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  1. There’s a few sitings in southern Rhode Island the state will deny but I know a few of the people who reported them and they’re no jamokes. Plus didn’t VT DEM admit to releasing a few back in the 90’s? And a horse got mauled up in Petersham area a few years ago. Too much evidence of them being around to not at least think there’s a chance there’s a few running around in New England
  2. 1201L for sure. Had a torque 5 on mine. Got a vs200 and it immediately felt better. Is a great all around combo.
  3. Grs

    I’ll take em for $26.....
  4. ive got a parrot 21/2 oz bullet in package $23 shipped
  5. sorry i didnt reply sooner. thanks for the offer. if you ever do want to let them go, feel free to reach out again!
  6. Blurple please
  7. I was at my fiances parents house. she has a younger brother and i hopped on to check the BST he loudly exclaimed "strippers online!!...Classy" her parents were not super pleased until they realized what website i actually was on. this happened years ago, still to this day my fiance and i refer to this as strippers online
  8. Looks like it might be. On plugs that are similar colors to stock colors the only way to tell for sure is the swivel. Larger swivels(in some cases) identify campo plugs. SS did use larger swivels at certain points throughout history so it’s not a guarantee but yours looks like it may be. I’m not 100% positive though
  9. He ordered a lot of special colors as well as larger swivels on plugs. He’s credited with a lot of the color combos used today and was a pioneer of the sport.
  10. How much for the pair?
  11. Pm coming
  12. I’d rather keep it to be honest. He doesn’t do too many of these and the color is pretty neat. Has a marbled finish to it. Plus it’s mint. Couldn’t get one from him for that price
  13. 3oz and 7”
  14. Pm coming
  15. $30