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  1. Seems like Gates testified that Manafort told him to tell the FBI the truth......... they gave the wrong guy immunity.............. Next question if the FBI knew Manafort was bad since 2005 and committed crimes in their eyes , WHY Did they not give Trump a counter intelligence briefing? They gave one to Feinstein who had a Chinese spy working for her for 20 years, , and her husband was making duckets off Chinese investiments.
  2. Seems like Gates is more of a criminal than Manafort..........
  3. You seem more worried about this guy but some Muslims in a compound in New Mexico are free tonight who were training to shoot up schools and killed a little boy. Fair in the liberal world.
  4. Abridged version. CNN is also suing to get jurors info.
  5. It is bad enough she violated the espionage act. The real criminality and the 33K emails she deleted under subpoena, What was in them? How can the subject of a criminal investigation choose what to turn over to investigators? Destroying electronic devices under subpoena is also Obstruction of Justice. Finally as per the OP I have been telling you this for a year now and the Steele/Ohr emails are very telling speaking of Firewalls and being exposed. The collusion was a coordinated plot between the FBI/DOJ and the Hillay Camp/ DNC.
  6. Pictures before he joined the Navy
  7. Why is Bruce OHR worried people will be exposed with Comey’s firing. Who was he protecting.............. The man knows everything for a while. Rodgers gave him every thing when he visited Trump at Trump Tower.
  8. He tweets because the Enemy of the People MSM will not give him an honest report on the great things he is doing.
  9. Posted by CNBC but I see you did not read past Hannity.........
  10. He has nothing left but dishonest many others here
  11. Brian your party under the Kenyans leadership violated many rights of the American People, from spying and illegally unmasking individuals? You have no problem with this I guess.............