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  1. has-been
  2. sucks
  3. .22
  4. disengaged
  5. The bomber is dead. Yay!
  6. tears
  7. China fixed their opioid problem by killing the users, the dealers, and the smugglers. They took a page out of Einstein'S book. See quote below.
  8. Gin isn't juniper flavored. It's pine cone flavored. They throw 5 pine cones in every bathtub of gin.
  9. Maybe. If so, these two crazy cowards probably know each other.
  10. Red: I need a new chimney for my smoker and that job looks like a perfect match. Can you send me a picture of it with a yard stick next to it so I can get an idea of scale please?
  11. Davis
  12. Skittles for "her". A Slim-Jim for hisself.
  13. I just ordered a new set of Air-Lift air bags from Amazon for my 2000 F-350; top caps on the old ones rotted out. I got the best price I could find anywhere and they will wind up on my front porch this Saturday. Amazon will kill most brick and mortar stores eventually.
  14. Don't forget your manners. Proper etiquette is to send flowers or chocolates.
  15. Budweiser (The REAL breakfast of Champions)
  16. KP's a pig. The kid that was auditioning is still in the closet. Both are creeps.
  17. Bezos will someday rule the world. I was listening to a stock analyst on FOX Biz and he said that Amazon will eventually put most retail stores out of business in 10-20 years. I think it will be much faster than that.
  18. I only use a bat because at $200 an oz. I must economize.
  19. In NJ only country boys would be driving at 14, and fortunately, I was one of them. Hell, I was driving stoned at 14 but didn't really start drinking until I was about 16. (Which leads me to a rant about the "stupidest statement my kids have ever heard": I used to tell them that they should be taught how to drive drunk in school. Only because I've heard of so many idiot kids crashing while drunk. Me and my buddies have never bent a truck (or car) up while drunk; let alone kill someone. Ya just don't run into ***t because you're drunk. It's just that simple. If you're too drunk to drive, DON'T DRIVE. If you're drunk and driving, DON'T WRECK and stay the hell out of the way! Young people today are just stupid and UNaccountable. I know this will make no sense to most, but I ain't like most. And the cop thing about DUI because you had a beer is HORSE PAP! And so is: "BUZZED DRIVING IS DRUNK DRIVING". It's nothing more than a government cash cow. If someone causes a wreck when they are drunk, lock'em up for a few years. If not, leave'm alone.)
  20. extinction
  21. Yup. That "incident" in the San Felipe was caused by a very competitive HORSE, not the rider. He reminded me of Forego. That whacko would bite the horse next to him if given the opportunity. Vasquez and Shoemaker had their hands full when they rode Forego because he hated to lose.
  22. Like a guy on the radio said this morning: Everything about the United States is wussified. Now horses aren't allowed to make contact either! And I thought the National Felons League (NFL) was as bad as it gets...
  23. Do kids still play cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians in the school yard? Why did spell check make me capitalize "Indians"?