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  1. Only been 8 years, but will dust for days
  2. It was $50 this year. You sure?
  3. The Delaware stripers talk was maybe the worst presentation on any topic I’ve ever witnessed. That aside, still a fun way to spend a couple hours. Bought a few things I needed and more that I didn’t.
  4. Xbox one - I travel a lot and am interested in some of the Nintendo exclusIve titles. Awfully spendy novelty item though...
  5. Any of you have a Switch? I've been tempted for a while now...
  6. I've wasted several hours on Enter the Gungeon recently. Frustratingly fun.
  7. Denmark? Not so much. I'm sure if you're there the games are fun. The lack of NHL talent makes it harder to watch / care, for me at least. The step down is pretty steep.
  8. That hockey game was hard to watch. I might tune in to see if the Russians are any more interesting to watch but the rest of the games are going to be a hard sell. Part of me wanted to see Shaun White lose after his helmet throw and celebration after his first run. Guy is a world class ass-hat, but his last run was fun to watch - got to respect the greatness.
  9. Jokes about the males being the smarter faster better sex aside, why such a lopsided Male to female ratio?
  10. Seem to remember reading over the summer there being an issue with them drop firing when hitting the ground a certain way. Don't drop it
  11. I just walked by Smith's and stopped to poke my head because it looked so crowded. It was full blown Friday / Saturday night mode in there at 4pm today. Seems some folks still aren't tired.
  12. What about Black Bass and Blue Marlin on Nintendo- I played the ass off those as a kid. Black bass was a pretty solid fishing game for it’s time.
  13. Just got here, you featherweights cash in already?
  14. *