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  1. All of this talk about the fish being in is driving me crazy!!!! I wish I was around this weekend but heading up to Belfast area for the camping. Maybe tonight? Anyone around in the Wells area want to meet up?
  2. Well.... technically the post isn't a lie! And given this information, it backs it up. But yes... Major Troll!!!!
  3. Nevermind, I think I found it!
  4. What posting?
  5. I could not pull myself to purchase the nearly $50 ten day non-resident license. That is pretty much double of where I have been for work where I have fished. Knowing how to fish the surf I saw so many possibilities and it drove me nuts. Maybe next time...
  6. Well thank you all for the posts and suggestions. I am back on the right coast and happy to be home. I did happen to catch one fish which was a barred sand bass but that was pretty much it. I tried Manhattan, Hermosa (where I caught the bass), and Redondo piers. I also looked into a boat trip out of Redondo but that was about $80.... NOPE!!! I have to say I got a little discouraged as my sibiki rigs where a size too big to catch any bait fish, mack's, smelts, sardines, etc... and didn't the have the rigs for bottom fishing. Live and learn I guess. and then there was this guy... Other "people" started to feed him and well you know the rest...
  7. Roccus7... I completely understand that the amount of personal "feelings" can be attached to a question of this nature. I ask only to get a guidance. When I read your post the one thing that I can gather is that all of you rods are 7'ers. I can start there...
  8. I have a question for all you avid fishermen! The basic setup I have now is a Penn Prevail 10' MH 15-30LW 1-5oz with a Penn Pursuit II 5000. I mainly use it for bait fishing on the shores of southern ME but I am looking for something that I can plug with. The vast majority of my plugs are SP Minnows with a few oddball plugs. What you guys suggest for a good plugging setup for area we all typically fish? I will say that I am a St. Criox fan but any suggestion will be looked into thoroughly! Thanks!!!!
  9. Thanks Linesidesslayer! I think I may stay on the piers as $50 is a little rish for a 10 day.
  10. Repair work at LAX until the 16th. But at least I be able to do some fishing on the left coast.
  11. pshhh.... what does this guy know?!?!?!
  12. Linesideslayer, I found a list that show the piers and what people typically catch and it seems like the Redondo and Venice piers might be where I will be going. And unfortunately, I have my 10' heaver and my ultra light trout rod and nothing in between. Probably will bring the 10'.