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  1. Shawn King of BLM fame tweeted it also.
  2. They tweeted pictures of kids in cages, but they were from 2014 and Obama was President. April Ryan is the dumbest..........
  3. And I thank you for your service, but Obama’s alapabet agencies deserve none..........
  4. Still can’t answer simple questions
  5. Next question did the FBI solicit any members of HRC presidential campaign. Did they solicit Skippy Podesta?
  6. Using English Intelligence to influence our election is ok?
  7. Question , you can answer it above
  8. Brennan, Clapper manufactured all the Russian contacts.
  9. Please explain the difference. But you do admit they set Donny Jr up.
  10. So using the same logic, Hillary Clinton paid ( which is illegal) Christoper Steele an alledged former MI 6 Agent who was to dig up dirt on Trump. Christopher Steel then dealt with Russian Oligarchs ( OLeg Dirpeska) to get said fake information for pee dossier. This you have zero problem with because you are brainwashed against Russians..............
  11. Boo Hoo.
  12. You don't have to answer the last one..........
  13. Knewbee do you let people piss on your back and tell you it is raining?
  14. So your going to tell me this Russian honeypot who offered dirt to Donald Jr. The one who gave no dirt. Correct. So she had dinner the night before with Glen Simpson. Correct. She also had dinner with Glen Simpson the night after. correct. Glen Simpson the one who was working for Hillary Clinton to dig up dirt on the Trump Campaign , who was paid secretly through Perkins Coie. Correct. So Glen Simpson was working with Christopher Steele and meeting with the FBI and given top secret info. correct . Same Glen Simpson who was giving info back to HRC Campaign. So your gonna tell me that her meeting was not a set up. really. With a straight face.
  15. If they were scrutinizing low level aides , why did they not brief the Presidaial candidate they were possibly vulnerable?. But yet they briefed him on a fake unverified dossier and then leaked classified info to CNN to print it. To further the Russian Hoax. Next question Brian our lovebirds said the Whitehouse was running things, was the guy running the investigation Peter Strozk lying in his personnel texts?