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  1. I can do that. Sold pending payment and exchange. Thanks SOL.
  2. $37.46 is the cheapest shipping available. So how about $310 shipped? It'll be in a pvc tube so it will definitely make it there unharmed
  3. Still interested? I might be able to ship. Let me know what zip code so I can get an exact price.
  4. Last price drop. $300 cash meetup
  5. I'm going to make the prediction now that at the price point of this reel and with the extreme longevity and durability that Alan hawk predicted... This reel is going to be the next big thing at the CCC. Simple design, easy to self service, fantastic customer support... Stella and saltiga better watch out.
  6. I have only been fishing hard for the past 5 years so I can't comment on 10 years ago, but most of the guys I fish with have plenty to say about how garbage the cast-to-catch ratio has become. I do remember lots of trips on my uncle's boat back 12-15 years ago when I was a kid and we could almost always catch big 8-12lb bluefish here on the northshore of MA without even looking for them. I don't think I've caught a bluefish or even heard of one being caught from shore in this area in at least 7-8 years. And it's no secret that the huge stock of bunker/pogies that used to flood Boston harbor has all but disappeared which is probably why the blues don't show up any more. From what I've read, not only have the big striped bass schools declined but so have the enormous schools of particular baitfish that they usually devour. Herring, sandeels, and bunker are rare finds up here now and I've heard from several contacts in Long island and from John Skinner that the legendary sandeel and whitebait runs of yesteryear haven't occurred in a long time. It's all connected, it's not just the bass stocks that are down, everything is down. Too many commercial fleets, too many party boats, too many private charter boats, too many recreational fisherman, too many illegal immigrants culling fish of all species that aren't even half of the legal keeping size by the hundreds (follow the coastal states EPA reports and you'll see huge busts almost every other day) and also, with the introduction of the internet, it's now too easy for rookie fisherman and/or weekend bait soakers to very quickly learn the good tactics and hot spots. What used to take years to learn on one's own can now be learned by spending a weekend reading through the SOL threads. With all of that added together, the fish don't stand a chance.
  7. Usually I would 100% agree with this tactic but if the main shaft isnt as strong as it should be... Repeated use at the canal, which is a punishing place, will leave the OP with two BGs that have bent shafts and no way to replace either of them.
  8. Unfortunately I've tried that before at all my local shipping centers with no such luck
  9. C'mon guys let's get this beauty a home. $315 cash meet up anywhere in MA, RI or CT
  10. Just picked this up off the bst but it's a little smaller than I was hoping for. Looking to use it for jigging the canal. Don't care if the 7 is black or gold and don't care about bailed or bailless. Can do a straight up trade if the 7 you're offering is a little beat up or I can do the 5 plus cash if your reel is in very good condition The 5 I'm offering is practically spotless
  11. Willing to negotiate price or do some cash + plugs types of trades.
  12. Price drop $340
  13. That's a good price. If I didn't literally just order one from my local BT shop I would've taken you up on it. This will definotely sell