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  1. The red eyes sink more quickly than the silver eyes. Both styles of AH needles are often commented upon as being needles that one can cast, let sink to desired depth, and they will remain essentially at that depth upon retrieve, which is one of the reasons that they are so popular. (As with any plug, some angler smarts are required; i.e., fast retrieve/heavy current brings any needle closer to the surface, while a (very or moderately) slow retrieve allows it to either maintain depth or even sink a bit more.)
  2. Any other votes for 0700 start time?
  3. Rigged with a skin, that would be almost illegal in the boulder fields!
  4. All are 8" long and in excellent condition. Looks like they have been stored, one might have been carried, but none have ever seen the salt, given that the hardware has no oxidation at all. Black over gray red-eye. 2.5 oz. New VMC 3/0 4x trebles on new Wolverine split rings. (I'm guessing that that is how Don makes them, since I have not re-rigged any of these.) You'll have to look VERY closely to find the one pointer. All black w/red microflake silver eye. 2.1 oz. Same hooks and rings as above. 3 small pointers just aft of the R eye, about a 3/16" diameter scuff/group of pointers just aft of L eye (which suggests to me that this one was carried). White red-eye. 2.4 oz. A little lighter than the top red-eye, because it has no hooks, just new Wolverine split rings. 3 small pointers on the right side, going aft of the belly hook, plus 1 small pointer on the bottom, about 1 1/2" aft of the belly hook. $62, immediate PP. Will ship USPS First Class shipping with tracking within one business day of payment receipt. Not splitting, so please save us both the time, ok?
  5. Sweet skin! Yours?
  6. Many thanks for your insights, CK!
  7. Clint, are you referring to their green eyes?
  8. I have (well, had, until yesterday, when I sold a few) 50+ needles, including SSs. The only SS needle that I use a lot is a green mack pattern with a black tail, and I plan to use a new SS green translucent a lot this season as well (Merci, Seb!). Choopy makes a great lineup of needles, from short to long, with various sink rates (go to choopy dot com and look down the right side of the page for the blogs on needles, where you will find their sink test). I'm a huge fan of choopy needles (and their darters as well). Nicely built, reasonably priced, and the onse that I've used a lot have stood up just fine. (USPS just delivered two packages of plugs to me today, one of which contained a choopy needle.) AH makes some pretty killer needles as well. Don's finishes look just bombproof! They have sliver eye and red eye versions, with the reds being heavier/faster sinking. I'm sure that our bud Mike will chime in, because AH plugs are his faves. For a KILLER lineup of needles, its hard to beat BM. From large (like 3 oz Wadds and Gibbs on Steroids) to their "2 1/2 oz" to Minis and Blasts, they have the size aspect covered. I tend to fish their sinking needles, especially the Blasts (heck even I can cast them into a hurricane!) but their Gibbs on Steroids is a very slow sinker, at about 45* relative to the water's surface. Work Horse Lures used to make some nice needles, including a 7" long or so thick needle that floats but sits at about 45*. Their stubby is around 4" long and floats flat on the surface. If you can find them, LIFISHINVT used to make my fave needles. Thicker on the ends than the BMs or the SSs or the Choopies, so I fish them like anything from a needle to a pencil to a spook, depending on how they're weighted. Other builders to research might include Habs (both Sr. and Jr.) and Gibbs. Don't let anyone BS you that "All needles sink". Yes, most of them sink (some like stones), but not all. Most of us fish needles in light to moderate sweeps/currents, so many of the slow-sinking needles will often be riding up near the top of the water of the water column once you close your bail or begin even a very slow retrieve. One of the BM Blast needles I recently acquired had had surgery done on it by the prior owner to remove the tail weight that's around the through wire. That took the weight down from 2.3 oz to about 1.8 oz or so, which was done to enable him to more easily fish boulder fields without hanging up. HTH
  9. Too late. I had to go to Mass General's burn unit.
  10. +1!!!
  11. I'm not sure how the "covering fees" works, but I think we can work it out. SOLD pending discussion/payment. I'll PM you shortly.
  12. PM sent. Thanks again, Bubs.
  13. New Slopehead Conrad, typical BM blemishes, yellow/silver/pearl. Pics don't do it justice. (BTW, there's no pink on that plug, its just a result of the lighting.)