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  1. LL Bean is finely ending it’s lifetime warranty. The company has finely decided that enough is enough. To many people abusing the warranty. They say they stand up to their brand & quality but not where someone uses & abuses ( Waders etc ) and expects a new replacement. their new policy is 1 Year. So start taking better care of your stuff!
  2. Nothing like catching your own shrimp. If you haven't tasted fresh caught shrimp,you've never had shrimp! To die for.
  3. Eggplant Parm
  4. Put the screw in your mouth! Problem solved
  5. From my deck to yours. Merry Christmas All
  6. Understaffed my butt! They are a bunch of lazy good for nothing cry babies! When I was working my UPS route There were 7 mailman covering my area. I had 14 apartment buildings to cover myself. The 7 mailmen had 2 each & there mail was delivered to the lobby of these apartments. All they had to do was open up one large mailbox & sort the mail. All you heard from these Azy SOB's was oh so much work! Give me a brake! The Post office suck!
  7. Bucktail's are fun to experiment with.
  8. The newer are quick change the older are not. And are easy enough to change spools. That screw can be hand tight no need to use a screw driver. I own both & the Everglade is all you need unless your fishing 10 wgt or higher .
  9. As a matter of fact it is if interested
  10. Yea the water was hotter than normal. When I got here 9/12 it was 81 degrees way to warm. The water is down in the 60's now & the conditions are ideal. They started a week ago Saturday with 29 fish that day. Then I didn't fish again to that Thursday with 35.
  11. In the last 4 days I've caught & released over a 100 plus fish. Today's bonus Also Closed on a beautiful house down here in Oct.
  12. Closed no interest will post elsewhere Thanks
  13. Valley Stream Long Island ,Oceanside,long Beach,Freeport, ETC