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  1. Troller please
  2. How about meet me in the middle at 28.50 PayPal .
  3. Sorry no venmo
  4. $30 shipped if paypal or a little less if money order.
  5. No i still have 3 3oz red/yellow poppers, 1 2oz yellow/white popper, and 1 3oz yellow/white pencil popper.
  6. Only have the pencil.
  7. That's a great grab that commander is nice.
  8. Troller bump
  9. You are just used to this pattern because it matches your underwear that's why.
  10. Looks like a Friday night #2 pick to me. Nice grabs for sure.
  11. Nice grab i regret not buying one of these.
  12. Black label sold, afterhours and mikes still available.
  13. This is a overlook critical point.