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  1. Every time I see or use the word "gay" my ears get red because of the bass-terdization of the word by the moes.
  2. Accidental post.
  3. Nice! Thanks!
  4. Hercules.
  5. One of these years she will level with herself and come out of the closet.
  6. In a SANCTUARY STATE! Cali will be a 3rd world state in 3 years and everyone will be relieving themselves in the streets because the infrastructure will be decimated.
  7. I can't even purchase 5 round mags for my weapons.
  8. Your cell phone is tracked when it is turned off also. The battery must be removed to disable tracking.
  9. Darren. La-a for a girl.
  10. And, in winter, inching our way out onto the ice.
  11. Agree. Only problem is, "Sally" could be construed as Johnny doing the trans thing.
  12. I hope there is a deep recess in the bottom of the bottle for my thumb whilst pouring.
  13. NO! BLAME TRUMP! That's the "hip" thing to do now days. She had a great voice. God bless her.
  14. I blame Trump. There you go. Finally, something sensible added to this mess.
  15. tiger
  16. it wouldn't surprise me if the Communist State of NJ seceded from the United States should a national CCW law be ratified. THAT'S how screwed up this state is...
  17. The best defense
  18. They just throw salsa in a blender.
  19. My bad. My memory is excellent, but VERY short. I forgot Jorma and Jack too. And probably 20 others...
  20. tarpon
  21. Grateful Dead 60% of the time The Band Miles Davis Return To Forever Weather Report Yes Genesis Haggard, Owens, Cash, Coe, Willie
  22. Yup!
  23. Hmm. I've never snorted weed with percs.
  24. ...when there are breath mints in the urinal.
  25. The warnings on painkillers about alcohol is bogus. You must hydrate when consuming oxi or you'll get the constipation. That hurts worse than a bad tooth.