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  1. Red tide has always been happening, hopefully the powers that be will start to address this sadness Black rain
  2. Black rain my friends, black rain
  3. Casey key....two juvenile snook with a small tin , outgoing, inlet
  4. Black rain my friends, black rain Stepped on a puffer fish walking the beach yesterday, my toe sti 'll hurts
  5. Do they eat ticks?
  6. Looking good.. My wife has been away visiting a friend, forgot to water a couple of her potted plants. At least I fed the dogs and kids.
  7. Just my second time. I have no dog in this fight, actually just bought an intro kayak for myself from letgo, but I appreciate reading everyone's experience. One day I might be in the market for a new one and customer service, warranty, and transparency means a lot to me. Companies and insurance companies do not want to accept ownership for themselves, IMO..I just spent over an hour going in circles between my cell phone carrier and insurance company. Truly maddening. When I read Elias's post, I was truly surprised. You would think that a company would love be associated with him.
  8. Lip them like lmb like you did
  9. Good ole fashion horny toad, scum frog, and spros The freshwater lure scene in the past ten years has grown . The choices and techniques are endless and fantastic for certain conditions, lakes, etc. I'm a minimalist. Started throwing a wacky rig 20 years ago just driving any offset hook I had through the middle. I'm proud to say I'm keeping up with the Jones's and broke down and bought the tool, o rings.
  10. Sometimes you can throw your log out the window. Just when you think a certain spot produces great for example on the end of an ebb with a northeast wind, the same spot produces also on the top of a flood with a southwest wind when that mullet run starts, or a pod of bunker show up, or sand eels hanging around for a week. I try to also cosider time of year , water temp, and where bait might stage.
  11. Just doesn't happen with jawbone, happens with all of them at times
  12. A trailer can make or break a day on the water. I don't lways have squid, or worm, or spearing, or a strip of something. Experiment with all that you've mentioned. There are several artificial trailers I use depending on conditions, water clarity, bait present, and time of day. Last night my bite improved significantly , catching schoolies, changing from a white curly tail to a 3 inch keitech. I believe the different action and depth was the ticket. Tight lines
  13. Congrats Octo, fish of a lifetime. Walking down the beach here on the north shore of long island, I'm telling people someone caught a 58 pounder of the beach in NJ with bunker. They think I was joking trying to run them away from my spot! Don't blame any crowds on me!
  14. +1 I don't recall anyone saying to drive without lights on the sand. How about when your airing down and some jackass pulls up lights a blazing. Really great , arghhh
  15. I'm not disagreeing . Too many lights and its downright maddening, dangerous in some instances, and disrespectful. etc. but a lot of times newbies need to be educated. Tell them the deal and explain if you can. Most people are receptive, some act like they listen, and some are downright ignorant and confrontational Good luck and tight lines all