you're fishing nymphs, size 12 to size 16, woolly buggers, size 12 or 14. I imagine the fishing conditions are tight, hold the line with your hand and lift the rod to set the hook. Even though they're small fish, you still have to keep pressure on them. Give them any slack and they'll be gone.
  12. Not sure where you're located in Jersey. A couple of salt water fly fishing clubs that consider themselves, teaching clubs. The Atlantic Saltwater FlyRodders, they meet in Seaside Park, NJ. Not sure if they will have a table at the Edison show next weekend. If you're in South Jersey there's the South Jersey Coastal Fly Anglers, they meet at the Bayside Center in Ocean City. They are a member club of Fly Fishers International, formerly the Federation of Fly Fishers. They'll have a table at the Edison show next weekend. There's a chapter of Trout Unlimited that's located in Gibbsboro. The Orivs store in Marlton offers classes in both casting and tying. I think their Fly Fishing 101 and 102 classes are free. You'd have to check with them on availability and if there is any cost for those two. You might want to jump into fresh water first to get your feet wet. From experience salt water fly fishing can be frustrating when you start out even if you've been fly fishing for a couple of years.
  13. I worked for DLA(Defense Logistics Agency) when the government shut down. We were all considered essential personnel. We were a bit miffed at being furloughed as DLA does not get any funding from the general military budget. Still to stand in "solidarity" the rest of DOD, the higher ups decided to furlough us, one day a week. Half the work force on Monday, half on Friday. Why? Because the active military did not shut down. Ships deployed, planes flew, exercises went on, combat continued and somebody had to be there to handle any crisis/emergency that might have occurred. To keep the fuel, food, medical supplies, clothing and parts flowing to where they were needed. I'm retired so how they'll handle it this time I don't know. The buck stops at the President's, he turned down a bi-partisan deal, and like Pilate he'll try and wash his hands of it.
  14. Possibly, but you can say the same for "College Fix" and the Washington Examiner. If that's one of their "definitions" why wouldn't it be on the web site which is cited by the Examiner.
  15. Since my nephew graduated from Williams I figured I'd check it out. The first thing I noticed is that all the reports come from right wing/ conservative web sites. Of course we all know the only "real" news comes from these sites. Then I checked out the the "document" cited by the Washington Examiner. Went to the college web site. For some reason I couldn't find it there. I did find this in the Williams College Annual Security and Fire Safety Report 2017-2018 "What is a bias incident? A bias incident is an action that violates college policy and is motivated, in whole or in part, by the perpetrator’s animus against an individual or group based on perceived or actual personal characteristics, such as race, religion, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability. Examples of bias incidents include harassment, intimidating or threatening comments or messages, vandalism of personal or college property, and defacing posters or signs. Bias incidents affect not only the individual victim or target of a specific action, but often make an entire group or community feel vulnerable, unsafe and unwelcome. This is unacceptable at Williams and will be treated as a serious offense that could result in separation from the College. Some bias incidents are also criminal acts under Massachusetts law, in which case they are also hate crimes." The "snow flake" definition always amuses. Now ya'll got your panties in a wad over something like "pink and blue" Blinded by the Tiki torches again.