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  1. Sweet, been saying for years a smaller bodied Z would be awesome. Never really saw the point of 4 sizes using the same body. I wouldn't be disappointed at all if they ditched the 20/22, or rather made that size spool fit on a smaller/lighter body. VS150 light is probably a long shot but VR light would be so nice on the newer lightweight rods.
  2. Just checking to see if anyone has a FSC 1088 (9' 2-6oz) they're planning to part with. I'm in CT but occasionally travel through RI and MA.
  3. Shocked no one has jumped on this. Played with the factory version of the rod again yesterday, feels like it must be one of the nicest heavier 9' rods out there. Despite its rating it's far from a broomstick. Nice soft tip to handle lighter stuff but tons of power.
  4. Yes everything is the same regarding the form and such, sent mine in late fall. $50 + return shipping. My reel has been serviced every year so they have even replaced extra parts if necessary at no additional cost.
  5. I have put etex on some of mine and it definitely seems to help a little, but the problem is that it doesn't solve the real problem which is the adhesion of the g-finish to the plastic body. Once the epoxy is compromised the finish can still chip.
  6. Looks Pichney to me
  7. Haha all yours, PM coming
  8. Used surface giant. $80 shipped, PayPal
  9. All yours, PM coming
  10. Three Workhorse Lures spooks for sale. All have been lightly used but are in excellent shape. Unpainted is 2.25oz, larger bone is 2.7oz, stubby bone is 2oz. $45 shipped, PayPal preferred.
  11. PM sent
  12. Yours, PM coming
  13. 4 used needles for sale, Al Gag's or 24/7 Lures. Smaller ones are about 7" 1.75oz, big one is around 9" 3oz. At least one of the little ones was refinished. $45 shipped, PayPal preferred.