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  1. Good. Got more questions at 40 than I had anwsers to at 20. What I'd give for 30 minutes with my grandfather knowing what I now know..
  2. Fact. God of seeking deafness?
  3. You don't know the most important questions you need to ask some of the most important people in your life until well after they are gone.
  4. Don't get all high and mighty with me, sister. Wanton killing for the sake of killing can be damn good fun. Guess you're not much on groundhog hunting. Something else I used to have the bug for bad. Loooooong shot at eyeballs. You can tell if you hit them by hearing the bullet smack'em. The name's Jase, not Jamale. Exactly. Sometimes I wonder about these Nancy's.
  5. I was in a bad way over those things for a few years. My first citation fish was one. You'd be surprised how hard they pull with a heavy fiberglass arrow and a sting-a-ree stuck in em. You ever bow fish for carp? The Shenandoah is full of them. If you go at the right time of year, city chicks floating down river on tubes will make PETA statements to you. It's great fun to toss them on the bank still flopping in front of them.
  6. You. Rat. Bastard.
  7. Fitzhume! Doctor. Doctor. Doctor. Doctor. Doctor. Great flic. Is that signiture an original on your office wall? Uncultured heathen.
  8. Crap. I agree with Tmac. Whew. Feel better now. I have one of each. Daughter does not have a competitive bone in her body. Only person she competes with is herself when it comes to her studies. It's been obvious, painfully so at times since she was 3. I've been calling my son Animal since about the same age. Everything but his studies is a competition. Not always a good thing.
  9. Used to do drums and disks. Grew up doing it. Plugs, oil, tire rotation, etc. Wish dad still had his 89 F 150.
  10. Cut from 5 to 11 Friday. Cut, wrapped, ground, mixed from 8:30 to 12:30. A.m. smoked the back bones with a nice rub. Think ribs but more like picking crabs. As the old folks say, the closer to the bone, the seeeter thr meat. Bernie may say that too.
  11. Grandma always said it's the thought that counts. That's good upbringing right there. I can't believe I'm pulling for a guy from philthy, but...the enemy of my enemy, east coast vs. West coast . Give'em hell buddy! Wait. Errrrr.
  12. To quote the immortal Otter, I think when he trades it's based on "Catching feels".
  13. If I recall correctly, our Nostradamus was a big fan of Steak and Shake. Just heard it's in the can down 10%
  14. God bless your shiny heart. A week before the shindig, AFTER I had agreed to go with my away with my in-laws fir the weekend.... Gawd bless yur shiny heart too. 7 hours in. Hogs are in primals. Tomorrow grind and stuff like the jr. Hs dance. Weeee!
  15. Bought a handle of Tito's for $42, then the tamiflu was $94. Think I should have just bought two handles.