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  1. I am sure if you read enough about jigging the canal you will read at some point that all depends on the current speed . The jigs can vary from 3 to 6 ounces , it all depends if you want to fish the whole change or just part of it. The jigs you choose need to have in most cases a fast drop profile. If you cast out straight from where you are standing and depending upon how fast the current is moving and weight of jig it hits the bottom to your right or left depending upon the current flow . The what you need to do to get it to drop at your feet is to cast it further to your right or left , again depending upon the speed of the water, time of the current change and the weight of the jig. Once you get that process down you can also learn how to jig the bottom as you are letting your line out, before retrieving it. Another process you should learn as well/. If you want to just fish just the slack current and go home, because you do not have the rod and reel, along with a lighter head, to jig the whole current change then that is another simple process to learn in short order. Keep in mind when you have minus current tides the water will move much faster when it is coming back up and one will need a heavier jig head then normal to stay in touch with bottom. You mention learning how to get around the close structures in the canal, which are many and once you learn where they are by checking out the places you fish at low water you will learn that in some cases once you hook a fish of size that in order to get over the structures that you will need to get up on the service road itself as fast as you can if you are down low to the water. you stand the chance of not only losing the fish , but the jig as well. Learn how to jig first in the areas you like to fish and expand out learning other areas. You will lose jigs to the canal gods so do not let that discourage you as this is a normal happening inside the big river
  2. It is a no zone for guide service and is not allowed under the present procedures under the Army Corp Of engineers. Guiding any of the national Sea Shore beaches required a special permit from the national Sea shore. We have one poster here from Vermont that has such a permit and should he see this he may respond to your request.
  3. That could become a very serious issue for those who fish the Cape side of the canal , as they may wan to see fencing installed to limit the traffic across the tracks / That was already in a discussion of late that was indicated by the local government bodies.
  4. Stop commercial taking of any fish from these waters and the majority of these problems may well go away . At present the law enforcement officers are at the lowest numbers they have ever been . Increasing those numbers may well also help in keeping things a little more under control No more then one fish to be taken, would also help the situation along with once you keep a fish say good night
  5. I like to inform the Duke that Ron does not do BEACH Guiding any longer, however he still does casting lessons , but since his knee operation that has been limited to where he can stand. Once he obtains full recovery to the knee that may change
  6. That is precisely what many around here have been posting about for years. Some inroads have been made with some of our younger fishermen who have taken what has been posted to heart , THat is a beginning for sure, but a long way to go
  7. Rob for sure some fisheries are still around, however no way near what what was once around for mom and pop and kids to get out and have a fun day on the water . Maybe scup to some degree has a following by a select group of families. You are absolutely right on about the brain washing in regards to bass fishing , that where all the money is for any one selling fishing gear . To think that the Savage Jig which has proven to be deadly inside the canal, was developed by some on in another country and who never even fished here. Sabile is another one that has generated a following, so much so he got to sell his company and has now started another one. Mostly because of how effective it has become as a Striped bass Lure. These new enterprising souls have made it even better to make sure you get to catch and kill more fish along the way. The fact that we have so many more fishing then in any time in history also compounds the simple problems to complicated ones.
  8. John that has been an ongoing situation on the past commercial days on the water. We have seen more then four dozen boats in the east end and some sliding all the way down to Pips and further in hopes of catching a sell-able fish, the same can be also stated about the west end , but they stay out of the channel as the canal Boat has been working overtime giving out tickets to those who violate the regulation. Especially those who speed between drifts and cause waves to occur in the channel/ Hows is the Southy fishing going?
  9. Pete the numbers fishing yesterday may have approached 1000 if one was to consider the night and day crews . The fun of the hunt is no longer fun, the fun of fighting a fish is no longer enjoyable as once was the case. If you get a spot , make the most of it . Fish can be caught or not it all depends upon what and how you decide to fish . As you can see it does not take 3 and 4 hundred dollar rods to catch fish , but it remains good for the personal images to be able to say they fish that way. Glad to see that you had some luck along the way
  10. Rob the striped bass mecca has changed from various locations with in the individual state of Massachusetts and even some states over the years . We have now reached the time in a cycle of change that has brought about one location here in Massachusetts where for what ever reason have decided to commit suicide . It has brought many from other places , many that do not want to understand the complexities of this species and its survival to a point where they have become separated from most ethical practices and that remains a sticky wicker for those of us who attempt to follow the laws , attempt to do the right thing by the resource . The concerns of old are no longer given and thought, other then how large a fish can I catch and or how many can I catch . No real consideration is given to what are the ramifications to the resource itself or even how we utilize the valuable meat from the fish we seem to be discarding during the process of high grading and poaching. The lack of self discipline and continued lack of sufficient law enforcement only enables those who flaunt the system to continue this madness and when and where it stops will only come when sane fishermen decide enough is enough . It would help also if another fish resource could be developed so that it helps to reduce all of this pressure on one single resource, an unlikely, but a common practice from years gone by. I can recall fishing on multiple resource all at the same time and all year long . Most have never had this opportunity and thus never learned that we do have other fish we could fish on that brings as much excitement and joy to those who like to fish ..Over the years the striped bass was promoted as the only fish to catch , If you wanted to self promote your self no matter the item it was the striped bass that you just had to catch a fish of size to prove your were this great sportsman that others would pay you to promote. A price was places on the fish for reasons other then just enjoying the catch and now we have the fruits of this mentality/ I ask why have so many over these past number of years find having a killing striped bass tournament so exciting and give out huge prices for dead fish. Just think over many years how many killing bass tournaments occurred just around the cape cod canal, which to this day makes it an exceptionable practice knowing the over all damage it does to the resource in ways no one can really imagine. Good Point Rob I just needed to add a little soul searching to this post, knowing that you are a caring person of our environment and all resources, not just one.
  11. A littl squiding operation as the squid are ion catchable numbers at some locations where they can not drag for them
  12. The penalties they were going to made to undergo to maintain the health of the store was going to be more then what they were willing to spend and it was easier to close it down at this point. Make a good tackle and coffee shop . It was the present owner of this store that made the final decision to shut it down , no mention was made in regards to the corperate owner out in the mid part of the state
  13. Now Bob that is a good ethical approach to what has been going on over the past several years and also we need to solicit the Environmental Police to issue the phone numbers of those who are working the shifts , so that a faster response can be obtained . Given the many who are also still commercially catching along the water way along with the high grading recreational fishermen the fish do not have a chance in this suicide mode they are in once again. It may also be time that the canal be made a pure recreational fish way, with no selling of fish. Catch one keeper and you keep it , you go home for the day . If we who live here are unable to make suggestions that make sense to keep the bass resource alive and well we will go the same way as they have gone in other states and the sad state of affairs it has brought to the locals who now come here to become part of the cluster we see here before us.
  14. Thems are true words of wisdom for sure . Unfortunately we have no peer pressure to help change it around.
  15. One thing for sure will be a lot of rehab work and a slow start to casting from the side operated on. I underwent surgery many years ago that tied up my right shoulder for almost a year. I learned how to cast from the other side once I was able to get my motion back from the elbow to my hand. So in the end I use the spinning rod of the right and conventional from the left. PIck up a leather rod holder it will relieve the pressure from the shoulder more should you catch a fish of size in any case. Make sure you follow the instructions from the Physical therapy Doctor and good luck