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  1. Trump is willing to be played so long as he can lie it into a perceived win.
  2. You had me booted from the PG then stalk me here. Thats psycho crap.
  3. Lol take your meds nut job.
  4. * Take your pick. Im asking salty about the premise of his thread. I have never heard that phrase and not understood what it meant. I doubt he has either. Maybe he can post an example.
  5. BA is easily triggered. If the kremlin wants him outraged over this he will be
  6. You really don’t understand? or is this an invite onto the carousel of stupid?
  7. Trump is desperate for a win and investing heavily in this.
  8. No they didn’t. They threw a party.
  9. Punching Nazis in the face is an FnM thing
  10. ZING!!!
  11. In his mouth
  12. Awesome
  13. Oh boy
  14. Seems more like a closet queen than s nazi
  15. Only if he’s a Nazi.