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  1. Still around. The xd is supposed to be a freshwater model even though it has labyrinth seals.
  2. Bought it on sol for 330 new. Put probably 400 bass on it from 8" to 40". Held up great except the handle bearing needed to be replaced at the end of the year. $5 to fix and it's as smooth as day one. Very good reel for the money. To be clear, this is the sw. The new xd is total junk. On paper it should be perfect. In reality it binds up with even a schoolie. No idea how that guy landed a gt in the promo video.
  3. I like lighter combos. Put plenty of good fish on my 4000 twinpower with the 9' last year. This vr50 is lighter and more capable than the shimano so it should be fine.
  4. This is a great idea.
  5. Pairing mine with a 9 ft Genesis next year as my primary combo. Put two legal fish on it in December. Very capable reel. Craig put a 48lb bass on it while testing and a 100 lb tarpon.
  6. Just make sure it looks clean and new. That was my problem. God forbid you should ever use them!
  7. Be prepared to be treated like crap. I felt better the last time I fished shoulder to shoulder in the canal
  8. My advice would be to go to the flagship store. Heard good stories about them lately. I would avoid Burlington, MA as they were pretty awful and wouldn't help one bit. They are supposed to honor the 100% satisfaction guarantee for any older purchases, but if they think its pretty worn, they will tell you to get lost. This is after going to the store, emailing the ceo, calling customer service, and then waiting to hear back. As you can see, they basically told me to take a hike. One of the reasons I am going to take back everything I own to LLBean and take my business elsewhere. ------------------ We do stand behind our products, however, there are circumstances when we would not accept a return, such as if there is no proof of purchase or if the item is not covered by our guarantee due to one of the special conditions outlined at www.llbean.com/guarantee. Excessive wear is defined as significant wear that you wouldn't usually see in the course of using the product. If you'd like to discuss your situation further, please call us at 800-341-4341. I am sorry your experience at Burlington was less than satisfactory. We are one company, and our retail experts can better assess a product in hand than we are able to assess without seeing it firsthand. Please feel free to call us at the above number if you wish to discuss this further. We appreciate you reaching out to us for further consideration, and we look forward to hearing from you again soon. Sincerely, Marie L.L.Bean Customer Service 800-441-5713 llbean.com
  9. Sure that sounds good. Let's pm.
  10. What's the skid stick weight and length?
  11. What do you have for spooks or waverers?
  12. Cowboys, surfsters, or interesting metal lips.
  13. Yes, except for that fun "Excessive Wear" limitation. Any employee could just say, yep that looks pretty worn, and you are out of luck. That was my experience in Burlington, MA last weekend.
  14. What about $100 and trade for something worth $10.