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  1. he was on the hawks home broadcast a few weeks ago, was good to see him could barely keep it together
  2. forgot where i read it last night, good article on how it's not fair that the yankees didn't have to do a true rebuild and completely suck first and how annoying that is to some
  3. you weren't watching? fluent in not being able to troll on multiple subjects
  4. had one next to us, big ass asian dude agreed, or 7 at the latest i'd rather miss the first few innings and not be watching at midnight thank you for all the birthday wishes, that was a fun game to be at crowd was into it
  5. thank you all nice fish sue i want a yankees win
  6. The habs suck?
  7. Was a thing of beauty they might want Gomez back
  8. 48 saves TANDEM
  9. Lone Wolf needs to beat Nurse into a bloody pulp
  10. Oil 1-4
  11. Rags are 1-5 nice
  12. Go ward go
  13. Jackass walked Darvish
  14. Niteys team is a pile of steaming **** yes, he got screwed on extra picks looks like they took 7 away too
  15. **** this shift **** make then stay on the same side of their bag at least