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  1. Alan Tani used to make real nice ones contact him.
  2. I used to have that heavy butt cap problem but then a buddy that works down at the local Mental health facility turned me on to this stuff. Just use a small shot in the butt before installing the cap. Only problem is you need a tether if you sand spike.
  3. They look amazingly good for an 18 yo boat.......of course unless the past owner had to replace it every year ! lol
  4. If I was doing it I would leave the pivot bracket on the cylinder and remove the bracket from the engine where it's attached with the single bolt. Then use the spanner to get at the cylinder ends. Good luck
  5. Certainly not searching out "Greeks" on Facebook !
  6. Do carrots grow on the seabed ?
  7. Its because of the EXIF data on the image. New software should correct it but if it does not you can remove that data. To view and remove EXIF data in Windows, first select the photo or photos you want to fix, right-click, and select “Properties.” Go to the Details tab. Click on the remove Properties and Personal Information link at the bottom. On the Remove Properties dialog, you can create a copy of your photos with “all possible properties” removed. Alternatively, you can click “remove the following properties from this file” and then check the boxes next to each item you want to delete.
  8. A couple quarts of DEET would be high on the gear list.
  9. It's hard to tell. I just check the size of the fish
  10. 4-1/2 years is a long time to be apart. Have you guys dated yet ?
  11. Just google Stuffed Whole Cabbage Recipe
  12. Local hardware store should have replacement door knob spindles and or get some Nylock setscrews. They wont back out.
  13. If you enjoy history and newspaper articles you will like browsing here. Like this one " CHOICE FISH FROM THE EAST. Livingston Stone's Latest Contribution to our Waters. The people of California will someday rise up and call blessed our present State Board of Fish Commissioners, for through their efforts the waters of this State will soon he stocked with the choicest of fishes. Already shad have become an article ot dally commodity in the San Francisco market; our sloughs everywhere are teeming with catfish; several mountain lakes are filled with landocked Salmon and whltefish, while numinous streams in the Sierras glisten with ihe Eastern silver trout. YESTERDAY'S ARRIVALS. By the Eastern Train yesterday, Livingstone Stone, the Well-known pisciculturist, arrived with a oonsignment of of young fishes, consisting of about 1000 eels, 20 large, breeding Black Bass, 100 striped bass, and a number of female Lobsters ready to deposit about 1,000,000 eggs. He expected to bring a quantity of German carp, but United Slates Fish Commissioner Baird's forces were so busily engaged In the East in breeding and distributing other fishes that the carp could not be secured. The above named fishes came through in fine condition, being brought in small tanks and hourly attended to by Mr. Stone and his assistants. He was met in this city by State Fish Commissioner Redding, several personal friends of himself and wife, and a number of gentlemen who feel an Interest in fish culture. HOW DISPOSED OF. About 400 of the eels were left here in charge of Mr. Wm. Bassett, who has greatly aided the Commissioners in their labors, to be deposited in the Sacramento, river. Mr. Bassett at once set the little fellows adrift Just below the fish-market at the foot of O street. Messrs. Stone and Redding are confldent they will thrive in these waters. The remainder were to be taken off' this afternoon by Mr. Redding and placed ln Alameda creek. A steamer lies ready at the Oakland wharf to take the lobsters this afternoon out to the Heads, where tbey will be deposited in the bay near Fort Point. The black bass will be taken by rail at once lo Crystal Lake, near San Mateo, while the striped bass will be turned loose in the brackish waters in the neighborhood of Martinez. There is every prospect that the fishes will all thrive and multiply, as they are as healthy and lively to day as when they left the East. The lobsters were taken from Cape Cod, Massachusetts; the stripetl bass from New Jersey waters; the black bass from Like Champlain, and the eels from New Jersey and the Hudson river. It is to be hoped that the efforts of the Commissioners will meet with their Just reward.—Sao. Hee."
  14. Dan. That was the language of the long lost tribe that lived at the tail waters of California's only inflowing river ;-)