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  1. The braid was something I brought when dicks had a ridiculous sale. It's seaguar kainzen. I had a ton leftover from what I brought . I'm sure if I switch braids it would work better but now that I moved to NC I'm not plugging lime I did in Jersey. I seem to hold bottom much easier using mono due to the stretch. I'm using conventionals and I'm sure I'll load one rod with a different braid once the sharks show up just to get more line on the reel. Currently using the Alberto knot for mono to mono just cause it's easy to tie. But might give the Albright a try also because it's similar and slightly smaller. Thanks all for the recommendations.
  2. I usually chunk using braid but since I moved just recently I've been running into issues with the braid just breaking after soaking a bit. I usually tie an fg knot and I check it before each cast but lately I'll go to reel in or set the hook and it breaks with little to no pressure. So gonna make the switch to mono and was wonder if an fg knot works just as well or should I consider a different knot for mono to shock?.. I only asked here cause I know most of you guys use mono for distance
  3. Tommy that sounds great..i won't be officially moving till mid April but I will be definitely looking you up
  4. Yeah I would definitely have someone from the area build the blank for me otherwise I'd have to deal with shipping . Plus having someone familiar with the type of fishing ill be doing build the rod seems to make the most sense
  5. Thanks all for great info. Yes the Yankee thing is in full effect but I'm a humble fisherman and I'm just as happy sitting in the background watching the locals work till I figure out what's going on. Right now still trying to lock down a place to live, then move, then sell some of my striper gear to gear up for drum but looking forward to it. Has anyone tried the newer rod geek surf blanks? Local shop here mentioned them and had some interesting builds on hand.
  6. I appreciate the info.. I've been casting a 12.5 ft heaver using 8-12 ounces when necessary for the last 2 years and haven't run into any issues thus far as well as an 11 footer using 4-6 ounce payloads using off the beach casts and hatteras casts on the beach and full pendulum on the field. I'm sure I have a way to go to perfect it but I think I might be ok although I'm always looking for pointers. I'll also take a closer look at the breakaways you recommend and I was actually looking at a sliding seat until I figure what distance works best for me. I have 0 experience wrapping so ill have to leave that to the professionals. Thanks for the help I truly appreciate it.
  7. That's promising to hear... I'll definitely be testing a few different companies to see what works best. I'll be out in Wilmington so ill still have to make a day of it if I'm making the trip out there
  8. Anybody have any experience with the century heavers? The carbon metal series seems interesting just don't know anyone that uses them. Very satisfied with my S1 and SS for plugging
  9. Hey all. I'm moving from PA to NC and very interested in getting into drum fishing down there. If money was not a limiting factor, what heavers should I be looking at. I plan on waiting till I get down there and see what's going on before I make a decision but would appreciate best options to look at. I'll be using a seiglar sm and a 6500 chrome rocket for reels. Thanks.
  10. I will do that and let you know. Free spool seems normal. I really appreciate the help
  11. The sm is their stat drag reel this something I should still look at?
  12. Hey all. I have a seiglar sm used for one season. It got some sand in it so opened it up, cleaned it all out put it back together and everything seems to be functioning great except at a certain point point during reeling it has some tension. The tension seems to get more pronounced when more drag pressure cranked.. Any idea what might cause this? All systems were great before cleaning and all except this are fine after.
  13. Not sure what the clearance is on the narrow but I static magged my original sg and get decent distance without worrying to much about overrun. Just a thought
  14. Lol. Just messing with ya. Ya I'm surprised I didn't catch a a27 to the face the way they were trying to cast
  15. I had a clue lol just wanted to be ready if albies passed through and let the metal fall a few seconds ever few casts just to avoid boredom from waiting.. was good to see the spikes out at least though