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  1. Brand new, loaded with 50# suffix : $120 pick up, $145 shipped.. Location: North Jersey
  2. $140 and you got a deal..
  3. Length yes, height no..
  4. What are you talking about? They pack big trucks on theses ferries so do you really think a cooler on top of a small track will be an issue?
  5. How much the 2oz were sold for?
  6. The clicker is not functional but other than that the reel is in perfect shape. The handle was upgraded with a power handle and the reel is loaded with 50# sufix. $180 shipped or $150 picked up (North Jersey)
  7. I had the first year release of the 11’ with lifetime warranty. The tip broke and they did not honor the warranty telling me it is a used rod. They also gave me the $150 offer to replace the broken rod. I owned the 10’6” and I did not like it at all so out the door it went. The 11’ is being used for bait fishing.
  8. No wonder there are fears of inflation if people are willing to pay $50 for these darters.
  9. A great report for sure..My first off shore trip was not that great either. My revenge was sweet few weeks later on my second trip.
  10. I lost you..How many keeper cod did you get? Size?
  11. I am the one who looks like p10..
  12. one inch more, one inch less won't make a difference. Grab it. I own one and it's an awesome rod with a lifetime warranty. You can actually buy the top part for $60 shipping included. You can't go wrong with the price he is asking for..