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  1. Need to drain this swamp, FAST. Fisheries fools at their best, they know what's good for us
  2. A few weeks ago I was watching an episode of On The Water and they where off the SE light in September.You could see all sorts of fish in the drone footage and they never even mentioned it. What a tool, made me want to have one, for many reasons.
  3. Traditionally the new moon in May was it. Without looking it up I believe like May 5th. I can remember sweet water fishing in the afternoon at the pond on the way into SW point. Had the surf rods on the roof for dusk and seeing Charlie Dodge screaming to the beach. When I got there he was on a fish and they were thick. I should have tried sooner. I would say 1983 or so. Flash back
  4. Ahh, it never occurred to me that it could be the scent of Jersy master baiters.
  5. The smell of bait has been very strong on Block this week. I'm thinking Herring. Makes me so horny. Water only 40
  6. Why ? Do people like eating PCB's.
  7. Bob Pond, my home town hero
  8. I am amazed at the amount of non sharpeners here. You are educating our fish. Every time some cow side swipes your rock beaten dull hooks they get away. Never to bite again. Just kidding. I use two chain saw files taped together,it works sweet! It hugs the hook and makes the hook point so nothing gets away without feeling it. Like when bass are finicky and rolling ,you need every advantage you can get. I thought everyone did this.
  9. As a future Hobie owner, I have held off on the pedal yak purchase for the whole surf launch and weight problem debate. It seems you sacrifice stability for comfort with the lawn chair style seat. Most ares for me on Block are surf launches. I will use my paddle yak for those if it's snotty. The main reason for me getting a Hobie is to allow me a boat that I can spend many hours in. It will give the ability to travel to new grounds I can't reach by paddling,at least for me. I understand I need to launch from the harbor or other easy access areas. My paddle yak is good for three hours then my butt and back starts to drive me crazy, unless I'm catching. I do agree that if Hobie was smart they would make the seat work for both options and you could choose according to the conditions. It makes me want to wait a little longer. But I won't.
  10. See snowy owls very often on Block Island,RI all winter. Last few years have been above normal. Had a pair of Bald Eagles yesterday and one swooped down on some ducks in a pond. They had every bird on that island very nervous.
  11. This is what I needed to here, again. Today I'm saying outback!
  12. Just when I thought I've made up my mind, I find a thread to make me wonder more.
  13. Didn't see one table at RISSA show or seminar regarding conservation of the bass stock. No Stripers Forever, why? Just pushing more over priced charters / slaughters. Pushing now to open EEEZ to bass fishing. Wake up!
  14. Walked around a lot but never bought one thing. Hit a few seminars, John Skinner had a good one one fluking. Had a pile of money to spend but just didn't need anything. Got a good look at the Hobie kayaks. Getting one, just not sure which one yet. There are to many choices, need to demo.
  15. I've been struggling with same problem, pedal vs paddle. Most often my launches are in the surf,and on Block it can be brutal. If it doesn't get you going out it gets coming in. Especially in the dark. I usually need to carry my yak to be able to get in the water. I'm using a sit in because of the weight mostly but maneuverability is a big issue. I often nose in to a swelly beach cast an eel into surf zone,and back out. Often hoping a fish does not head for the beach. I worry a pedal yak would be harder at times in these situations.Looking at the structure is scary when it come to breaking stuff up. Rocks the size of trucks reaching up 15 feet.I have never used a pedal yak so I need to demo one. I am pretty sure I'm going end up with both. Using my sit in for surf launches. I don't push it when it gets to big it's not worth it. The main reason for me thinking about a pedal yak is for range. I also see the value in being able to stem the tide for bottom fishing. There are so many places to hit around Block but you can only paddle so far before you think about the pain of returning. I have Old Harbor to launch a pedal yak from in just about any conditions allowing me to maybe get in and fish on those days I can't do a beach launch.