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  1. What’s the moon phase for either week?
  2. The security at The road to the lighthouse is paid for by the watch hill lighthouse commission or some **** like that. Its all to control that lot from not turning into daylong beach parking.
  3. $30?
  4. Is that bottom one the last collab Ryan did? If so I’ll take it. I know it was a special run he’d did a year or two ago checked his fb. It is. I’ll take it
  5. Bump. Open to many companies and used is alright as well!
  6. I’ll take the single tube
  7. All new except bm and rm. both have slight oxidation but no damage to the bodies. Looking for pretty much any 3 tube I can wear on my belt while wetsuiting. Thanks!
  8. Not sure whats harder to find...a DEEP officer or cow bass
  9. Saw a pic maybe two years ago of a good size weakfish caught from a popular SW RI spot. Its the only one ive ever seen or heard of being caught down this way since i moved here five years ago
  10. Anything else you’d want? Have a white large wadd
  11. Pm sent
  12. $42 for RM Smith and BM
  13. $55?
  14. $30 shipped
  15. Would rather sell the pair.