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  1. From where did you swipe that pic of my '88 3.2L??????
  2. Prior to the enactment of the Marine Mammal Protection Act in 1972, who harvested seals? Was there any commercial harvest?
  3. Great to hear about that garage sale, CG! No garage sale finds for me this season. However, some good mates (fellow Ditch Trolls) have been kind enough to share some pretty cool tins with me. I'll sort them out and post some pics. While reading your post about those Wounded Swimmers, I realized that I have LOTS of AVAs in various sizes (I know, not as cool at the WSs!) so I decided to hit some of the 47s with chartreuse rattle can paint before my next trip to the ditch.
  4. Title pretty much says it all. Bought a few spools two years ago and do not need this one. Stored in a dark cabinet and dry environment since then. Color is "Low-Viz Green". $25 cash and local pickup. Add $3.75 for immediate PP with USPS First Class shipping w/tracking number.
  5. Such a great writer. One need read no further than: "It was a night where dues were due." The best writing (IMHO) is expressed when no fewer words will suffice to conjure the author's image, and more words would only blur that image.
  6. Have any of you *ever* seen a cruiser on the service roads?
  7. I've no idea what the Bluebird is, but I think I'd like it.
  8. If that is indeed that case, then he should have a public urination pass (available at BPD and SPD).
  10. That's why it is called "breaking" news. Early reports cannot have ALL of the information in their rush to publish, so it evolves.
  11. Finally, some positive news about the EPOs! Thanks for sharing that.
  12. Kind of you to offer, but its all yours mate.
  13. There's no second "split" (ring), usually. Attach cut hook directly to swivel.
  14. I'd love to see those rods, Saxon!