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  1. Just another black scar for the Commercial fishing industry. Carlos Rafael, in jail for 4 years, scum. While we,the recreational anglers balance on a wire trying to come up with the proper regulations to save the last cod, the commercial fishers are getting rich depleting yet another fishery. It makes me sick. At least he was caught. How many others are also evading the law? This goes on day after day.
  2. You did it, now you pay. Think ahead,the most awesome fishing partner you will ever have! Congrats
  3. 20% if they keep no BASS
  4. Damn Lawyers, should have a bounty on them.
  5. If I was planning a trip to catch bass, I would go to the canal. Block is a wonderful place to fish but it has been hard to get excited about actually catching. Wish you the best of luck. Maybe this will be a better year than last.
  6. Flew back from Block last week and the beach was being assaulted with birds and herring by the tons. Old Harbor is loaded with them. You could see black masses all over from Block to Westerly, unreal!
  7. Killed many noble wild turkeys in Scotland CT.
  8. Yes, let's
  9. Only to end up in the dump when the "killing "starts up again this spring.
  10. Sick dudes for sure! Can't help to think back to long ago when bass fishing. You would see anglers stomping bluefish and leaving them for the birds just because they got in the way of keeping more bass. Where are the bluefish now ? Sad to see how many of the animals that show up in the super market got there too. Pretty sure people suck basically.
  11. No harm, and thank you for this site and all the hard work you must do to keep it running. I love it!
  12. Flew back from Block Thursday afternoon and as far as the eye could see was madness. Birds crashing in the wash, black clouds of herring everywhere.
  13. Wow, am I bad. Tim,no disrespect was intended here,hence my first sentence to Charlie was "with all due respect ". I have great respect for Charlie and read all his posts and have learned much from reading them. My comment "these are big words "were directed towards Stripers Forever's mission statement. I don't appreciate being called names by a moderator. Just because I'm not saying the things you want to here. Give me a break. I also invite everyone to go to Stripers Forever's web site and watch the video there that explains there goals. It makes sense to me to work with an organization like them, since there is no others out there actually trying to do something. We need to start somewhere. Why not there ? There are a lot of impressive personalities on that video. Have you watched it? I apologize to anyone I have offended, but this is serious stuff to me. Merry Christmas!
  14. Well that makes it clear. And why are calling them Hippocrates?
  15. With all due respect, Strpers Forever's mission statement states "the commercial harvest and sale of wild Striped Bass woul be strictly prohibited everywhere on the Atlantic coast." These are big words I know. But who else is even trying? Who should we be behind if not them. Sometimes I think the problem lies in the politics and the people that believe we should do nothing,because it is a waste of time. If there is no sale,how then would there be fish illegally sold to restaurants? I would love to hear more reasons why we should not support this organization.