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  1. 35 for the needle?
  2. No
  3. Playing along and assuming that is the case - I actually don't mind the idea to the extent a given perp is considered a juvenile. At 17 you'll certainly be tried as an adult and no longer think it's a reasonable solution.
  4. A white (greek?) kid who lived in a trailer park. A couple shades of crazy per social media.
  5. I'm going to sneak out tonight - Tired Hands on Saturday
  6. Art class was maybe the only fun class I had in high school. Our AD "taught" it, I still managed to get Cs but it was fun.
  7. bring needles - DZ wrote a book on Surfcasting block.
  8. Never have a thought you don't type and join the elites
  9. ban assault shotguns
  10. The stripper seeking advice on her hairy bush was pretty good. Anyone ever claim that one?
  11. The rules did change and teams were allowed to protect fewer players than they were allowed to protect during the last expansion in 2000. There also wasn't a salary cap during 2000 expansion. IIRC 2 or 3 of the existing teams in the league were also entirely protected from expansion picks because they had recently joined via expansion themselves, which wasn't true this time around. Vegas did a nice job, but you can certainly make the argument that the NHL helped Vegas succeed in the name of revenue.
  12. I'd have rolled up to that kill site like these guys and hacked off the hind quarters for myself and bopped them in the nose if they gave me a look
  13. Too bad it was Cheetahs.
  14. Guy I went to HS with died from something similar. Was using a chain to pull out his buddy and the chain snapped and hit him in the head. Some Final Destination stuff. That was when I learned about snatch straps.