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  1. Marlin Model 60s shoot great right out of the box. That microgrooved barrel is awesome. An aftermarket trigger or M-Carbo spring kit makes them even better.
  2. Thank you Tim S and SOL
  3. Is this stuff any good? Was looking for Spiderwire Stealth at Wally World but they didn't have the size i was looking for. They did have power pro which I was about to pick up instead, but this EZ Braid stuff was about $8 cheaper for a 300 yd spool. On impulse i picked up some in 20 and 30 lbs, but I'm thinklng ok my now maybe there's a reason it was cheaper and maybe I should return it and get the PP. Not finding much info on it. Is it decent line or junk?
  4. That's not hunting. Probably not legal either.
  5. Ive used the FG knot, it works well. Problem is tying one in the field. Guess I'm just not practiced enough to tie one quick enough. I use Spro swivels. I try to never reel them thru guides, but it happens, especially at night in the dark. I make sure I use a size small enough that can fit through the tip and I never cast them through the tip.
  6. I just picked up a 7.5' Star Stellar Lite rod and A 4000 size BG. Its rated for lures from 1/4-3/4 oz. Planning to use it for schoolies in the back bay and albies from the boat. I may try fluking from the beach with it too.
  7. I've heard his book The Art of Surfcasting With Lures was a good read so I picked one up at the RI show on Saturday. I was talking to a friend i was with who also bought a copy a couple aisles down and ran into Z. I said hi and mentioned i had just bought his book, he asks if I want it signed. Good guy.
  8. Picked up a nice acid wrapped jigging world rod and a Komodo 364, and another star stellar lite with a 4000 BG for albies and other light tackle boat and back bay duty. Deals were decent, not great.
  9. I need to get a tier 2 Brimstone job. I picked up a 16" Fedderson fluted bull barrel and a Titan stock for my first 10/22. It's a work in progress.
  10. Love my 22/45. Got a bull barrel with removable grips, don't remember the model number. That thing shoots lights out and eats any crap .22 ammo i feed it.
  11. This is an old thread. I didn't get much of a response here so I posted in the main forum as well. I ended up with a 7 ft star stellar lite rod rated for 12-25 pound line and 1/2 to 2 1/2 oz. It's nice for live pogies and heavy plugs but a bit heavy for smaller plugs and eels. I may pick up something a bit lighter for this season. There's a lighter version of the same rod that may work well for me.
  12. Very unfortunate that I just had a sip of coffee when I saw this...
  13. Gonna hit it Saturday.
  14. Seresto to collars work great. I'll have to pick up a couple early this year. As soon as it hits 40 degrees those buggers are active. I used to hunt deer on a small farm in CT. The place was loaded with turkeys. The land owner wouldn't let me hunt turkeys through because he insisted they keep the tick population down.
  15. Should be making trailers with mollyhide.