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  1. Yes. When I penned my initial post, my tunnel vision was focused on therapy for aggressive/abusive/sociopathic ("craziness") types of behavior which should disqualify someone from getting a permit to purchase a firearm. As you say, there are many other reasons people seek therapy for which they should not be disqualified from owning a firearm.
  2. I stand corrected and agree. I was "thinking" of dangerous, aggressive, abusive etc. types of behaviours for disqualification and don't think that sleep therapy should be included; especially for bass and snook fishermen. Or fisherpeople. Fisherpersons? Fisherfolks?
  3. Murder is against the law if your last name isn't Clinton. I think there will be a "lessons learned" review of this kid's privilege to purchase that weapon. From what I've gleaned from news reports, it seems like the background check missed the fact that he was in therapy for mental reasons. That should have disqualified him. I'm not certain of the timeline though. He may have bought the AR-15 before he was in therapy...
  4. Yes. And if you disagree with those "oh-so-peaceful-Libby's", they will riot and fire shots with their illegally possessed weapons that they don't want ANYONE to have. Speaking of crazies...
  5. I do believe that nut jobs should not be allowed to possess firearms, and, I'm certain our esteemed politicians are working fervently on that very issue right now.
  6. Yup, and guns have never been the problem. The problem is the with nuts who aim loaded guns at innocent people and pull the trigger.
  7. Often times the problem is, the common law abiding citizen can't shoot back. Unfortunately, this shooting involves minors who couldn't legally cc anyway. A damned shame on both counts. Pray for them...
  8. Croaking. Not a problem. The fishing is so bad on this side of the dirt it has to be better on the other side.
  9. #9
  10. I kind of feel bad for E.C. because he never became, IMHO, a GREAT player. He's pretty good though. Always was. I just looked at a list of "best guitar players". Clapton finished ahead of Alvin Lee, Zappa, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray, Albert King, Trucks, Johnny Winter, Chet Atkins, Knopfler, Prince, DiMeola, etc. What a joke. I didn't even see Mississippi John Hurt on the list!
  11. ^^Yup. I've seen his "type" in guns shops. Too-cool-know-it-all-ass-clown.
  12. Whew. Gave me chills reading it. This could be posted as a very worthwhile public service message at ranges. This reinforces why it is SO IMPORTANT to keep muzzles pointed down range at ALL TIMES. I know I'll pass it along to my kids and friends for sure. Thanks for taking the time to advise.
  13. Bunker
  14. And if I may add: Teach kids to be ACCOUNTABLE!
  15. I would think that a 15 year old should know that pointing a gun at someone is NOT a good idea unless you intend to shoot them. However, the kid may have been slow-between-the-ears or stupid or just plain bad. Who knows... I feel bad for all involved but I don't agree that the government should dictate how we store our firearms and ammo.
  16. Nothing "starts" with weed. Everything starts with a DECISION. And addiction starts with a decision to keep taking ______ (fill in the blank) KNOWING that it (addiction) is impending.
  17. I'm so confused. Now, I have to urinate and don't know whether I should stand or sit???? I'm going to play eeniemeeniemineemoe when I get to the doors.
  18. A nice Jaco tribute...
  19. feces
  20. Just a loser with a j-o publicity stunt. It had its 15 minutes (of fame?), now it can go back to its miserable existence and munch carpet.
  21. Well, I guess we've learned the 7 deadly sins. But nothing spells true love like when you're hunched over the bathroom sink brushing your teeth and you hear a big splash; look over in the direction from which the splash came, and you see your sweetie with her 2 eyes popping out of her vibrating head, with every vein bursting out of her neck, and her face is as red as her fanny was the night before when you were spanking it. THAT(!) is true love.