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  1. That's funny.
  2. I know lots of my 2nd cousins, wouldn't ever think of them like that. This is more like 4th or 5th but the math gets fuzzy. Like I said, never met her or even knew she existed till I met her in college. Not like we grew up together.
  3. Nice! Shoulda steaked that mofo!
  4. No, didn't you read the thred? My grandfather and her grandfather were cousins.
  5. Headed to Virginia Tech for freshman year, my mom's all worried I'll be alone. "You have a cousin who is starting there this year too, you should look her up so you have someone to eat with." Sure, mom. Couple of months into the year and there's a group of young girls I'm friend's with. Had a girlfriend at JMU at the time, so it was nothing "serious", at least to me, maybe not if you asked my girlfriend. Bump into my favorite one of them one afternoon and said our mutual friend off campus was having a party and asked if she wanted to go with me. She says yes and to call her when I was leaving. I had lost her number, and at the time the whole school was in a directory online and all you needed was to know their first and last name. Asked her her last name and when she told me, I lost my mind. It was my mother's maiden name. I start naming all these people in her famiky and she's looking at me like I was the biggest stalker perv on the plant. Funny now. Small world stuff.
  6. Have I not told the story of me and this chic/cousin? It's one of my better ones.
  7. Whatever you call it when your grandfather and her grandfather were 1st cousins...I'd nail her in a second. Didn't know her growing up, met in college.
  8. This is why we can't have nice threads.
  9. Can you open carry in CT? Be great to wade on into the crowd with an AR at your hip and order a frappacino.
  10. Sorry folks, park's closed. Moose out front should have told ya.
  11. HUSSEIN. That is all.
  12. It's leaning against another tree. Duh.
  13. It's are uniform! Wayne Landyroo'd him.
  14. Well get going Deputy Dog.
  15. My bo staff only goes so far.