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  1. I will do that and let you know. Free spool seems normal. I really appreciate the help
  2. The sm is their stat drag reel this something I should still look at?
  3. Hey all. I have a seiglar sm used for one season. It got some sand in it so opened it up, cleaned it all out put it back together and everything seems to be functioning great except at a certain point point during reeling it has some tension. The tension seems to get more pronounced when more drag pressure cranked.. Any idea what might cause this? All systems were great before cleaning and all except this are fine after.
  4. Not sure what the clearance is on the narrow but I static magged my original sg and get decent distance without worrying to much about overrun. Just a thought
  5. Lol. Just messing with ya. Ya I'm surprised I didn't catch a a27 to the face the way they were trying to cast
  6. I had a clue lol just wanted to be ready if albies passed through and let the metal fall a few seconds ever few casts just to avoid boredom from waiting.. was good to see the spikes out at least though
  7. Has there been any action on sharks lately... north of cape may?
  8. Fish are here.. plugged a bunch,including keepers, dropped a bunch more last night. You will need to actually look for them pics. Good luck.Also saw some blue's caught.
  9. Yes my plans ate primarily a chunking reel and something to play with on the field during the off season.. was planning on upgrading the drag, swapping bearings for ceramic hybrids and possibly installing a screw magnetic on the left side.. I don't need the clicker I never put a rod in a spike
  10. Yeah it free spools fine.. Just that I lost some of the spin time after the I removed the shields and cleaned and relubed the spool bearings.. most people probably wouldn't even notice the difference if not for the fact that I timed the spin time before the cleaning.. I didn't mess with that black yolk that I think your referring too
  11. I appreciate the help. After trying all this pretty sure it's the bearings themselves.. I didnt put the shields back on but still feels a bit snaggy. I reseated the plastic gear many times with no change. I guess either the I intruded something into the bearings when I removed the sheid's or I damaged them...which I doubt because I was very careful. Either way I'll be ordinary bearing upgrades anyways so hopefully that will make it perform even better.. still performs great either way
  12. What is the best way to center the spool? I'm not entirely certain I'm doing that right. Do I right both than start loosening the left than the right or vice versa. And should there be any play in the the spool or should there be no movement at all?