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    Surf fishing with plugs and flies.
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    Tooling engineering for molded plastic parts.

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  1. yellow with Jim Beam tan with Jim Beam black with Jim Beam red with Jim Beam amber with Jim Beam all other colors with ...
  2. Tapeworm is a dessert delicacy. Just put it in a bowl right from the bowel and put honey or brown sugar on it. Cinnamon works too. I didn't know you got tape worms from raw fish though. I thought you got it from bad meat in the can. Like hiv.
  3. SHE'S HOT!
  4. It ain't rocket surgery. If if's and buts were candy and nuts, what a wonderful Christmas it would have been.
  5. I always laughed at the old E-Trade -with the 2 kids- and Miller Light Tastes Great less filling ads.
  6. Every time I see or use the word "gay" my ears get red because of the bass-terdization of the word by the moes.
  7. Accidental post.
  8. One of these years she will level with herself and come out of the closet.
  9. In a SANCTUARY STATE! Cali will be a 3rd world state in 3 years and everyone will be relieving themselves in the streets because the infrastructure will be decimated.
  10. I can't even purchase 5 round mags for my weapons.
  11. Your cell phone is tracked when it is turned off also. The battery must be removed to disable tracking.
  12. Darren. La-a for a girl.
  13. And, in winter, inching our way out onto the ice.