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  1. I follow all clam rules to a Y. And, I follow them to a T if a gymnast is participating. Giddy up! And I don't clam GUNNISON!
  2. BW: Do you give fishing lessons? I obviously need some! :-) Welcome aboard! On a more serious note, kk hit the nail on the head in the first reply of this topic: darkness. And if I may, I'd add: reel slow (with artificials).
  3. ^^ I often times put the weight on the dropper loop and a teaser or whatever on the snap (where the plug normally goes). (My grandkids have been catching the crap out of the snappers that have been in the wash for the past month. The little "snapper zapper" is too light to cast so I put a 005 on the loop and the zapper spoon on the snap.)
  4. Check those king pins connman.
  5. My 2000 F-350 did that and it was a worn left king pin. A couple of years later it did the same thing and it was the right king pin. I'd be sitting in it, or sitting on the beach in my camper and it would just knock and I could feel it; kinda like a tap from behind; clunk. You may want to look at the front suspension for worn parts. BTW, the first pin went at about 65k and the second at about 80k. Oh, and the truck drove just fine; no issues with steering, vibrations, etc.
  6. I weawey wike cwam juice!
  7. ^^^Nice job! Yup. And having a floater 1 size down in yellow is a good thing to have for those fairly rare times when the bass won't hit something that is moving. Flip it out there; let it sit/float; hang on. Strange and rare but true.
  8. I have a 2000 F-350 that has 85k on it; probably close to 30k of beach riding. I rinse the bejeeziz out of it after each trip and it still looks pretty good underneath. I've always wondered if those electronic anti-rust gizmos worked?
  9. Theme: Don't ask. Don't tell.
  10. Spend another 18 bucks or whatever and buy a Super Strike Little Neck. Pop it; drag it; swim it; walk-the-dog with it. It's the only popper you'll ever need. Every other blue moon or so a pencil will out catch it though.
  11. ^^^ I hear ya on keeping slack off of the reel by feeding the line through the fingers of the rod hand. Great advice for all! Unfortunately, this maxis out my motor skill capabilities. If I even try to break wind while I'm doing this, I'll fall face down for sure! I've already stripped the guides off of her and hoping to get her up and running in a week or two. (Right now I'm busier than a one armed paper hanger in a hurricane.)
  12. ^^Regarding "How many times has this happened?": I can make it happen or not. If I pour the coal to a cast, it will knot up every time. If I cast slow and gentle, it will never happen. I can, and do, plug all night without a single issue. If I wake up during the day and blues are in front of me over the bar, I can snot it up on the first cast trying to hit them.
  13. ^^^I forget a lot of things. Thanks for the reminder.