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  1. And most of the 2 piece modern sticks, even 50/50 feel just like a 1 with .1 or .2 oz added for the ferrule. The days of fiberglass and 1 piece rods are dated for sure. Look at top manufacturers all putting together 2 piece: century, odm, black hole, FSC, etc.
  2. Why not just buy a 2 piece surf rod from ODM, Black Hole, Century, Star, TFO, etc.? They will ship it down for nothing sometimes and then you can transport it whenever you want.
  3. Closing this down and returning it. You can probably order this one from J&H in a week. So surprised this didn't move here. I absolutely love my other one.
  4. Shipping is $20 with insurance, so that won't work as I will be taking a loss. With paypal and shipping, the total is $35 of fees. So 489+35= $524 minimum. If you can come up to that, then deal. If not, I am going to close this down and return it today.
  5. They are rounded bullets sold at canal and red top for $1-2 each.
  6. $489 picked up plus trade me any plug of your choice. Must be picked up in Cambridge at some point in the next week.
  7. They are actually a little firmer, which helps them stay on the hook after a few fish. The consistency of the plastic is just better IMO.
  8. One for each arm, one lefty and one righty reel, then rig the handles together with PVC. Hook the whole thing up to a pedal from a sewing machine and you can double your catch rate and get a full body workout.
  9. You might want to try contacting a freight company. USPS and UPS will likely put it over $80 to ship something that long.
  10. No thanks. Great reel, but a little bigger than what I need.
  11. Let's make this a holiday miracle. $530 shipped (to cover my paypal fees of $15 and shipping costs of $20) or $500 picked up. Just rather get it to someone here than return it back to J&H and then have to pay return shipping.
  12. Oh I mistyped before, these are Hurleys. So much better than the Savages IMO, as they last a lot longer.
  13. I forgot to add my ideal jig types: When the fish are active, I use bullet heads and paddle tails (Savage, Gaggs, or Baggs) When the fish are less active, I find a sluggo or bucktail and sluggo much more effective As someone mentioned, I think you want to imitate crabs, lobsters, or blackfish/porgys during these periods Last season I put ~100 fish on these jigs, often times burning them in during the day 10 ft below the surface. We had a few days where 2-3 of us outfished the entire stretch by 10x using this method and it yielded a few larger fish 10lbs heavier than the bulk.
  14. No trades. Dropping this to 560 shipped. Also opening it up to local pickup at 530.