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  1. Those are great
  2. Judging from the splits in the shells more like for bait then eating
  3. Brian will need to be super careful given some of his physical problems, it I understood a conversation some time ago correctly
  5. Another indicator for some
  6. Generally speaking the larger of the species will show after the herring get into full swing migrating in from Buzzards Bay . The initial migration will proceed along the east current on the cape side of the canal and cross over at the herring run itself. late April into May. Mothers day is a good timing tool as is having full blossoms on the Forsythia. , Depending upon water conditions and how long they stack up inside Buzzards Bay . As the season progresses into May and the activity around the run goes crazy , most of the bass will concentrate along the ditch on both sides , having not yet going any further for a while. Once the mackerel show in the East end and migrate into the canal on a west current the bass will then have two food sources and they will then head out into Cape Cod Bay .and it can be a free for all . You can find bass early at both ends if you work at it [Middle of May on ] for those using bait as some of the fish returning will have been imprinted to go to some locations inside the canal and hang around the deeper locations searching for food. Memorial day on, was a long time traditional time during the early times to earnestly fish inside the canal for bass of size. These have been my experience over many years , [if I get lucky it will be my 74th year on the canal] Times have changed from more bait fishing to more plug and jigs in the past number of years , ever since the herring have been banned for use, but when the Blue Bullets show they can become a prime bait,whole or chunked, floating or dead sticking in some locations along the water way. If it is artificial s you want to use then plan on some time in June for better opportunities along with many more fishing on the bass . No matter what not all remain the same year to year as it seems over the past few years that the fish have been in a suicide mode to be caught for what ever reason. If one gets lucky to be on the water during one of these episodes then it seems it makes no difference on color, size, top bottom or shape of what you put before them. If one was good with throwing a hand line with a jig on it I expect that you would have some fun pulling in a fish. The best suggestion I can give is that over the years many have stayed in touch with local happenings and they get a phone call to come on down . That is why during the early and suicide stages you see so many out of state plates on the trucks and cars , they all got a phone call to come on down . I know of several families that fill there freezers for food during this time frame and they in most cases only spend a few days on the water. The recent change in law enforcement has resulted in some of them being arrested or sited for taking more then they should during there stay and that is a good thing .
  7. Both rivers offer great opportunities for large and smallies,Carp, and an assortment of species along with trout at some spots and shad. In the spring both rivers some striped action as well once the herring are running.
  8. BOB ]would you consider that style of plug a pencil popper is the question? How about some feedback on your thoughts on a foam plastic pencil that sits on the surface and does not conform to how a wood pencil of late settles out with just the nose out? Other then it it also will have some rock problems like all plastic plug have
  9. Zeke back in another time some of the first pencils mostly had a little above the water showing. We all learned to fish them in fast moving current . At one time, some went close to 5 oz or a little better. They were not easy to cast , as the rods in some cases could not handle them well. That is no longer the case today . You can find a rod that can handle most plugs of size . Then it was decided to flatten out the bottom some[Stan Gibbs] most likely along with [Stan Kusia] to get the plug up faster to get it do its majic . I plan to talk with one of the earlier designers of Gibbs plugs who now owns Roberts Lures and the rights to the Yankee plug On MV[Mr. Johnson] and get a little more history on the reasoning behind making the bottom flat . Brad who designed the Hog Hunter also made some of his Pencils also with a flat bottom , apparently to make it work better and also perhaps get a little more distance. They both called them canal specials. Wayne came along and obtained the rights to Brads Hog hunter lures and they refined the plug along with continuing making the canal special , but I believe they gave it a different name ? The Guppies in general are with out question a truly pencil and fish catcher. They have all been made from wood, with different densities.over the years. By experimentation on the original concept this plug remains as one of the best designed shapes to catch fish in fast moving currents like the CCC in my opinion. Now we have pencils plugs being made from foam plastic that lay on the water flat , a great swimming form , but unable to get the dance like a weighted wood pencil or at least it seems that may be the case. ? Then it appears that only one size and weight foam pencil is being considered for release to the fishing market and should you want to make it heavier, simply take a patch of lead , with adhesive and attach it to the outside . That to me defeats the whole reason of why the wood pencil was designed with aerodynamic features and now we have a foam pencil that also may not make same trip as a wood pencil with what ever weight you choose to place on it . Does this all make sense in your mind ? It may be a pretty paint job and a lower cost, but in the real world of plug action which is what really attracts the fish to strike, does it meet the fish test once it hits the water? I guess we all will need to buy one to see if it is really worth the money and attracts the fish to strike when you are not in striped bass death mode as was most of the case this past year , where any thing you threw at them resulted in a fish . What say yee my friend
  10. Given all the new shapes of late some may want to say it is . Now is that one you show also made from foam plastic and how does that sit when at rest?
  11. That one will work great on sea bass and you could leave the lower half of the hair off
  12. Bob there are no secret colors and at our age it is time to share a little more if there was. Just think you give up just one secret and it gets shared again and again over time . You might even get your name attached to it down in the history book of time . Pink is missing