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  1. Bye bye big fish........ Ten amendments were added to H.R. 200 including one to open the Economic Enterprise Zone (EEZ) between Montauk, N.Y. and Block Island. The amendment aims to allow New York charter boats and other fishermen to take large striped bass with huge spawning potential on all of the southwest ledge of Block Island and other areas in the EEZ
  2. Neither did that greedy jalapeƱo eating gopher
  3. That's what happens when your an Amazon Pro-Staffer. lol
  4. Assuming your mixing Wet cell and AGM batteries. It's not recomended When charging, the AGM will reach full charge before the wet cell. This means that the charge system will do one of two things. It will keep charging until the wet cell is fully charged and may over-charge the AGM or it will switch off when the AGM is fully charged which means the wet cell is only partially charged. The wet cell will try to draw power from the AGM and this will reduce the life of both batteries because of under-charging then draining them will naturally damage both batteries but will kill the wet cell quickly.
  5. Do yourself a favor and pick up some cheap muffin tins
  6. Mine doesn't have anywhere near that amount. Check the worm and or pawl.
  7. Post pictures either or here or Tackle Collectors forums and ask
  8. You have to stop meeting in unlit manforts
  9. 29.85. Crabs.
  10. Eye sockets and square nose don't look right for Sporty
  11. Congratulations on the 66 taken at pacifica. I bet he will remember the catch for a long time 62yo.pdf
  12. No. That guy is hella better looking !
  13. Ya learn something new every day..........Now you have