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  1. Been eating since noon. Dessert coming soon.
  2. Jebus, it's a full time job trying to keep up in here with spotty service in the woods...
  3. Walking in tonight drop into a steep river bottom. Jump a deer on the other side of river, maybe 25 yards away. Cant see anything until it clears the Riverside brush low and heads uphill. Big doe. Stops for a second, quartering away about 65 yards. Tossed up the 300 and shot, just stands there unfased. Jase looks on stupified. Deer takes three or four steps uphill, I reload, cuss myself and put up the rifle to look at deer still standing there, deer falls arse over teakettle down hill. Missed heart but took out top of both lungs and top of opposing side shoulder. Amazing animals.
  4. Old school. I love it! Grandma used to can cooked sausage patties in lard. Let us know how you use it.
  5. Nice. I felt somewhat guilty. We ran the whole thing finishing in 35 minutes. It was Sunday at 3:30, we were an hour from home and it was 40 degress with 20+ gusts. Coach said wait and cheer in every last runner, then ceremony then medal presentations. I looked at the other dad and could tell he had the same thought. Asked the girls if they wanted to stay or go get a dessert.
  6. I'll have to see if i have some unsmoked in the freezer. Just saw about your sister. Hope she has a smooth recovery.
  7. Lol. I need to hang out in here more often.
  8. I watched Aladin with the kids last night and thought this the whole time. Some radicalized nut would blow up Disney World in the name of ISIS. Plus the pc crowd would loose their minds.
  9. Can we put one on FEW and cue it to keyboard sounds?
  10. Im in a tree about 100 yards from a road. Just watched a car come to a screeching halt, heard the door open and listentined to a guy puke his brains out. That shouldbring the deer in.
  11. If you don't like it unsmoked, something is messing it up. Kanuck bacon is made from the loin.
  12. Pete, make the roasted garlic turkey sausage in the Charcuterie book. I buy 2 birds just for it. Friggen amazing. Weather is supposed to go to chit about 8. 40 mph winds. Going to get on my stand i hung yesterday esrly....
  13. The only maple i want is from mopping up the syrup on my plate. I don't like it in my sausage and bacon cures. Taste the pork, not the Maple cork. Just made that up!
  14. Killing your first deer to looking into one of the elite big game animals in North America is a hell of a jump. Enjoy, learn, grow, learn, enjoy. Take advantge of the local opportunities you have. A decent $400 semi auto 12 gauge will open up some of the most fun action you can have in the field. A good day chasing a limit of squirrels is better than kiling a fat doe. Two boxes of shells and a vest full of doves (if, if, if you are a good shot) is about as fun as it gets. Hit up a flea market and find a recurve, rig it up for bowfishing carp. A total blast. More fun than you can imagine in your backyard. Don't get so caught up on the glossy pics and videos. Get out there and enjoy it! Welcome to the brotherhood. That's the truth PETA doesn't want anyone to know. Same goes for Africa.