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  1. #1 UPF 50% convertible fishing pants from Columbia, $23 ($60 regularly) #2 Unfortunately, the shirts on sale are only short sleeves - so you'd have to use spray/etc to protect from elbow down Since I never know when mods decide to edit out any external links, google for these on your own (or find these at techbargains)
  2. #1 - with Hobie's MD patent having expired, the race is on. Pelican has shown a yak that uses their version of drive. Early '19, $1500 all in for 12' (prolly even less at big box stores). Compare to $1900 for Compass. Hobie will probably drop the price some and then one would have to decide if difference is worth it. Rumor has the drive opening is same size as Hobie's MD, some interesting opportunities there #2 - Mako With Splash Pedal Drive. Ultra light pedal drive (7lb ?) with nice, aggressive looking gigantic (requires almost 2' of clearance!) screw. Plastic gears (!). Apparently, you could install one into a Hobie MD via an adapter. Yak hull designed for surf launching. #3. Penn has updated the Spinfisher to VI. IPX5 rating, CNC gears, with a new 2500 size available. ~$100 street price likely for smaller reels #4 ... your thoughts here
  3. MD logged plenty of miles too. The motor sits in MD well as well (NPI), so that's extra stress on it. I do extended runs at full throttle, that's 24# of sustained thrust. I managed to shear a Watersnake shaft clear off its plug when I hit a nasty rock in LIS, the well held strong, no issues. Better b lucky than good ... now I pay attention to buoys
  4. Fact: 100% chance the yak will see its share of turtles. Including in #1 danger zone - 10' from the beach, meaning sand will enter every gap it could find. And if there's no easy way to wash it out of there, the nasty grit will forever remain lodged in there, doing its thing. So have that in mind as you go about mcgiverin' this one
  5. I have had 5 years of fun with me PA14. 0 issues and still going strong. Instead, I could have drove myself nuts reading about outliers. Missed the fun. Prolly ended up in a mental ward. You decide .
  6. In yer trials, remember about McMaster - world's largest supplier of all kinds of materials, w a warehouse conveniently located in NJ - so you'd receive your stuff the next day. Incredibly functional search system too. And boroscope - semi rigid snake cams, $15 on amazon, so you can examine nooks and crannies AND record your findings... very handy for tight quarter inspections. That LIS outing we had last year, cold arse day, yuuge and nasty chop, strong wind . Someone wanted to go few more miles, SOLO, toward a spot on the sound he wanted to try out... think what would happen if rudder failed at that point. Bottom line: do inspect your rudder few times a season. Some of the upcoming failure modes have very plain signs.
  7. Check the fins too, I lost one of mine (ST Turbo) last outing, it came off the shaft.
  8. - Ha$$le - being tied to a location
  9. + many. You take a single wave hit in suft launch and you're dunn. Or, cutting waves in nasty chop. Even scupper holes not going to help much. That's why MD opening has generous clearance for water to drain out FAST. Albeit this is just a prototype em sez. The MD clone dont look half bad ... I wonder if they are interchangeable ?
  10. For few bux, Mcnett Seal Cement on Amazon. I have had these no-zip boots that I love, for few years. They have developed some cracks etc. Fixing these is so easy, takes about a minute and some drying time. JTMS, I put some smallish clamps to keep things pressed together, as cement cured. I'd imagine it works with other neoprene items as well. Highly recommended
  11. Wait for iCast to start . Tomorrow. Then decide
  12. OK, the compound action side cutter Booms Fishing. Used it to cut, single handed, a 4/0 size Mustad extra-strong treble. No damage to the cutter.
  13. They also sell, for few bux more, compound action side cutters. I ordered that, will report when I get it. Ability to operate it one-handed is key, as the other hand could be the one with the hook in it