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  1. They will but that not where I fish so the more people that are fishing shoulder to shoulder there the less people I will see. Plenty of spots were holding fish Last spring
  2. Yes they were so thick in DE last spring they would hit anything. A lot of times when i was hooked up there would be 3 or 4 more follow the hooked one all the way to the beach. When 8 out of 10 people are hooked up at the same time there are a lot of fish. I hope they make a showing this year.
  3. off to the auction site
  4. pull a scrap piece of hackle thru the eye before it sets up
  5. I will take this PP good?
  6. Bump 1 reel and 1 spare spool left
  7. Paypal is fine PM on it's way.
  8. i would rather not split
  9. Mine are 70S white i can do all 5 jars for $60 shipped
  10. I will take this if it is $70 shipped to 19958
  11. I have 5 sealed jars of white i think they are 70s but have to look in the morning,
  12. "Wifey's going to be thrilled" Zmans are way cheaper than a divorice
  13. thanks for the info.
  14. So it is the same rod just a rating change. Mine would lob 2 1/4 but wouldn't be my first choice for anything more than 1.5oz
  15. I have a 2 year old version of this rod and it is rated from 3/8oz to 1 1/2oz 12 to 20# line. There are a couple of these rods on BST that are rated from 3/8oz to 2 1/4oz and 12 to 17# line they are both labeled 1083-2. are these rods the same with different ratings or is it a different blank?? Both are 9' rods