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  1. Hell life’s too short for that kind of carry on. Ready made poper bodies are not very expensive and Just how many do most of us buy. The Fly is the part of the gear that a fish has to commit to so my personal view is I am not making any compromises to save a few cents. So my unique ideas is quite simply in terms of time cost and travel and quality that it is not worth buying make do stuff. Hell if my wife had your philosophy I would not be able to eat the dinners she made for me, mike
  2. The rod may feel like it’s not loading but that may not be related to the fly line weight but to how it’s been cast. Now 70 feet is not bad so with some tweaking you could move that up considerably. Ok heavier line may help but many guys confuse the feel of a heavy fly line verses rod load.. Mind it is not too expensive to get another line and try it. Mike
  3. Nomes Your getting it. How about forgetting your regular job if the pay is low in terms of setting a rod building rate. Your regular job has nothing to,do,with rod building. Ok what’s wrong with say $ 50 an hour. Plus a profit margin on top. I take my car to be fixed and it costs me over $ 175 an hour. I may or may not get a world class mechanic. If guys want cheap there are things called factory rods. The word custom should give any customer a clue that it’s not going to be silly cheap. Good luck to you. Mike
  4. Best answer possible go find a casting teacher or be stuck forever with a faulty cast. mike
  5. You may find that inclusion of a top takes you back to square one. For over head casting you have to include the weight of the tip. So you may have to buy a new lighter head to get back to 420 grains in total. mike
  6. Dick. That was a brave thing to tell us what your problems are. I admire your tanacity and willingness to engage with the fight with this darned cancer. I believe that you will win through. Dunkin Doughnuts will just have to learn to live without your custom unless there is a way to use that feed tube to include coffee and cake. Ok August one is a special day for prayers and good luck to you Dick. Bear hug over the net from Mike. Mike
  7. Before up lining take a hard look at your fast. Gear tweeks don’t give much in the way of a return. mike
  8. Hi Anyone know how Dick is ? Mike
  9. Thanks Mercel .Your posts aways bring to me peace and tranquility. Mike
  10. Nomes I don’t understand why you are asking this question. You say you have built rods before. Looking at some of the suggestions some guys don’t value their time very highly. Think about it time is your life. It’s the most precious thing you have. Why should a Rod builder if skilled not work for a very good living. Why should we be considered as second class when it comes to earning a decent living. My philosophy these days has changed massively when it comes to pricing my work. If the person I quote does not like it fine I move on to the next one. Hopefully one who understand we need paying properly to. And if not enough people exist that do understand then there is no point being in the business. Most guys are plain too afraid to ask enough for their time. For a re build then 3 times what I would quote for a new build. If they don’t like it fine they can find a mug to do it for them or do it themselves. Mike
  11. Before you get into the total mysteries gear you could consider learning a little more about the mysteries of fly fishing. So you get your gear. What next. What’s the plan. Mike
  12. Esa Forgive me if I am wrong but your cast in the video looks to be all arc and little translation. When we meet up in Aug you have to show me this cast with this rod and line because to be totally straight with you I did not like this rod even with just 500 grains. Could not use your cast with all the false casts as the waves would have dumped me back onto the beach by the time I was done. I have to find out how you manage to throw such a heavy line on this rod. Mike
  13. Amen
  14. SnookFly You cant seperate the two. Both need to be right. As to cost well you can buy rods that cost less money than some fly lines these days. Mike