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  1. A trailer can make or break a day on the water. I don't lways have squid, or worm, or spearing, or a strip of something. Experiment with all that you've mentioned. There are several artificial trailers I use depending on conditions, water clarity, bait present, and time of day. Last night my bite improved significantly , catching schoolies, changing from a white curly tail to a 3 inch keitech. I believe the different action and depth was the ticket. Tight lines
  2. Congrats Octo, fish of a lifetime. Walking down the beach here on the north shore of long island, I'm telling people someone caught a 58 pounder of the beach in NJ with bunker. They think I was joking trying to run them away from my spot! Don't blame any crowds on me!
  3. +1 I don't recall anyone saying to drive without lights on the sand. How about when your airing down and some jackass pulls up lights a blazing. Really great , arghhh
  4. I'm not disagreeing . Too many lights and its downright maddening, dangerous in some instances, and disrespectful. etc. but a lot of times newbies need to be educated. Tell them the deal and explain if you can. Most people are receptive, some act like they listen, and some are downright ignorant and confrontational Good luck and tight lines all
  5. I hold my rod in a position where I am always ready to set the hook while imparting action - cadence / retrieve. Rod position can influence the presentation in your offering tremendously. Time on the water will help you with your uncertainty. With your outfit, let's assume your on an open beach. I might keep my rod tip down in a heavy cross wind where my line has a bow in it. In this case getting my line taunt in the water with help me stay connected with my lure more effectively. This is just one example of rod position and its implications.
  6. BBM I'm assuming no reports about any structure from field 2-5.
  7. Sorry for your loss
  8. They'e been there awhile. I dont know myself. I'm sure someone, most likely from LIBBA will chime in? How was the structure by the way?
  9. RIP PS...Was he the guy that walked the beats checking if your barb was flattened? Cool guy, told me to put on a caddis #14 and caught a sweet rainbow...February no less
  10. Awesome deal, I would Have pulled the trigger but long ride from long island
  11. Not me, lol
  12. Saragossa and st. Croix Sounds good to me, get over the slow tip
  13. What I like is the three barbs. Must reallyh hold well. Awesome
  14. Keep it up brother