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    30 years fishing Block in surf and boat now addicted to kayak fishing
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    Farming, horses, turkey hunting, stripa fishin
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  1. Massholes beware! The Jersey Boys are on the way
  2. It makes me sick! Game fish status! This ends all of this. Wake up!
  3. Game fish status and all this foolish crap ends. Go catch some SeaBass and let the damn stripers swim. Keep all these out of state fish rappers home in there own fished out waters. This crap needs to end
  4. This hurts my ears
  5. Huge swell last night, got stuck half way from SW point to schooner had to wait for tide to drop. 40 ft logs slamming onto beach. Very dangerous! Just a few dinks.
  6. Mexico
  7. Yes block can be tough. If you are limited to old harbor area, try from Ballards wall to **** shoot around flood tide. I had a few small fish there last week. Keep going past shoot to old harbor point. Good ground there also. Some friends have been getting some bass in front of the surf by the wall when conditions are right. Have not even seen a blue this year,yet. Have a nice trip.
  8. At least no bitching about all the seals, yet, bitch bitch bitch. Let's go for a new world record robin this year. Block has more seals than lobster buoys now. They are cleaning out everything, even sea robins are scarce
  9. And I can still say "I'm proud to be an American " thank you for posting! I also took the time to read the whole thing ,again.
  10. Hey hey, easy on the tree huggers. Out here on block most seal lovers hug the famed Bayberry bush, or an occasional weed plant. Was thinking those seals would probably love some antifreeze marinated bunker. Can hand feed them from the kayak.
  11. And I thought seals were bad
  12. Fox reports the mafia state, RI, will not allow Trump on the ballet because he has not released his tax return. The arm pit of the country has a long list of controversy itself. They will alienate the state and loose any federal assistance,I hope!
  13. huge seals on Block. WTF
  14. Very interesting,thanks. mother jones is awful though!
  15. I think the head boats would make great bottom structure