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    Surf fishing with plugs and flies.
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    Tooling engineering for molded plastic parts.

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  1. puck
  2. chocolate
  3. I thought he was a fly fishing guy. You know, with an "e" on Wolf...
  4. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
  5. I can eat 50 eggs. Nobody can eat 50 eggs.
  6. Yeah, but Jim was really THE BAIT!
  7. vagabond
  8. stiff
  9. "respect" has been removed from society.
  10. none of the options mentioned. single hooks. buck tails. popper w/single hook.
  11. vacuum
  12. The only cold case file I enjoy is when I look at the remains with a flashlight in the three chest freezers I have in my basement.
  13. 6-7
  14. Quite the episode for you. I've purchased handguns from Sportsman's and Cheyenne with smooth sailing. I'm glad everything finally worked out for you.
  15. reddish when rain fish are around...