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  1. hmmm
  2. sling is great if you don't watch sports (2 minute delay) and don't mind shows or movies stopping half way through them and having to start from the beginning again with no fast forward available
  3. you are ****ed once Y finds out
  4. Lol
  5. Mmmmm delicious shutout points
  6. Zarlley was part of a huge ****ing trade and not a mention here. Of the trade and his importance!!!
  7. How the **** is the haddock EXTRA FRESH!!!!
  8. They ****ed you
  9. I hear ya
  10. #praisebabyjesus
  11. Yes we are the idiots wentzed
  12. What was that from. I know that from somewhere
  13. It was them
  14. i need ****ing sleep