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  1. Send me one and I'll try it with Mike's 12`9", 2nd generation, two handed and report back. I've yet to cast anything more than a 2/0 four inch fly so it be curious as well. What size hook you using? I've been playing around with 540 grains all the way up to over 700 grains. Thinking you'd want a heavier line for that sized fly. HT
  2. If your an older guy like me and wear prescription glasses most all glasses are now made with UV protection polycarbonate, at least so says my optometrist. Ask yours. I use the blue light adhesive but have been thinking of switching to Solarez as the $ per cc is much less expensive. HT
  3. Not that I use, or even believe in them, but curious if you compared your recent experience against the solunar tables for the dates in that area?
  4. Where Mike sources his blanks only Mike knows, probably not even his wife He's put 10+ years into his design and like any blank manufacturer there are trade secrets that won't be shared.... and who could blame him. I'm just glad to be a very happy customer who owns a couple of these exquisite out-front T'handers HT
  5. Tastes Great, Less Filling.. As always Steve you do a great job on your ties.... .something to aspire to ! HT
  6. Ha, Now you need a small neon on the outside of the basket......"Open for Business"
  7. That's why I shop at the Bear's Den.
  8. Never fished southern Florida but hope to some day..... assuming there's something left to fish for. HT
  9. Hello Kid, I took a small amount of synthetic hair (wig hair), and bound them together with an overhand knot to form the joint and hold them together (with a drop of superglue on the knot). On some I blended multiple colors (green, orange, brown). I then laid the claw end down on a piece of Teflon sheet and wet it out with a little UV glue and spread it flat with my bodkin. If you don't have Teflon the side of a plastic milk carton should do as not much sticks to that plastic either. Once flat and spread out to a decent profile with the UV glue I hit it with the light to firm it up and then trimmed the shape with a nice sharp pair of scissors and then finished the rest of the 3D build up with more UV glue. Quick and easy and makes a nice claw. The multi strands of wig hair makes it nice & flexible where I tie it into the body and these legs bounce around as nicely as the rubber legs. You can stiffen them up a bit if you want with a little Liquid Fusion & bodkin. HT
  10. Tied these a couple of months ago for the flats but never got there. 1st attempt at crabs. 1/0 & 3/0. HT
  11. Bob, Not sure these are my favorite as they are my first attempt at crabs, tied with the intention of trying to fish them on the Barnstable flats this spring but I never made it there and they stayed in my box. Not overly happy with the tie but seeing they're my first attempts I guess they'll do. 3 of them are on 1/0 and the last one in much larger tied on a 3/0. Haven't tried casting them and suspect the 3/0 will take a little adjustment to my stroke. HT
  12. Mike, Make short work of it and call Scott at the Bear's Den !
  13. OMG..... Will SynCork be next
  14. Nothing like being loyal to an old friend..... bet you've seen some good times together !
  15. Keep the faith Dick ! Hopefully you'll get a chance at some tight lines in the fall. HT