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  1. What is the split on the paraflex? I had one that was 70/30, but from the photos, it looks like the ferrule is much higher on the bigger ones:
  2. I like to cover all water but could prob catch 98% of the fish on jigs and sluggos. My bag looks like this (from deep to surface): Jigs in 2-5oz (sluggos on some, paddles on others) Bucktails in 2-6oz (felt or jigstrips are fine) Sebile (one black, one white or green) Minnow plugs (one black, one white or green) SS Popper (green) Big spook (white) Pencils (one small, one big - I don't care about color) Other plugs that are fun to use but aren't necessary for me are dannys, darters, and bottle darters.
  3. A few good ideas to solve this that I have heard/seen work wonders: Blow up dolls dressed as anglers set up downstream from you (urban legend, never saw this happen) A few extra rods or sticks in the riprap with red head lamps on at night (done this) Cast a backup rod with crappy line down stream with a bobber and an old treble. It will most certainly get tangled with them and if you don't say anything at night, they will have no clue whose line it is. Then you are free to fish for 20-30 minutes while they sort it out at night. My dad ended up all tangled up last year with a few guys at night who wanted to throw minnows when everyone was jigging. They got so tangled up with each other and with my dad that I just cut his line 5ft from them and retied while they spent 20-30 minutes trying to undo the mess. I do wonder how anyone sees the full tide cranking, you drifting a jig and thinks of 10 ft to the right looks perfect. But then again, guys will drive 1, 2, 5+ hours away to get the canal and then they won't walk more than 50ft from the lot.
  4. Cant post links but most online shops give you 10% when you sign up.
  5. The S7 is rated 1-4, but it can throw a heck of a lot more than that. I would say it is more accurately rated 3-6 or heavier. However, the action is pretty fast and wouldn't be that great for big wood. Why not think about something with a more moderate action like a GSB? That should keep the big trollers from tumbling on cast.
  6. Preordered mine last summer and got it in November. I was first in line at two shops. Not exactly dump luck
  7. How low would you go for the combo? I'd offer 750 for the reel and rod.
  8. Oh 100%. Each vs or vsx is different but they are tight. The sealing makes that the case. They aren't made for feel or finesse. They are made for heavy surf and bigger plugs. If you don't swim with it then it's worth thinking about other reels. Spin a bg or stradic and then spin a vsx and you will be shocked. You get used to it I suppose.
  9. Yeah I have. Went from that to a vr150 and now with swimming to spots I need something a little tougher again. What's the question?
  10. Totally understandable but they can be had with 10-15% off right now with no tax and free shipping. That puts them at 730-100=660 new. Looking to spend less on a used reel even if hardly used.
  11. That's going to be a bit too expensive. They can be had for 700 new. I was thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of 500-550 max.
  12. I have now ~200 fish on this reel this year, and it is a total joy. Landed a few in the high 30" range on it this spring, and it held up fine. Dunked it, splashed it, and used it for lots of fish, and all fine. I like it a lot better than the VR150 I have as it has a better spool seal and drag stack design and it is smooth. The only design flaw so far with it is the bail -- just a tad too big for the reel. Rubs my knuckles if I have my hand in all but one or two positions. They should just make the bail arms a little closer to the spool and the bail tighter to the reel. It would also save them a few cents in materials with less metal :).
  13. Looking to pick up a newish black or silver VSX150 local to Boston, Canal, or RI.