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  1. All of the 10-11' St Croix Avid and Legend surf blanks weigh under 7oz.
  2. Just curious, what soft plastic is that? Thanks!
  3. Pretty sure he told me it was, but looking at those hook hangers and the pics of other versions out there I kind of doubt it is.
  4. Yep yellow/chartreuse is a jackhammer and the green looks like a large loaded jigsmith (both RM Smith)
  5. Yes definitely striper maineiac
  6. Yep yellow/white is a Cap'n Andy, I believe called the li'l momma but not positive on that
  7. I have a couple others of these that have a fixed hook hanger instead of a swivel on the belly. Bent stainless wire hanger, not talking fully sealed. I think the one I posted might have been that way too before I rewired it. Not sure if that helps ID them.
  8. Didn't know they even made 40lb fireline. Might not have too much line but the problem is probably worse with a full spool. Pretty sure the problem is arising from stiff coils of line coming off the spool due to slack in the line at some point before casting. If you are using a pencil popper then the temporary slack in the line while retrieving could allow for a loose loop to form on the spool, which can then fall off the spool and wrap around the shaft (that's what happened to me). Keeping tension on the line should solve the problem, which should get better as the line softens anyway.
  9. What type of line are you using? I assume it's either mono or a stiff braid? I had that happen to me once with a new stiff line (fireline). Broke off a plug on the cast because of it. Solution was to just make sure to keep tension on the line until it broke in and softened up a little.
  10. Alright PM coming
  11. Yes I asked what it will take to get all three of your AH
  12. I think any of my other GRS I'd trade I'd rather trade for a different GRS sorry
  13. What will it take to get all three of those AH?
  14. Alright I want to give steelstripe a chance to post what he has but otherwise I'm interested
  15. Is that troller different than a regular one? The slope looks different than the ones I have. Was really only looking for trollers but I like the spook.