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  1. I thought the surface models had no screwed lips and marking on tail.
  2. Has anyone seen a screw lip pikie grs that does not have a m or a d stamped on the lip? I know his surfster are not marked but I'm talking pikie.
  3. Jp fishing lures
  4. Nice surfster and that collaboration plug would have been my first choice.
  5. Would love to see what goodies were scored at the show today.
  6. "God Bless Mary" thanks for the chance Kevin
  7. I would do 50 on the top and 38 each on the others.
  8. Just read above about sealed plugs. The three on the bottem have swivels.
  9. Not being able to see these and go to the show is taking a toll mentally for me.
  10. I will grab lots 1&2 please
  11. Jesus this is beach buggy advice.
  12. Thank you for the free sticker my address is 

    Jeff Gellatly 

    95 High Street

    Bath, Maine 04530

    thanks again think spring.


  13. Barbie or scooby doo zebco special. I do feel badass when landing schoolies with it.