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  1. Great price for a BJ. Tuggies are 10 bucks in my neighborhood.
  2. Yes. Call your local government. Township perhaps. Tell them your issue and they will send someone out to evaluate. If deemed a danger they will issue a notification advising he has to have them removed. This will only happen if the trees are dead.
  3. tutu
  4. He's wishin' he was slippin' AND slidin' in #7. Nice work!
  5. We redid our kitchen 3 years ago and, since I'm a GE believer, everything but the dishwasher is GE Profile. No regrets. However, the GE Corp. is really struggling so I'd be wary of them. Back then the "best" dishwasher, supposedly, was Bosch. We bought a higher end one and it is really good. Quiet too. Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Good luck.
  6. Fact: If the FBI, local law enforcement, et al had done their due diligence and maybe even their jobs, we wouldn't be having this discussion. ALL blowback should be on THEM. And maybe a few heads should roll. Opinion: Firearms regulations in most states don't need to be fixed, amended, improved, modified, etc. Some states, one of which is the Commie State of NJ, deserve, and NEED to have the NRA sue them for their stupidity regarding the issuance of firearms permits to law abiding citizens.
  7. I didn't scour this entire thread so Milana Aleksandrovna Vayntrub may have been mentioned. I just always thought that this old AT&T commercial chick was sneaky hot.
  8. No mention of the bunny point in the write up of the new champion.
  9. There is a lot of subjectivity in judging field trials as is there in most judged competitions. Decisions are often made and awards are handed down by judges that are sometimes criticized by contestants and spectators. Such is life in these types of events...
  10. I'm by no means and expert and I'm not sure if the judges can have a call back at the NC either. Some AA championships can (and do) have call backs; some championships have a call back built into the rules and is mandatory.
  11. I don't know sir... An unproductive (not so bad) but off game? I wasn't there; so maybe birds were gone before the judges arrived and only the bunny was left? I don't know the circumstances and what the judge(s) thought... But, flip side, not many birds have been found and this guy found a bunch. Big race is not so important now because of the courses conditions. Weird year. Maybe no champion in 2018???? I don't know much about All-Age Championship field trialing, but I would have put the rope on him at the rabbitt. Lester didn't and I'm sure for good reason.
  12. It's a shame that dog lives aren't longer but the bright side is, we get to enjoy more of them. Sorry for your recent loss, Buckmaster. Beautiful pics. Thanks for posting. Mom was a beauty for sure. Is there some Old Hemlock in her pedigree?
  13. Haha I was raised 12 miles from Trenton, NJ. I have somewhat of an idea of what GREAT pizza is. However, what passes for Buffalo wings around these parts is PATHETIC!
  14. Argh... I imagine the scouts can't keep up with the dogs. And it won't do any good to hack a dog in the The National because they have to have a pretty big race. It's just tough luck and the luck of the draw, compliments of Mother Nature. I learned 40 years ago that a toolmaker wasn't, and would never be, in that $$$$ league. They sure were fun to watch when I was young though.
  15. Excellent description. Thanks for posting. The scouts are the straw that stirs the drink.
  16. After seeing the daily video snips, I can't imagine how wet the grounds must be with an additional 4" of rain. I'm with you on postponing yesterday's running, but the judges are top notch and know best. I hope. Strong storms forecast for today. I hope Quickmarksman's TT has a great race and well spaced clean finds if they go this morning.
  17. Did the resource deputy have radio contact with law enforcement? If so, I'd like to hear the tape.
  18. Yes. These "athletes" are the best of the best All Age dogs and they have plenty of go. An interesting aspect of the field trial game is, every successful handler will tell you the scout is more important to a dogs performance than the handler. The scout is the person that keeps track of the dog, keeps it on the course and makes the dog look like a genius on a limb find or a super dog when the dog pops out (shows) FAAAAR to the front. Most scouts make Willie Shoemaker look like an amature when it comes to horsemanship! These guys and gals RIDE HARD and make it look easy!
  19. I agree the clips are short, but they are intended to show the dogs manners. The video I have shows some nice casts and a lot more bird work and relocation if necessary. You can the pro handlers and how they "show off" their charges. This may interest you: There are other videos on YouTube as well. NOTE: Mr. Miller has been banned from American Field field trials and breeding programs to inaccuracies in litter registration paperwork. He is "The Miller" in all of the great Miller dogs. The man has forgotten more about breeding, training, handling and scouting field trail dogs than probably anyone else on this planet.
  20. Not sure if my count is accurate, but I believe 9 handlers asked for the tracker and 1 dog was out of pocket after the running of 15 braces. I know the horses are taking a beating in the soggy conditions -it ain't easy on the dogs either- and am wondering if negotiating the terrain and the weariness of horseflesh are causing the dogs to just outrun the scouts and handlers.
  21. National Championship. The videos are snips of birdwork and nice casts and are posted daily. Try this link: Enjoy!
  22. Good news! Thank you for passing this on. I'm really enjoying the birdwork videos on the NC webpage. Really nice camera work. I tip my hat to that talent. I'm a bit ashamed that I've only bought one video; Shadow Oak Bo's first NC win. I've heard there will be some drone work on this years video. Do you know if that will happen?
  23. It looks like Oakspring Big Time Warrior had plenty of clean finds. Tough to run in a pond though... but it looks like all will face the same muckfest. I looked at the GSP that had a qualifying win in '16. He appears to have as much pointer in him as a pointer. LOL Lets see how Quickmarksmans TT goes.
  24. Kids were smarter in 800 BC because they were born knowing how to read a sundial. Today, most kids can't read a clock.
  25. Those Moran's are tough Irish folk. Be careful.