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  1. I have one made of bamboo that's held up well for 20 or so years.
  2. Heard one to this effect on St. Paddy's Day: Mick says to Paddy: "Close your curtains the next time you're shagging your wife. The whole street was watching and laughing at you yesterday." Paddy says: "Well the joke's on them stupid arses, because I wasn't even home yesterday."
  3. I work with a guy who does civil war re-enactments. He takes "STRANGE" and mathematics to a whole new level. He brews some very good beer though!
  4. snow
  5. Most pros on the bird dog field trial circuit feed their dogs Purina Pro Plan. My dogs had always done well on that and Joy. Not sure if Joy is still around. It was high in protein and fat and kept the muscle on them during the winter.
  6. Rename him Muffie.
  7. smoke
  8. Audible in the Run For the Roses.
  9. Would Sonny Gray be better off pitching on another team? I know he's an average major league pitcher, but he just seems overwhelmed pitching for the Yanks with that deer in the headlights stare.
  10. The same thing that I think I'm missing. I think we forgot that we can't fix stupid. 'Nuf said for me...
  11. STOP imagining. Tip: If a cop tells you to show him your hands, do exactly that. You'll live to tell the "oh so horrid" tale.
  12. As we all learned the first time we fell out of our crib: Gravity ain't just a good idea, IT'S THE LAW.
  13. reconnoiter
  14. Is Carmen peeing in the top image?
  15. wrap
  16. I only hope he isn't just another commie lefty who slips through so many cracks that one day he decides it's time to take more forceful actions while well armed. I'd report the crazy mf'er.
  17. Special people for sure. I'd bet they pride themselves on having never lost a foundation.
  18. chicken jimmie congas. and white rice. no beans. samba time in the red station! and LSD from KJU's best lab.
  19. And, the original Biscuit Eater as well.
  20. has-been
  21. sucks
  22. .22