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  1. MA police cruiser...I knew it was a cop, but I googled
  2. One bad experience is how sales are lost. It's a dog eat dog world out there. Toughen up
  3. wtf would you go back to a place with bad service? that's just weird...in any country
  4. Thanks. I have your info. PP incoming...
  5. Sorry, I meant one #1, two #2's and one # 4 for a total of four plugs. I wrote that terribly. If it's an issue, I'll take the five you interpreted. Otherwise, I'll take the 4 for $77
  6. 1&2 (X2) &4 please
  7. french fries of the sea. very cool. hope they stick around
  8. Not to get in the way of a good cat fight, but you can absolutely use two trebles and a siwash if so desired...unless you are fishing within the special Kennebeck regulations area. "GENERAL GEAR RESTRICTIONS • Hook and line only, no gaffing of striped bass. • No bait allowed when using treble hooks. • It is unlawful to use multiple (more than two) barbed or barbless treble hooks on any artificial lure or fly while fishing for striped bass in territorial waters. • It is unlawful to use any hook other than a non-offset circle hook when using bait. Exception: Rubber or latex tube lures may be used without a circle hook as long as they are a minimum of 8 inches long and have a single hook protruding from the end portion of the tubing where bait may be attached." - The focus here is clearly on the use of treble hooks & a siwash is not a treble.
  9. pig, slob
  10. Numbers are 10% (if that) at my local spot where they usually show up the first week of May. Anyone seeing pogies around?
  11. I pretty much have to stop a couple hundred yards down the road every time I head home from fishing. Always convinced I left something
  12. no...that's how you get the California edition. Be curious to see if the maps change from year to year or if they just get recycled.
  13. Would like a 1 if you find another
  14. 2,3&5 please
  15. I'm doing this next year with my kid...looks awesome. Good service you are providing