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  1. Had the same experience last night. Fish were so thick I was getting them on spooks and pencils at night.
  2. Cabelas
  3. Closing this down. Picked up a Dookster on BST.
  4. I wonder why. 11 just feels like too much stick. I jig with a 10 ft now and prefer that. Less leverage from the fish, easier with trees behind, and easier to put in the car.
  5. Bumping this up. Everyone must just love the 10'6" so much no one wants to sell..
  6. Old one has belt loops but I think the new supreme lacks them (turns out it's only on the big one where they got rid of the belt loops). Google search comes up with two stores selling at $30 each. Try eBay. Great little bag.
  7. I am actually looking to pick up an ODM Jigster to replace it. No reason other than I just want to try something new. The 10' 1-5.5 paraflex has been the perfect canal tool for me this year. It has handled 50+ fish over 40", many times in peak current. It handled a 48" fish no issues. It handled 50 bluefish 10lbs or so and a few 15lbs. I have thrown 5oz heads with it and 1oz bodies, 5oz plugs, and sp minnows and nothing has stopped it. To be honest, I find it the most underrated rod for the money.
  8. I think I solved this issue with a few plugs, wood: Afterhours Dookster (5", 2oz) and plastic: Williamson Surface Pro (5.125", 1.625oz"). I have a feeling the Williamson will cast farther given the narrower profile and weight in the tail. I will report back with how these work after a long weekend fishing. Now I have the perfect lineup: -Bomber Bait Bonanza (4.75", 3/4oz) -- very underrated in my opinion and <$5 on sale at Walmart -Williamson Pro 130 (5.125", 1.625oz) -- $12 on sale -After Hours Dookster (5", 2oz) - $19 on BST -Lil Doc (7", 2.75oz) - ~$18 but calls fish when nothing else can -Williamson Pro 180 (7", 3.5oz) -- $16 and will be a canal big fish killer when slack hits
  9. Looking for the 10'6" factory, not the 11'. Pick up in Boston, South Shore, or RI would be ideal. Will also be in NJ in early Nov if one is down there.
  10. Odm Genesis will do it for me.
  11. Looking for a used ODM Jigster in 10'6". Made the move to a few Genesis rods and now want to switch everything to ODM.
  12. Sure. Pm coming. My dog's name is Duke--can't pass this up.
  13. One just popped up in BST. Someone upstairs is paying attention.
  14. And if you don't want to split, I will begrudgingly take both.
  15. I'll take the Dook for $18 if you want to split.