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  1. I guess they’ve filled in from like NH all the way to CT Will be a good fall in New England with much bait around.....hopefully
  2. His pieces are works of art man. Sure he made some simple fish catching lures but some of the plugs he made are absolutely amazing. I wouldn’t pay the $5-700 but he is an amazing artist
  3. im going to pass. my original offer stands. thanks
  4. high value because people think they look cool and there are very few out there. just like dmag, luna, tb etc. mot get put into collections. not fished. all these plugs direct from the builder cost about a 1/4 or less of what they resell for
  5. non that are new
  6. with the reports of good bait and this weather i bet if you put some time in bones/albies are showing up at their usual early spots....
  7. I may grab some tomorrow. I’ll let ya know if I do. Depends on how little work I have lined up
  8. I’d take the 3/4 and 1oz
  9. Sold recently. Can’t believe I missed it. I have all the other ones they collabed on but this one. Here’s a pic of the plug I’m looking for.
  10. Not looking for specific names. Looking to spend like 40 bucks used is fine. Just looking for jigs/tins between .5 and 1ish oz
  11. Price drop-$100
  12. Goodman was sold to me as thrown but looks damn close to mint. Ppw has been thrown but is near new. McFadden and sudsrat look new. Asking $110 shipped. PayPal only. Thanks!
  13. Pm coming.
  14. Some used some new. Asking $75 shipped. PayPal only.
  15. Have found some cleaner water further west....just not many fish