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  1. I love stories with a happy ending!
  2. Look it up.
  3. If someone/anyone doesn't like this country enough to respect it's traditions -e.g. standing quietly for the National Anthem- they are free to, and should, move to a different country. Go play football in Canada. Oh, that's right, Canada doesn't want U.S. citizens living and working in their country. Go live in Venezuela and say out loud, "Nicolas Maduro ain't my Presimadent." and see who listens. Some very nasty people will listen and will do very nasty things to anyone who sputters that. The players have no idea of what they are protesting and are... ah nevermind. I'm preaching to the choir. Out.
  4. The only things roosky's do are drink, meddle and play hockey.
  5. I've never met a pizza hater. Damn. What is this world coming to? I hope I never meet one either. That's just unchristian.
  6. Spoiled brat multi-millionaire athletes don't like to be told how to act (be respectful) or what to do (stand for our National Anthem). And, most of them can't even spell "protest" let alone define it. There ain't a whole lot of thinkin' goin' on in the NFL. It's mostly, be strong, run fast, jump high and act like a jackass at every opportunity. Then cry and whine when you're called on it.
  7. They have a bunch of people working at Amazon that were finalists on America's Got Talent. They can do amazing things...
  8. The Glock trigger safety only protects weapon discharge for drops or other jarring/impact of the weapon. That protects innocents from being shot when Assclown Dancin' G-man did his flip and the weapon hit the ground. However, the gun will fire when you pull the trigger, whether intentional or otherwise, as our boy displayed. The trigger must be fully pulled though.
  9. Tough to top, but it does remind me of the little fella in Texas who was born without eyelids. Doc tried making eyelids from his foreskin and was successful! Only issue was, the little guy was a bit cockeyed.
  10. When Trump puts a tariff on rice from China, Bud will price itself out of the market.
  11. cake
  12. I'd like be right there with you and him. One of my top 10 shows: 1972/03/23
  13. I'm hoping Hofburg/Mott/Ortiz git'er done.
  14. Ozone
  15. Or, if you prefer lady-like juice. Good song though.
  16. Try washing the Bud down with Jim Beam. That's what I do and I've never had morning after digestive problems.
  17. 7 seasons of anything is long enough. Without Negan there is no place to go. WD is over...
  19. That's because our government doesn't have the resolve to take a page out of Chairman Mao's book. He eliminated China's opioid problem quickly and effectively. There should be ZERO tolerance for drug trafficking and abuse.
  20. You cannot force anyone to rehabilitate. One can only rehabilitate themselves.
  21. dominatrix