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  1. Nice... when the fish are bouncing off of everyone's boots this coming Monday morning, I'll be warming up for Santa with some hot java, 3 giant Snickers bars and Christmas Vacation in the DVD player. ...fuzzy slippers too... Thank God it's over. I'm tired.
  2. Better and bigger after Sandy though. I beached a 1962 Renault 2 years ago on LBI. Oops. I mean somewhere in OC.
  3. All of those fish stories about blitzes never happened. It's all mendacity. All of the blitzes I've participated in NEVER HAPPENED! According to the NMFS the bass biomass is as high now as it has ever been. And those knicker wearing Pilgrims fish stories were bs as well. They should take down all Pilgrim statues and dump that dumb rock in Plymouth right into the Baltimore Canyon. IT'S OVER!
  4. It's easy to explain. Everyone in that photo is "PRO"! Not one fish was dragged up onto the dry sand, unhooked, measured 4 times, length pondered, fish admired and regulation consultation with a quorum for 5 minutes, measured 3 more times, regulations reviewed for 2 more minutes, measured one more time to confirm it is STILL short and then kicked all the way back down into the wash for a spectacular release.
  5. Dogfisher1: I understand that you arrived to the party a little late, but, do you know if there were a S-ton of boats catching during this blitz?
  6. Dogfisher1: Were there S-tons of boats catching in that blitz too?
  7. Eloquent reports and insights, beautiful pictures and piercing lips along the way. Thanks for taking me along Dick. Safe travels and Happy Holidays!
  8. Trying after it's over -like it is now- has virtues. 1. If you plug, you don't have to worry about smelling like fish. Even though you might ALMOST catch one. 2. You can enjoy the ambiance of a quiet night on the beach and keep in touch with mother nature. 3. And speaking of keeping in touch, since your hands will turn numb from the cold, you can enjoy a stranger on the drive home!
  9. The party boat captains should lobby for beach dredging right behind the replenishment crews.
  10. Global warming is anticlimactic.
  11. Ditto! All of that bunker and commotion just makes things confusing. Especially when all of the commotion is between the sand and the 3rd wave. But at least when that happens, I can show off my power casting and get my plug out beyond the maelstrom.
  12. H-E-double-hockey-stix NO! You're on a roll. The German's ain't the problem anyway. It's the whales! They're eating everything! Boats and all! Especially that Great White Whale. He's a glutton. He even eats clams! Quitters never win! Winners NEVER quit!
  13. ^^After I quit last night, I heard the Fat Lady serenading me and just balled mine up and stuffed it in the spare tire compartment. I had to whiz in it to keep myself warm on the way back to the car too; warmed me right down to my corkers. It should attract a lot of bait next May.
  14. Fly to EWR and take a train to Penn NY. You can hop on a train at the airport. Look for air bus signs when you land -that is the airport mono rail and it will take you to the airport train station. There are also plenty of airport attendants that will help you get to the train. Have fun!
  15. I saw a couple of whales and a hand full of dolphins feeding on something last Sat. off of OC. Nothing other than that happened for me.