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  1. Lot 1 please
  2. All plugs are mint except the two bottles on right. All bottles have no rattles. Blue bullet and bottom two 7” needles have nose paint. Looking for ah darters, Small Danny’s, jr trollers or pikies, jrs, 2-2.5 oz needles, eel skin plugs bm jrs, 6” Danny’s, darters tattoo darters
  3. I’ll take this
  4. I’m going to hold off. These are getting harder and harder to find which is why I value them they way I do. I fish some of these myself so it’s tough to let go of them
  5. black bullet, trans green and grey mack 7"-$35 other 2 bullets-$45 all 7" except he green mack- $50 the green mack is mint and is $75 or take all 9 (i did not include the red or green in package)for $360 check/MO $375 paypal
  6. I also have this one as well(bottom right). Are you asking for a price on all or each by each?
  7. Pm coming
  8. Here’s a few for ya. Mack and trans green 7” as well as blac bullet have some use. The rest are new. Blue bullet and yellow needle have nose paint
  9. Definitely!
  10. How much Marc?
  11. I’d love to take a look!
  12. I’ll take this
  13. Bump
  14. I’ll take it
  15. Offer retracted