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  1. Go to Layla’s restaurant in PV and order the chicken dish in the red sauce...You will never forget it. It’s the Black Hole of chIcken dished...
  2. Why is it inexpensive compare to the other black hole rods? The reason I am asking simply from my experience with companies that sell high-end stuff (not limited to fishing), when they come out with a low cost product, in many cases it is not as good as the product in the same price range being made by companies which their expertise with products in the low to mid price range. What's make it inexpensive? Material? Where is it being made? Promotion?
  3. Which one is better for tog jigging where the 1 or 2 oz jig lie on the bottom. Also, which of your rods is good for off-shore jigging for cod with 110-14oz jigs)?
  4. Are they available now in spinning? What about the 7'3"? What's the difference?
  5. Police have released the identity of the 69-year-old fisherman who drowned in the surf at Gunnison Beach on Sandy Hook Wednesday morning. Ronald Moore, of Union, was found in waist-deep water by federal park rangers who performed CPR on him, Middletown Police Lt. Paul Bailey said in a news release. Moore was taken to Monmouth Medical Center in West Long Branch but medical professionals were unable to resuscitate him. A witness told investigators Moore had gone into rough surf to retrieve equipment around 8 a.m. when he was overcome by the waves. His death was ruled accidental. Moore's identity was released on Thursday afternoon after investigators were able to notify his family, Bailey said.
  6. Tell me about IRI.. The only time I saw an angel was on that Jetty about 20 years ago. There would have been 11,756 less posts on SOL if he wasn’t there for me to to save me from skidding into the inlet.
  7. How many inches did you loose in the last 20 years?
  8. Do you buy on the street watches that look like ROLEX FOR $19.99?
  9. Is the 10’2” Suzuki strong enough for rooster fishing?
  10. Cool, we will flood the market as soon as Sudsy tries to sell his in BST for gazillions bitcoins..
  11. You ain’t the only one..
  12. Weight less and the company sells the hooks for them. If you want a little more distance you can insert a screw like you do with sluggo.
  13. What a happy ending..!!!!
  14. I didn't know they make them that size...
  15. Well, this year the waves started in reverse order...