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  1. Another great testament to the caliber of SOL folks. PM'd with Africaster and he wouldn't even accept a token gift of appreciation, asking instead that I give a plug to a kid at some point. WILL DO!
  2. PM sent. Thanks!
  3. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!
  4. LOVE those trollers, LR!! The eyes look perfect on them.
  5. Wow. THANK YOU!! Where do you fish, Africaster?
  6. Nope. Two separate menu items.
  7. Need a waterproof case for use while fishing, plus an everyday protective case and screen protectors. Will buy outright and/or trade plugs (I have tons of them, plus tins, plus BTs, plus eels, yadda yadda). Looking for local (Cape to Providence to S. Shore or so) only. TIA for your help!
  8. H3ll no! No apologies needed. I've earned it!!!
  9. I'm hunting for roadkill now.
  10. Cal, I'm not sure that you know me well enough for a comment like that. But, I DO have a history, which I own up to, so its all good, mate!!
  11. That's the date, mate. Be there or be, well, you know.
  12. Chuck, NP my friend. Well-deserved on my part, as history has shown. But I have a new plan...
  13. We will keep an eye out for ya. Just to help, of course.
  14. Cal, I've no data to indicate that they can see as well in air as they can in water (its probably out there, either substantiating or debunking that notion, but I haven't looked for it). I will, however, say from personal experience that there's a good reason for the "D" in YEDs. I rarely anthropomorphize, but in the case of YEDs, I make an exception. They are indeed demonic. "Hey, no problem, don't need your gripper, Phil. I got this." 30 seconds later: "Owwwwwww!! G0DDAMN sunnofabeetch just bit me, and my hands weren't even that close to his mouth!!" "Yah, I could tell by your blood on the rocks, mate." D is for DEMONIC!
  15. zak, +1. Bleed it then ice it.