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  1. pig, slob
  2. Numbers are 10% (if that) at my local spot where they usually show up the first week of May. Anyone seeing pogies around?
  3. I pretty much have to stop a couple hundred yards down the road every time I head home from fishing. Always convinced I left something
  4. no...that's how you get the California edition. Be curious to see if the maps change from year to year or if they just get recycled.
  5. Would like a 1 if you find another
  6. 2,3&5 please
  7. I'm doing this next year with my kid...looks awesome. Good service you are providing
  8. Popov make you burn your own spot too...
  9. they get tuna from time to time
  10. those are nuts
  11. It's a spectacle worth experiencing. Best advice I've read (but not tried) is to fish the start and/or end of the nightly hatch. Could guess, but not sure of the time frame for the salt ponds
  12. Scouted out seekonk river today. Water flow was chocolate and heavy. No positive ID, but cormorants were grouped up and osprey went home with dinner. Couldn't say for sure what dinner was
  13. Saturday in Pawtucket/Seekonk River, osprey was hunting but came back with nothing. their eyes are usually trustworthy. not sure if that changed with the moon however
  14. bunker....as in menhaden? you sure?