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  1. The GC regular surf top (not the Montauk top) is the best top I've ever owned. It's the one that's Navy blue and black and has a latex wrist gasket. I can go into further detail if you want, let me know.
  2. If the pliers are still brand new in the package, I would say it's safe to assume that they have not yet been bent out of alignment....
  3. Well, at least those are only a 3 hour flight away. Beats having to switch continents
  4. Lol. I would kill to have something like a GT or jewfish be bycatch in Northeast waters
  5. From shore: 1.) GT 2.) Tarpon 3.) Rooster From boat: 1.) Any of the large billfish 2.) Giant BFT 3.) Mako
  6. GSB and Surf & Jetty are the same thing. GSB is the series of blanks. surf & jetty was a factory rod built on a GSB blank.
  7. Awesome tips guys. Thanks. Planning to hit turtle Beach, and booked a day with playin Hooky. Seems like a great captain!
  8. Started to write the reasons why but it would've gotten out of control.. let's keep it short and sweet, it's not possible.
  9. $$ received. Thanks SOL
  10. Yes I can do that. Pm on the way. Sold pending payment.
  11. This was given to me by a customer who's home I recently painted. She said it was her husband's. Doesn't appear to ever have been used. Comes with original box, original paperwork, original tools, original reel grease, original dacron line, and original line splicing kit . No corrosion, no signs of any use whatsoever. PayPal of Shipped or cash meetup near Boston. Asking $110 shipped or $90 picked up Offers welcomed
  12. I've never used one but it looks quite a bit like a sebile stick shadd. If its anything like a stick shadd, there is no right or wrong way to retrieve it.. it works with any retrieve. Steady retrieve gives a wide "s" shaped swimming pattern, steady twitches give an under-water walk the dog action, fast twitches give an erratic random darting action, etc.
  13. There were several points in this thread that literally had me rolling on the floor. Bravo guys. Bravo. This site never disappoints.
  14. I know you can get them direct from the manufacturer, and there are a few rod builders that I know of that carry them in stock. Lou Caruso (redhawk19 here on the forum) and CMS Tackle in New Bedford, MA are the two that I know carry the blanks in stock. I'm sure there are more too.
  15. The top line is a normal lure trajectory.. The bottom line is what happens to a super lightweight lure that gets casted too hard and then catches the wind.