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  1. No, I only put on one washer. I came home and added another. It's going to get warmer mid week, I'll check it out then.
  2. Added a shim to my saragossa and took a drive to the water to let some casts fly, hoping to fix my line lay issue. Decided to work a 4 inch keitech. After a couple of moves and getting cold, about to call it quits and fish on. Healthy, strong, released..What a nice surprise.
  3. Reflecting just on this past fall with these four lures Bucktail, soft plastics without eyes majority of my fish Sp minnow, SS darter did well with eyes night
  4. This is how I always understood it. I'm always adjusting the height of the tip of my rod whether it above my head or in the water. Staying in contact and hook set is the dangle.
  5. Sorry for your loss, sounded like a awesome friend and fisherman. May he rest in peace I'm in
  6. God Bless Mary Thanks for the chance
  7. Happy V day Thanks for the chance
  8. I once asked a bass and she replied depends on how hungry I am. Conditions, bait present, what stage of survival, feeding or reaction strike ...I caught a lot of different fish species in the past 40 years with lures without eyes
  9. Awesome album, aint talk n bout love still gets nauseating playtime like back and black. Eddie...originator of the brown sound , altering pick ups , and pedals. Was truly an awesome three piece band that rocked live . Quite frankly revolutionized rock n roll guitar. Not to mention Alex and Michael, VH II, women and children first, fair warning,....
  10. Cool Let us know how you fair, size of strips you used, etc. I think the color is sick already
  11. Thanks, spoken like a true physician, I'm sure all science based, please read all of my double posts next time Lol
  12. For an antiinflamatory like meloxicam before cortisone or surgery
  13. Rest and try a presription
  14. Bucktail, flukes / keitechs, popper, spook, jerkbait