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  1. I did not suggest you used the warranty.. In previous post you wrote that if the TFO breaks you will use the warranty. My point that if it breaks it won’t be manufacturer defect unless you did not use the rod a couple of times already without any issues.
  2. So in either case you are not covered since the TFO warranty only covers manufacturer defect. I guess you already used it multiple times already.
  3. What is normal use? Some rods I used once or twice in a year. I am delivering a rod tomorrow that I sold via BST, I bought that rod over 10 or 15 years ago and I don't think I used it more that 3 or 4 times. Hopefully for the buyer, the rod is clear from manufacturer defect. Iff it breaks we can tell him it's out of warranty .. Years ago I broke Arra 1084 by simply bending the tip slightly pulling the line down not aggressively. At this time there were many complaints about these rods and as it turned out there was a defect in the guides layout design causing these issues. I never pulled the line before so it took two years to experience this issue. The breakage was exactly as in this case like 10" under the tiptop. In this case when a rod broke after one year and two weeks, I would replace that top at my cost and end the story..We are not talking here five years of ownership... .
  4. I think all of these companies should follow your idea and give two lifetime warranty since all breakage after a year are automatically user fault. ..
  5. I don’t think the profit margin per rod of a small company like ODM producing blanks in China is much tighter than a large company like StCroix building complete rods in US. The quantity makes the difference and as such a company selling high quantity can afford to sell top section for $60.
  6. I was fishing for the last two weeks with my backup GSB 1321m. Worth every penny..As far as I recall the Lami prices are MSL and the retail cost in the store is much less.
  7. I am good at it.. The OP started the StCroix warranty discussion in post #9 and continue in #15. The rest is history.. His friend purchased the ODM and caught a big fish..
  8. They don’t make long 1 pc rod any more so nothing to worry about. ...If it is a factory defect I bet they won’t charge you the $20. I think the language they use is from the past when they were making 1 PC rods.
  9. It wasn't you who suggested that. Other people in this thread and other thread were talking about a free ride for used rods.. I only drink in the evening when I am not fishing..
  10. If you read my other posts you can see that sometimes I use the word warranty and other times service. On StCroix web site the warranty for manufacturer defect is the silver plan, Regardless, my point is not the language but the coverage. StCroix offers accidental coverage while others don't. I am not willing to spend another $500 on a fishing rod that I broke by accidents if I don't have to. That's the bottom line..
  11. It’s not free. Why would anyone slam their used functional rod and pay $100 to replace it? Also, the majority are not scam bags so I don’t think your point is valid. Also, with StCroix you can save yourself the breaking part and just order a new top. No conditions are attached to this service. Since most breakage are the top part, if I was a small company I would consider this service with perhaps a little higher cost for top sections.
  12. I think the Legend surf old model is about 10 years old and you can still buy the top parts regardless of the warranty (you can simply order it). The current warranty for high end rods is 18 years. I think since you are a small company, the number of broken rods via accident is also small, so replacing an over $500 rods and charging $150 - $200 is a reasonable expectation from a customer point of view. That is just my opinion.
  13. That's the difference between you and StCroix. StCroix will enable me to buy the top for $60 while in your case the replacement will be very expensive. I don't expect you to replace the rod in case of accidents but don't expect me to buy from you if I can get a better service from StCroix enabling me to replace a very expensive rod at a reasonable price in case of an accident. Perhaps you should consider replacing high end rods at your cost.. $60 copay for Legend Surf (old models) and under $100 for new models.
  14. So if I do need a replacement it must be some defect since you made sure that your rods don’t need a replacement. Let be practical,accidents can happen. All my broken rods (3) were a result of falling in boulder fields when the rods hit sharp rock upon contact. I don’t believe your nano rods would have survived these falls.