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  1. Looking for old ss plastic stuff. Green eye needles, weird color darters, campo stuff etc. condition isn’t super important but prefer not super beat up stuff rv has a few pointers bomber has some scuffs fb special needle is new green eye bullet is in good shape but with a bit of oxidation
  2. caught my first ever needlefish fish there on a floating needle. dont fish anything that dives there haha
  3. Would you split the darter and the tan bottle?
  4. I’ll take em i tried haha
  5. how much for the eel skin lil guy and 6" danny?
  6. Man I used to shop there in highschool and swing by every now and then to say hi and see what theyve got now. this is too sad!
  7. hammered fish in the spring for the entire month of may. left on vacation came back a week later and it had slowed down through early june. fall was banner fishing....for small fish. found blitzes of schoolies almost every time i went out with one morning being better sized fish 24"-36" no huge fish for me this year but plenty 38"-42" here and there if i looked hard and spent time in the water. all fish for me were from shore. im realizing patterns are changing and if youre not changing with them youll have a bad season. throw lures youve never thrown before and fish spots youve never fished before . also fish spots during times you typically wouldnt. i found some of my best fish this year when i was the only person fishing the spots i was at because throughout history it has been a "bad time to go"
  8. Any and all combinations with pink. Thanks!
  9. it looks like a campo ss to me. very good find
  10. Haven't heard back from ya. Still interested?
  11. Rm smith and tm surfster left. Take both for $45
  12. Unfortunately that's really the only one in firm on the price
  13. Still available. Pm coming
  14. Both new $50 shipped
  15. In the spirit of thanksgiving sure!