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  1. I got talked into fishing fluke til ya puke. Never fished it before but I figure why not. Just doing it for fun, no chance of winning. Only been out twice this year, got 2 5s and a six, but that won't even come close to a money fish. RISAA special fluke tourney starts tomorrow too and runs for 2 weeks. Not sure if anyone actually fishes that though. I'd do a for fun SOL tourney if I already planned to be out, why not.
  2. Chelsea Handler. Please.
  3. Can someone explain this fluke fling? What are the rules? I just got talked into fishing the fluke til ya puke thing. Why not an SOL tournament too?
  4. I wonder if a spent .22 casing would do to remove a core? I'll have to try it when I find one. Gotta have one sitting around somewhere.
  5. Mel Gibson
  6. There was a thread on here I read a while back where people not only cut the slug go back, but took a core out of the center so the jig collar wouldn't split the plastic and then glue the bait to the jig. Anyone try that?
  7. I have trouble using bts with ta clips. Wire diameter is too large. I have had better luck with other brands. Same for swim bait hooks. Of course as soon as I got a decent hit the other night my knot failed. The last time that happened to me that I can remember was on a tiderunner in the 80s.
  8. seaweed snags

    Switched to a slug go last night because I was picking up lots of weed on my BT. It worked. Weeds weren't too bad tho, I was also able to catch on an SP minnow too until it got to the shallow part of the retrieve if it didn't get hit.
  9. This is what I've been using to tie BT's. It's a mini bench vice i found at a flea market years ago. I mounted it to a piece of scrap wood and use my regular bench vice to hold the wood. Works well enough.
  10. Fever
  11. I use the medium sized TA clips (75 lbs?) They're great but I find them difficult to use with bucktails, worm /swimbait hooks, and some plugs with concave heads. The wire diameter is too large for some small lures, not sure about the smaller size.
  12. Went fluking today. Too bad sea bass season is closed here. Got some good ones.
  13. Bass pro too
  14. Glad I just run the Sierra after reading this. Just changed mine, got one in my Amazon cart for an $8 spare.
  15. What contest in hell did I win?