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  1. If you don't get rid of the torque within the next few weeks.. keep me in mind. Have a bonus coming up and would scoop that up but don't have the $$ just yet. Otherwise GLWS
  2. I don't know why so many people are hating on the cosmetics of the reel... Scratches on the handle and body from being laid on a rock to unhook a fish don't mean the internals aren't in top shape. No offense to the others but if you're reel DOESNT look like this after a few seasons, then you don't fish as often or as hard as you claim you do. Simple fact: land-based striper fishing doesn't let gear stay pretty for long. But that has nothing to do with how well it works
  3. There used to be hundreds of threads on exactly that method of attachment but I know when TimS gave the site an updated look that a lot of the old threads got lost, And since it was such a talked-about topic, maybe that's why there haven't been any threads about it in the last few years. Well anyway, I assure you this works. And if you're looking for a backup light that you will NEVER have to replace... Get the Princeton tec Genesis. It's expensive but I've had mine for 4 years now and it still operates like brand new.. it's probably the only piece of equipment outside of my rod and reel that has lasted that long, plus it has 3 different light modes: dim for retying and changing plugs, bright (and I mean bright!) for navigation, and S.O.S pattern for emergencies. It's a little too bright for constant use but it gets the job done when your main light stops working or goes dead. IMO, a backup light should be more about reliability than optimal lighting, and that's the only reason I was willing to spend $120 on it, because I know when all else fails that it will NOT let me down, and could potentially save my life.
  4. That's great news! I will most likely be building on a 7 foot rod and put it on an adjustable butt so that I can use it for both railing or standup in a harness depending on where I'm fishing. Thanks Kil. Have a good trip!
  5. These comments literally had me in tears for a good fifteen minutes Absolutely hilarious thread.
  6. I don't mean to offend anyone but hasn't this approach to using a light while fishing been around for like 3 decades? I can't remember the last time I didn't see someone that takes night fishing seriously not have a backup flashlight around their neck...
  7. Catch em up Kil! Oh and by the way, I was researching the other day for modern rods that are safe to use on the rail.. I came across an article about you testing a prototype Giant rod for rail. The thread was from 2016. Did you ever have success in your tests?
  8. The GC regular surf top (not the Montauk top) is the best top I've ever owned. It's the one that's Navy blue and black and has a latex wrist gasket. I can go into further detail if you want, let me know.
  9. If the pliers are still brand new in the package, I would say it's safe to assume that they have not yet been bent out of alignment....
  10. Well, at least those are only a 3 hour flight away. Beats having to switch continents
  11. Lol. I would kill to have something like a GT or jewfish be bycatch in Northeast waters
  12. From shore: 1.) GT 2.) Tarpon 3.) Rooster From boat: 1.) Any of the large billfish 2.) Giant BFT 3.) Mako
  13. GSB and Surf & Jetty are the same thing. GSB is the series of blanks. surf & jetty was a factory rod built on a GSB blank.
  14. Awesome tips guys. Thanks. Planning to hit turtle Beach, and booked a day with playin Hooky. Seems like a great captain!