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  1. My whacky family always has someone house watch during a funeral and the viewing.
  2. YUK! Geeziz. The surgeon who turned that into a "girl" sucked! Uncle Jim Beam couldn't even help me go there. At 4 AM! It obviously needs a pig virus vaccine.
  3. X1,000 ...JUST SAYIN'!!!!!!!!
  4. He's not only annoying, but he's stupid too. When everyone was boo hooing over Prince's death, this dork admitted that he "partyed" all night with Prince in Minneapolis once and had no idea how he was. I'm thinking it's tough to party with a sexless "human being?" who doesn't drink or smoke; just does oxi's by the fist full. He must have propped old Prince up with those patented pillows. And yeah, Pillow Boy was sued for health claims, tax evasion: And sued for:
  5. My guess is yes, you probably have a better chance of avoiding a collision if you're going slower. This came to mind for some unknown reason but I'm not sure if this can be extrapolated into higher speeds: During NY Yankees radio broadcasts there is a PS announcement that states pedestrians who are struck by a car going 25 MPH are 50% more likely to survive than if hit by a car going 30 MPH. They don't state reasons why, and yes, it is a government sponsored ad, so whatever... Anyway, I travel through the NJ piney woods often and there are plenty of deer there. I always go slow in the likely areas and especially slower during rut and on the rutting moon week.
  6. I used to trap muskrats and raccoons from about 1968-1973. I think a large rat pelt brought about $1.75 - 2 bucks back then; coons ~6 - 7 bucks The world was much different then. I wouldn't know where to sell a pelt if I had one.
  7. Muskrat?
  8. Ah, yes. The sound of solid contact between an accidental elbow and a skull is a melodic delight. The only sound sweeter is the torso impact and air being knocked out of a sandal wearing, perfumed coffee drinking douche nozzle, who slipped on a slimy jetty rock while trying to come out there and catch my fish. "Daytime blitzes can be fun and dangerous" I'll mumble as I step over him on my way back to my truck to enjoy a non-perfumed beer and a non-perfumed swig of Jim Beam Black.
  9. Perfume was not made to add to coffee, beer, and bourbon. But I will add chocolate to milk for the grand babies. Only because I'm askeered not to because they are all at the height where my jewel case is in their power punch zone; been "blind sided" by a stealth right jab a few times already.
  10. Did they wreck this thing?
  11. Nice! Congratulations! I'd probably hard plumb that clothes washer supply while it's open too. The lever shut off as mentioned above is nice. I just bought a replacement for mine. The first one lasted 20+ years.
  12. Mom: It's all fun and games til somebody loses an eye. He's shaking like he's s***'in peach pits. Or ham bones. I love to ask this question, especially when people are gagging from noxious gas: Do farts leave lumps?
  13. I wouldn't turn my back on "it". It could be Back Man.
  14. A friends dad used to say: If you don't knock it off, I'm gonna kick the **** out of you and then kick you for ****'in. Busier that a one armed paper hanger. Hornyer than a 3 peckered billy goat.
  15. ^ one of my faves. Sweatin' like a country boy writin' a love letter. He couldn't hit a bull in the arse with a snow shovel. If I want any crap out of you, I'll knock it out of you. That thing is tighter than a frogs arse; and they're water tight!
  16. Get it done. Just make sure you ask him if he prefers you to send chocolate or flowers when you wake up. Also, cinch up your seat belt real good on the drive home because you'll slide under the steering wheel if you don't.
  17. Break out the Yaktrax!
  18. ^^
  19. You can't just knock or ring the bell. You have to say: "Hey, Dave. Open the door man, I got the stuff.". I hope I don't see a report on News 12 tonight about some dumb arse who froze to death because he wouldn't let the heater man in.
  20. x2. One of my favorite words completely bassterdized by mentally ill sexual deviates: GAY. Gay was once a beautiful word. Ironically, I've never met a "gay" or happy or content or peaceful homosexual. They are ALL very unhappy with "their situation".
  21. Oh, snap.
  22. Webster can remove the definition of "vicious" and replace it with that picture. Wow! Scary!
  23. There should be 2 sections in the coffee area; like lavatories. MEN: coffee ONLY. No sugar, no sweeteners, no stirrers, no milk, no perfumed stuff.. JUST CUPS, COFFEE AND LIDS! OTHER GENDERS: contains all of the stuff that non-men add to coffee
  24. Hell, I'd bet oxi was childs-play compared to whatever it was that made him fall through a ceiling! Damn I'd like to check that stuff out! Great taste in tuneage by the way. When we were kids I used to tell my wife I was going to get "truckin' fool" tattooed on my forehead. LOL