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  1. Offer 25 shipped for blitz seeker if you’re like to split.
  2. Saw a chart that showed locations tagged White sharks have frequented.......tons of activity on the cape but also up by Nahant, I’d say it’s foolish for anyone to think these sharks don’t frequent The harbor. With the ever increasing number of seals I theorize we will start seeing these awesome fish further north.
  3. Say You have fish busting pencils all day but the bite fades after sunset, what would you throw? I encounter this scenario a lot and a Danny or a Redfin won’t even get a are still breaking water though.......the only bait that has ever gotten a wiff in this scenario is an SP but with the volume of fish you would think they would keep banging the pencil? Anyone encounter this before? Thanks in advance........John
  4. I’ll take for asking
  5. Offer retracted, glws
  6. I’ll do the top
  7. Seems to always elude me......who’s got a spare?
  8. Does anyone ever combine a heavy diamond jig with a teaser fly? My fall fishing without question always has a blitz 10 yards outside of my reach even with a tin so I was wondering if anyone has found a tin with an exceptionally aerodynamic shape.
  9. What do you clip on when distance is #1 priority? Personally I like epoxy jig type tins or a loaded Cordell pencil.
  10. I have a lot of expierience fishing out of an 18 foot skiff around the harbor and know a fair share....he’ll I live 100 yards from my launch in quincy, I was just wondering if this boat was a decent enough platform to take on those days where it changes real quick, and the Harbor is definitely not a place to take safety lightly.
  11. I hate it when I pin one through the eye............
  12. Thanks for the application is in and around Boston harbor, I would want to go out in some choppy conditions but nothing too crazy.
  13. Hi John,I just looked on walmarts site and they have the tidewater rods still.

    also the alpha rods as well.

    hope you find something.


  14. I’ might be interested if you’re willing to ship......I can’t pick up so if not thanks for the offer.