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  1. galvanic
  2. acid
  3. i hope someone finds a video...
  4. If you think your gf might have a trace of of that same abhorrent attitude and her sis is a looker, you should have offered her a tube steak.
  5. A-Rod
  6. left hander
  7. Thanks for the heads up.. What a travesty of "ecology". Does anyone know what impact the extinction of the PP will have on the environment? I'm thinking none.
  8. Prolly just the aids.. But don't worry, the first time you get it is the worst. Just try to stay away from bad meat in the can.
  9. Tinkerbelle
  10. The first thing I do at first meet is check her teeth. Don't matter to me the breeding.
  11. cantaloupes
  12. Wilbur Harding on trumpet and flugelhorn.
  13. FBI must have gotten confused. (Pie nada was supposed to shut down bad pizza shops, not nab illegals.) State law.
  14. Why the Johnny pot on the corner? Isn't that what curbside is for?
  15. Or drop a Boston steamer in front of a Starbucks.
  16. ^ FAKE NEWS! lol
  17. (I guess the molesting children part was censored.) This is getting rough. We should read "The Art of the Deal."
  18. AMZN is a hot one!
  19. Good luck. Snug up your seat belt on the drive home so you don't slide under the dashboard. And, don't forget to send the doc flowers.
  20. journalism
  21. Keep in mind that Justify has been the best at 1 1/4 and 1 3/16 on an off track. But, who knows what will happen at 1.5? I guess that's why they're running it...
  22. I love stories with a happy ending!
  23. Look it up.
  24. If someone/anyone doesn't like this country enough to respect it's traditions -e.g. standing quietly for the National Anthem- they are free to, and should, move to a different country. Go play football in Canada. Oh, that's right, Canada doesn't want U.S. citizens living and working in their country. Go live in Venezuela and say out loud, "Nicolas Maduro ain't my Presimadent." and see who listens. Some very nasty people will listen and will do very nasty things to anyone who sputters that. The players have no idea of what they are protesting and are... ah nevermind. I'm preaching to the choir. Out.