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  1. Who's game ? Target some shallows in RB ?
  2. Amazon has the Yinenn Cut-Resistant Safety Glove (2x Pairs, Various Sizes) for a low $6.49 with Coupon Code: "RIYF45GV" (Exp Soon). Free Shipping over $25 or with Amazon Prime. Save 50% off the $12 retail price. From techbargains
  3. Just a PSA on top of PSA. Some folx dont seem to be aware that Amazon has iron-clad ZERO HASSLE return policy. Only applies by items that are shipped/fullfilled by Amazon (these normally have "prime" icon). Dont have to be also "sold by" Amazon. If anything is wrong with the item, you'd print return label and leave the box by your door, no charges of any sort. Next day UPS picks it up and the second they scan the item, you get your refund. Ditto for replacements - they ship it at ZERO charge, usually next day or 2 shipping. You receive it, put the defective item into the same box and viola. if you feel hurt by experience, start on-line chat with the support and get some $ out of them. Yes, no 30 min on-hold-wait time.
  4. Speed demon https://amzn.to/2GoJFmE $51.98 (Reg $175) Sharky 3 https://amzn.to/2GoGB62 Look it up on techbargains - I copy/pasted from there. New 2018 models. 40-33 lb of drag. "Oversized shaft, seals, precision brass gears" 3000 ideal size for kayak IMO. 9oz. 33lb drag. good braid capacity
  5. look it up on amazon. Rated to 200m, stainless, decent look etc .
  6. Came in. Unreal how beefy & solid these feel ! MPY05 is sold out now
  7. Look it up on Amazon. A good thing to have around. They only allow 1 per purchase. But, you can make multiple purchases
  8. We took care of em Finns 'merican way - by bombing them into submission. No need for island hopping (Ivo Jima-style slaughter), simply bomb the crap out of their cities. That war and what Stalin wanted out of it, saved Leningrad in WWII
  9. Bingo ! http://amzn.to/2D6iGXD get one w/o eye cutouts
  10. On side note, dont mess w us Russkies ESPECIALLY when we're wearing our winter hats. Swedes (+ rest of Crusaders on their side) , Napoleon (+ rest of Europe that was on his side), Hitler (+ rest of Europe that was on his side) learned it the hard way.
  11. As I was putting my freakishly large head through the neck opening, I heard sound of ripping fabric. The latex neck stretches easily, but where it attaches to the "main body" of the suit, is rather constricted and doesnt stretch too much . Wonder if they sell lycra "head socks" I guess I can try the "bank robber" trick of putting a silk stocking on my head.
  12. Like Boss sez, aging infra all around us. He gets Tax Cut today and then guns for $1T infra spending. Anyway, there was a post (soon deleted) where some "activist" group was bragging about sabotaging the train by pouring concrete on tracks. Not sure if it is true, saw it on twitter. Going too fast into turns is #1 issue, by far. There IS a readily available tech. A simple radio beacon, placed before the turns, tells the train to slow the F down. Automagic. Cant be overriden. So the conductor could be distracted sexting his GF, wont matter, the train WILL slow down. Costs pennies to install.
  13. I have a freakishly large head. Size 62 standard issue Soviet mil winter hat.
  14. Scuba Max Dive Reel with a thumb stopper $24, Prime. A whole lotta line. But the line is rather thin, would be weary about abrasion resistance and it diggin into your hands when you need to remove a stuck anchor. https://www.amazon.com/Scuba-foot-Dive-thumb-stopper/dp/B00E698VHK/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1513689700&sr=8-4&keywords=anchor+reel $19 https://www.leisurepro.com/p-aqudr/multi-purpose-150-45-meter-dive-reel
  15. Stohlquist EZ dry suit. Had issues. Took a photo, emailed to them along with a photo of my receipt. Ah hour later got email back - replacement was shipped (no charge) and they sent me a link to FedEx "print a label" thing. No need to call, chat etc. Single email and U R DUNN. A+++