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  1. I would say your friendship with ODM is bullet proof for sure but from your style of fishing with oil tanks and city lights in the background it's hard to convince that the bag is bullet proof like the Commando bag as you have suggested in your posts.
  2. He was not looking for help. He is looking for information if anyone else has these problems. BTW - Chinese girls like the dead sea but I think it's time to float with my bullet proof and bugs free Commando bags ..
  3. Make sure it’s the original and not one of those fake bags made in China...
  4. I hope others will follow you...
  5. I hope following the move to “overseas” some of the savings will be rolled out to the customers.
  6. Never had a problem with my accurate pliers. I wash them after each trip like the rest of my equipment.
  7. Very slow for me. Not for nothing they call it Dead Sea.
  8. If you combine the weight of the reel, line and rod you will see that the difference between all rods of same size is not that significant. The Legend surf 12’ weights somewhere between 1 oz to 2oz over the black hole surf rod however that difference is not that significant for a total weight of 40 oz. plus. The benefit of light rod is more important for jigging from boat than surf fishing. The reels are much lighter and there is no casting involved.
  9. The point was how long the rod will survive being banged against rocks.
  10. When you start swimming to rods daily you will understand...
  11. I own 5 or 6 legends, I fish few of them harder than any one fish the black hole and I am still waiting for the first breakage. I want to hear from those who fish the rocks at Montauk or BI with their black hole surf rods. I want to hear how immune these rods (ODM and BH) to nicks from bangs against the rocks. The warranty of StCroix is more towards accidents and not manufacturer defects. And yes, it is included in the price but I rather include the warranty in the price instead of higher net profit of the owner of the company who is importing the rods from China and sell them at high price.
  12. Braid is not weightless.
  13. Fully loaded or as listed on the vendor site?
  14. Those who fish VS reels at 24oz will not observe much difference ...
  15. Do they make 7” mag ? I thought the largest is 6.5”.