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  1. True but a bobcat would have been dispatched and made into a hat and mittens.
  2. They always beat the Steelers. Last thing they needed was extra motivation. I think it gets ugly.
  3. Was at a buddy's house for a pheasant hunt and woke up to him knocking on my door 40 mins before my alarm was set to go off. He says "get dressed, I need some help." So I get ready and head outside and learn that he's been dabbling with some trapping on his 10 acres and went out early to check his traps and found he'd caught 2 of his neighbors cats in his sets. Man were those cats pissed. I'm sure there was a good way to get them loose that he didn't use. I wish I'd have recorded the whole episode, I mostly just laughed. He did text me like a proud papa a few months later with a fox that he got, so he must have learned a thing or two.
  4. I keep clicking the thread for a picture of the product and keep finding monologues
  5. Kam Chancellor. Certainly more big name players injured this year than any year I can recall
  6. Interesting - The swivel to allow the hook to spin so when you're fighting a biggun in the current it's less likely to break hardware? Or some other reason?
  7. Looking for a couple block island green needles and wadds. I like BMs but would be open to other builders as well. Used is fine, they’re getting fished.
  8. Double post
  9. pm coming
  10. I'm good with that if you'd still like to trade.
  11. Isn't there a pissing match about who actually shot him? Seem to remember reading different accounts of who actually shot him. No less a hero in my book, just wondering if that came up?
  12. Best part of the game is the 4 hours of pageantry leading up to it.
  13. Possibly. I've already got one but it's something I'll use. I'd like to let the thread run another day or two to see if a Wadd or needle or something I don't have pops up.
  14. Just acquired this from the Xmas family auction and had no idea it was so large. It's about 8". The only working scale I have at the moment only goes to 100 grams (3.5 oz) and this maxes it out. I'd guess it's around 5 oz and as such, something I'll never use. intersted in any of the following - used is fine smaller ls69 glider BI green BM wadd or needle Loaded or new red fins (atypical colors) Could probably be tempted with other plugs too. I've got $47 into the plug (albeit for charity) and would expect similar value in return.