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  1. Thats good my friend
  2. That will be great Look for the tables with the fish and American Flag that will be me
  3. Be there at 8 in the morning , look around and who knows what you may find . I do know that as Rob mentioned you will find some good buys of bucktail jigs with various styles available and also plugs as well / You just need to look
  4. Rob hopefully fate will be on your side today.
  5. The long and short of it they should be treated such as they are, a valuable resource for the future, with out those caring for them they will have not future
  6. John given the work that they will be doing at the plant , it is appreciated the information you have put up. I wonder if they will use the old water supply at the beginning of the road or put in a new one for the new gas Plant being built? When this plant is finished it will give the east end a whole new look inside the fence.
  7. Times have changed to newer and more expensive gear , yet the catch as far as i am concerned is no better, just more selling. Then when next year comes along they are out pushing another product telling you its the hot, plug, rod, reel hook, line , weights next it will be the type of boat, motor and electronics that will make you better. That is if you can hide behind the new place where you can remain in stealth mode all day long
  8. One thing that we have always done along with painting the weights yellow, was paint all the long shank hooks with red bright finger nail polish all the the shank and part of where the line is snelled to the hooks[I tie my own hooks for most trip and hook up # 7 and #8 hooks . The red finger nail polish does catch them , even when the bait has been removed at times.
  9. Bad Jack can recall another time when a trip down there at this time of the year put the first bass of the year on the end of the rod . Right now you need a complete defrost still . We want be long before we start singing the flat song
  10. Calvin the plug you have is a second generation plug after he did them in Everett and as Joe points out still has some value . I will need to show you the poppers however, I would not be surprised to see if they might have had something to with Everett Square as well.
  11. snookster it would be very easy to have known him . not that I can recall. however I still have a Gamsby that I recently placed in a sleeve It has some wear on it
  12. Calvin you have an oldie for sure. During those early times many builders were building the same type of swimming plug . Bob Pond, Captain Andy, Blue Streak .Stan Gibbs, In some cases they thought they would get rich Only a few made it and with all of the new builders they all got lost in the shuffle. One thing that they all did to some degree was to make poppers that were a little different then what you see today . Blue Streak in my collection still are two different sizes, though not as nice as the one that you show in the box. We will have to try and get a name for you E and E , my memory is lacking for now Another plug builder of the time was also the editor of the Salt Water Sportsman and if you can find them anywhere they have a value. Frank Woolner. Not having any luck getting E and E names
  13. amnosis sounds like a plan , you can never have to much
  14. I have seen cocktail blues storming the beach over the years and removing the hooks and still landing them on the beach . If we left the hooks on we would get two fish on each plug , now that is no lie.
  15. Thats great my friend Look forward to meeting you at the field